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Comments: Very nice leather grip! I love the way it stretches and creates gaps when you overlap. I replaced the Wilson leather grip on my RF97A with this one and it looks and it feels amazing! I use it with Pro's Pro over grip It doesn't add too much weight and it's way better than Babolat, wilson or TW leather. Highly recommend.
From: RF, 11/14

Comments: Very nice grip. I prefer this over the TW leather grip. Tacky for a leather grip with a classy dark color. I use these on all my Dunlop racquets without an overgrip.
From: Lambert, 9/13

Comments: I have this grip installed on an Aerogel 4D 100. I had tried numerous synthetic grips, with the Gamma Hi-Tec being my favorite, I guess because it was most leather-like. This grip is excellent. It has slight bevels on the edges so it makes smooth ridges between overlaps. The leather is firm but not abrasive, and when your hands get warm and moist the leather gets tackier. By the way, I have large hands and use two Gamma Supreme overgrips underneath the Dunlop Leather on a 4 5/8 grip and it still wraps tight and firm and keeps some (more than other grips) edges to the grip shape. The only issue I had was that the adhesive applied to the inner part of the grip came loose during installation as the grip stretched somewhat, but I got it wrapped around as I wished. It has made my AG 4D 100 much more pleasant to use.
From: Scott, 10/12

Comments: I didn't realize how important the grip is until the Wilson BLX 6.1 95 Federer with leather grip demo. So, I splurged for Dunlop Classic Leather for my 300g. Wow, what a difference. Loads of feel. Naturally tacky. It unusually pleasant because of my ignorant choices with grip in the past. Never going back to synthetic replacement grips. Leather is naturally tacky. Classy look and luxurious feel to boot.
From: Fran, 8/12

Comments: I've been using the Dunlop Leather grip for a while. I wanted a replacement for Prince Leather grip which is no longer sold on TW, which I thought was softer than all the other leather grips (and I've got nearly all the ones on TW). I think it's safe to say that this is a carbon copy of the previous Prince Leather grip. They look and feel exactly the same, other than the different logo. That is to say, it's softer than most other leather grips, but at the cost of rounding out the bevels a bit and losing some feel. For me, it also is poorer in moisture dissipation compared to the Wilson leather grip (when using just bare leather), and it also seems to feel slightly thicker than the Wilson.
From: Andrew, 4/12

Comments: I've already tried babolat, gamma, TW and vantage leather grips. But this is the one I prefer, because it's firm and confortable at the same time. I had to remove the other ones after a while, because I got wrist and arm pain using them, while I have no problem using this one at all. It has a nice dark brown color too
From: Antonio, 3/12

Comments: I have been experimenting with leather grips. So far I like this one the best. It is soft and when you install it properly there is a nice groove at the seam. Many other leather grips do not have that indentation. I usually have to remove and re-install it after one day of playing for a perfect fit. I will try other grips to see if there are ones that I like better.
From: Dave, 12/11

Comments: Good leather grip, in my opinion softer than any other leather grips I have used in the past. It is softer and thicker than both Babolat and Wilson. Most comparable to the Volkl leather grips on the market, both of which are great with this one is just a tad lighter.
From: Matthew, 11/11

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