Dunlop Grand Prix Extra Duty Tennis Balls 24 Can Case Customer feedback

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Comments: I just played with these balls in a USTA match for the first time. After the first four service games, we all agreed to ask for a new can of balls, as the Dunlops seemed dead and flat. The second can was better, but not by that much. This was indoor and a hard court (Red Grand Prix label). They seem to make a thud off of a center hit and are soft when squeezed. These balls do not compare to the Penn balls that are generally provided for New England USTA matches.
From: M, 11/15

Comments: Approximately 5 years ago I thought this was by far the best ball on the market for longevity and playability. Now, after just starting to play again, the bounce and longevity of new Grand Prix Extra Duty balls doesn't seem nearly as good for bounce longevity. Has anything changed in current manufacturing?
From: Bill, 3/15

Comments: The comments are dead on. 2 or 3 years ago, these were by far my most favorite balls. I'd hit with him for a week before considering them dead. I bought a case last year, and the balls seemed very stiff and not very bouncy. I just came back from a hit where a person brought very dead balls. We started hitting with them, and they barely flew over the net. I decided to open up a brand new can of these, and could not believe that the brand new balls behaved like the dead balls. I just ordered a "Pro Penn Extra Duty Tennis Balls 24 Can Case." Hopefully they'll be better. I'll try to add a comment once I try them.
From: Roman, 7/14

Comments: I agree with all the recent reviews. I got these balls based on all the hype about them being the best hard court balls. Huge disappointment. They fuzz up by the end for the warm-up and lose their bounce as quickly as the Penn championship. I'll be moving on to the Penn ATP Tour balls, which can be used for 2 hitting sessions.
From: Phillippe, 3/14

Comments: These balls used to be excellent. In the last 6 months, I have purchased two cases with very poor quality control evident in each. The hardness/bounce/felt fluff is inconsistent from ball to ball and can to can, and the last case was just entirely "dead." Though the cans were pressurized, the balls were noticeably squishy and weak bouncing. I will not be purchasing more of these, and it is too bad that the clubs around me have moved to them.
From: Mike, 2/14

Comments: I agree with all the recent reviews about these balls. I bought a case a few months ago. The balls fuzz up and slow down a lot very fast. But worst of all is the quality control. About a third of the cans that I opened were either all flat when I opened them or one ball was significantly flatter than the other. I will not be buying these again.
From: Nick, 11/13

Comments: I was a sucker for the Dunlop balls (I had bought a 24 can case before), but since last year, these balls have been terrible! I don't know what Dunlop did, but now the balls are very slow through the air and do not bounce at all. Even when I manage to get my opponent on the run and then think of hitting an easy overhead, I'm unable to do so because the balls do not bounce at all! They have become very heavy and they fluff up a lot after a couple of games (or warm up). And these do not bounce at all and very slow through the air. Terrible balls. I switched to Wilson Championship balls and they are great.
From: RJ, 8/13

Comments: Been buying these balls since 2010 because the performance and durability exceeded that of Penn and Wilson. However, this year I just did not get the same results. These ball fuzz up far quicker and only last about one match (if even) when in the past they used to survive 2 to 3 (varying on intensity) and did not have much of a fuzz issue compared to now. An okay ball, but as of 2013, thumbs down.
From: Anon, 5/13

Comments: These balls are terrible! Dunlop Grand Prix's feel heavier and denser than other balls. With a stiff racquet and poly strings, they make for a very unpleasant game of tennis. They also fuzz up. By the time you are done warming up they look like a troll doll. Avoid!
From: A.E., 4/13

Comments: Still the best! Been using these for a while and do not notice the issues others are mentioning. These are heavier and less bouncy compared to basic Penn balls, they accentuate the spin and play more consistently.
From: Anton, 3/13

Comments: These balls seem to be deficient, almost in every can that I have opened there has been a problem with one of them -- either balls with no pressure or oval-shaped during and after playing. I don't blame Tennis Warehouse, but Dunlop needs to take care of the problem.
From: Marco, 2/13

Comments: Been buying 2-3 cases of these once a year for past 3 years and I agree with one of the more recent reviewers below, in stating that these used to be the best balls on the market, but at some point in the last year (2012) they became drastically inferior. Dead balls in unopened cans and dead balls after two hours of hitting. There's far too much inconsistency now.
From: Ward, 1/13

Comments: Not very impressed. They are good for maybe an hour and a half, 2 tops, and then they get flat. With such a huge durability issue, I am going to make sure never to buy these again. I actually think the Dunlop Championships are better than these.
From: Brian, 8/12

Comments: These balls are better then any other ball out there. I have been playing with these tennis for about 3 months and still are in amazing shape! For the price its a must buy.
From: Joshua, 6/12

Comments: I used to love these balls. But for the past 6 months or so, the quality has been absolutely terrible: half my cans contain at least 1 dead ball, the felt fluffs up almost immediately and slows the balls down drastically, and the bounce is incredibly inconsistent, not to mention they usually lose a significant portion of their bounce by the end of warmups. I'm disappointed in Dunlop. I've bought many different cans from different stores and locations for the past 6 months and the problems were consistent among them. Even the regular Penn Championships outperform these. I'm a 5.5 player that hits heavy spin and pace, so it's not like I'm a beginner that has no experience in this area.
From: Josh, 4/12

Comments: These tennis balls rock. They are, by far, the best. I stand right on the baseline and I require a consistent bounce to play well and these balls deliver. Keep it up Dunlop!
From: Patrick, 8/11

Comments: I play in USTA tournaments quite often, and we usually get Wilson US Opens. Pretty nice ball, but doesn't last. Then, I played a tournament just recently, and we were given these. I'm serious, the Wilson tennis balls are a joke compared to these. Very nice on the arm, no sign of fluffing after 3 sets, and the playability remains great.
From: Riley. 5/11

Comments: After using Penn, Wilson, and Prince, Dunlop Grand Prix tennis balls are the best ever, hands down. They lasted the longest by far and still play very well after the Dunlop logo wore off.
From: Adam, USA. 4/11

Comments: AWESOME balls. I've played with Pro Penn, Wilson US Open, Prince; this is the best of the lot. Hands down the best, and should be officially allowed in USTA tournaments.
From: Aravindha, NJ, USA, 10/10

Comments: I love 'em. Couldn't get balls as soon as I would have liked and these lasted way longer than others I have used. Definitely hold their pressure better than others. And yes there is no fluffy stuff to slow down the serve.
From: Fay, Sedona, AZ, USA, 06/10

Comments: I teach tennis. A teaching pro at another club had Dunlop Grand Prix balls exclusively in his teaching cart. I hadn't seen these balls before and asked him about them. He told me he would never use anything else because of the playability and durability. I went online and bought several cases for teaching. In the past 3 years I have only used these and I will only use them when I play. I don't understand all the complaints about fluffing up. Yes they do get 'peach fuzz' at first, but this quickly goes away. They are bright, crisp, and I love the slightly 'heavy' feeling they have. I is a shame Wilson and Penn have such a monopoly on United States tennis tournaments because if more tourneys, let alone high school matches used these tennis balls the sales of Dunlop Grand Prix XD Hard Court would go through the roof. All my students love them. Sadly, for me anyway, the only way to get them in on the internet, but the price is great and they are excellent.
From: anon. 11/09

Comments: Broken balls. After more than 10 years of playing with the Dunlop Grand Prix I am switching to the USPTA Pro Penn. This last case of Dunlop was the worst! I broke, yes broke, 10 balls in the case! I just went to the Dunlop website where it instructs you to write a letter to Dunlop in the UK. Forget it! I have tried the Pro Penns and I think they are just as hard as the Dunlops and with better lasting felt. Good bye Dunlop!
From: Rex, Granite Bay, CA, USA, 09/09

Comments: Dunlop Grand Prix tennis balls outperform ALL Wilson & ALL Penn balls. After extensive testing of all brands, all models, our indoor leagues, at various venues, have used GPs exclusively for many years. Lasts longer than any other ball on the market. True bounce, durability, higher visibility (20%) are but a few of the many advantages. Besides the GP Indoor model for indoor league games, we also use the Grand Prix Hard Court version for our outdoor play. You can rely on this ball every single time out of the can. Economical as well, you simply cannot buy at a better ball at any price. This feedback rating is shared by the 100+ players within my circuit of play.
From: Jim, Little Compton, RI. USA 8/09

Comments: These are the best balls I've used. They are extremely easy on the arm and play great. I rate them better than any other ball and price-wise, they are the best hands down.
From: Robert, Destin, FL 07/09

Comments: Back for another case. Greatest ball I've ever played. They will maintain a high and consistent bounce though a five setter. They stay brighter and their nap lasts longer than other balls. They are much easier on the arm than Penn's and Wilso's. They pop off your racket as smoothly as grass court balls, yet react on a worn hard court like they are bouncing on clay, so you end up playing longer and higher quality rallies. The Dunlop Grand Prix carries a giggle factor of 10 they are so fun to play. I must admit that every once in a while I'll get a ball in a case that is substandard in some way. Out of my last case one ball's seams were so lopsided it would never bounce straight. Out of another case one ball fuzzed up so badly it looked like a Chia pet on steroids. One time a ball left big yellow streaks on the court as it slowly shed its excess nap--by the second set it was playing normally. In spite of these occasional failings, the playability of this ball is better than any other I have ever come across.
From: Jerry, Las Cruces, NM, USA, 01/09

Comments: These are the best balls out there, along with the Wilson US Open's. These balls have great pressure maintenance. The felt doesn't poof out, and they bounce great. I used one can of these balls for three long sets, and there was NO loss in pressure. What else do you need? Highly recommended.
From: Brian, Wise, VA, USA, 01/09

Comments: I know and my friends also know Dunlop makes great tennis balls but sometimes when you open new can of DUNLOP balls some of the ball already get soft, it happened to me and my friends sometimes; we feel upset.
From: Jhon, Bang kok, Thailand, 12/08

Comments: These balls are awesome! Better than US Open Wilson. I play hard court and Clay court and this balls is fine for both...I'm a 5.0 player and I know if the balls really stink.
From: Paul, FL, USA, 11/08

Comments: I tried these balls for the first time today and they were spectacular. They are very different than anything I have been used to. They bounce really well. They have a great pop. They do increase the speed of the game. They do seem to skid a little compared to your average Penn or Wilson. I played for 2 hours straight and at the end they were still playing as if they were new. I will definitely be sticking with this ball. They are far superior to Penn and Wilson.
From: Justin, Blacksburg, VA, USA. 10/08

Comments: Been having a problem with these balls. I've used exclusively for 2 years. But now they develop a rough uneven surface after about a set. While they are great for keeping their bounce, the rough surface is unappealing, plus they have always played heavy. I am looking to switch.
From: KB, New York City, NY, USA, 10/08

Comments: Most durable balls I've used.
From: Sean, College Park, MD, USA. 9/08

Comments: I love these tennis balls but lately I have noticed they fuzz a bit. Dunlop should try to rectify this small detail otherwise they are the best
From: Patricia, Port of Spain, T'dad. 9/08

Comments: After first training, I didn't like them, but for the long run I changed my mind. I practice on hard court and these balls are the best, they keep their weight and their bright colour and MASH feel.
From: Dominik, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 7/08

Comments: A huge comic book store guy: "Worst balls ever!" I have played with other Dunlop balls before that were fine, but the last NINE Grand Prix balls we used cracked within a few games. No heavy fuzzing, good bounce, good weight - the ball just happened to crack open as if we were hitting them with ice picks. I have never submitted reviews before but I'd contact Dunlop were it not such a complication. There may be a bad batch out there. Caveat Emptor.
From: Sebastian, New York, NY. 6/08

Comments: I've played Penn, Wilson, and Dunlop balls for the past 15 years. Dunlop is definitely the best. The old balls still bounce well during practice. No wonder many clubs in our area use them.
From: Joe, Seymour, CT. 3/08

Comments: These are the best balls I've played with. They are light and thus easy on wrists. They hold pressure and bounce for a very long time and offer good spin. They are fluffy to start with but get to a consistent state after about 3 games.
From: Prashant, San Jose, CA, USA. 3/08

Comments: I've used and been very satisfied with the Dunlop GrandPrix XD balls until the last case. The balls in this case fluffed quickly and badly. Although I will try one more case, I could not recommend these balls to anyone else until the fluffing problem is resolved.
From: Ron, Springfield, IL, USA. 1/08

Comments: I would not recommend these balls to anyone because of the fuzzing. The fuzzing is ridiculous and only gets worse with increasing play. My partners said that to use these balls again, I'll need to bring two cans and switch after a set and a half.
From: Kevin, Frederick, MD, USA. 12/07

Comments: I tried these (Dunlop Grand Prix) balls after having done much research and seeing 5 star ratings on different websites. After having bought a case, using them for the first time last night, I was severely disappointed. They totally fluffed out after about 10-15 minutes during warm-up (of doubles). I would never recommend them to anyone...
From: Phil, Lexington, MA, USA, 11/07

Comments: These balls are clearly the best ball on the market for playability and longevity-retaining pressure and felt. You can easily play 3 times at 90 minutes per session and they hold their pressure great. The fluffing of the ball is only peach fuzz and not felt, which goes away after a few games-you can also rub the balls on your shorts to eliminate the fuzz. I don't think the balls are heavier than others but the rubber core is firmer which makes it feel like it is heavier. Good players who hit the ball hard will love the pace and control these balls provide. If you hit off your back foot and don't drive the ball, these balls won't cut you a break and reward you with a quality shot, which is the way it should be. If you are a big hitter you will be rewarded with great pace due to your superior technique! By the way, Wilson's US OPEN balls are the worst for maintaining pressure going relatively flat after a 15 minute warm up and only 12 games. Big hitters get penalized at this point because the ball literally flattens like a pancake on your strings and you lose both pace and control. Bottom line, these balls have the best playability and last the longest and clearly reward good players with superior pace because of the firmness and pressure retention of the balls!
From: Chris, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 08/07

Comments: I've been happy with this ball so far. Not a bad ball pressure wise, as long as you don't mind hitting something that resembles a Koosh ball as the felt puffs up almost immediately. They seem to slow the play down a little once they fluff up. On windy days the wind can move them more. A few of the guys I play with love them. I will continue to use them, but I will open a can of Penn ATP when I am not playing with them. Still a very good ball.
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA. 5/07

Comments: Our tennis league uses these balls exclusively. We are spoiled. These balls are incredible and by far the best hard court surface ball on the market today. We'll settle for nothing less!
From: James, Tennessee. 5/07

Comments: Dunlop GP XD balls are my favorite. They seem to bounce higher than US Open balls. They are visually brighter, and that brightness lasts, as the balls are easier to locate compared to any other balls are similar usage. These balls are also visually bigger after extending playing compared with the US Open balls. I play with big heavy topspin and these balls are my preferred choice. I am on my second case of balls. I have been using them on Hard courts.
From: Vamoz, Guadalupe, CA, USA, 02/07

Comments: Dunlop's GP are by far the best ball on the market, at least for hard courts. They last longer, the seams don't spread or split and they bounce truer. I have tried Wilson, Penn, Gamma and the highest grade of each and Dunlop is far and away the best.
From: Bob, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 01/07

Comments: The ball will bounce forever, but as others have pointed out, the felt fluffs up to an unreasonable level after just a few swings. I'm sorry I bought an entire case as the reviews were mixed. I'd save these for slick indoor courts only. They fuzz up so bad every bounce leaves a significant spot on a hard-court. The good part is they bite like mad so topspin really catches and my kick second serve is a new weapon.
From: Geoff, Richmond, VA, USA, 01/07

Comments: These are good balls that I have to say, compare to Wilson and Penn, they are little heavier, but they're last longer than the others. I can use a can for twice playing time a week (3 sets a time) on hard courts. Even after they worn out they still bounce pretty well, I could use them to drill with my wife for few weeks or so. I love to open a new can while play in my single USTA league. They are the best!
From: Hai, Rome, GA, USA, 12/06

Comments: The Dunlop grandprix ball are by far the best, I train my son 3 to 4 hours daily 6 times a week and I use 1 case of Dunlop grand prix, 1 case of Penn titanium and 1 case of Penn regular balls all mix in the same teaching cart at the same time, after 2 months of use I find out that the Dunlop grand prix are far better than the pen titanium and the regular pen, for several reasons. #1. Retain better pressure after 2 months of use their bounce is higher then the others, #2. Integrity of the ball is much better, #3. After 2 months has more felt than the others, #4. The ball is brighter so you can see better the ball at time of impact, #5 the only downside is that the logo wear down more than the others, but the end result is that when you play or train you focus on hitting the ball and not the logo, so the most important thing is to play with a ball that last longer and maintain a higher bounce for longer period of a time, is true Penn logo is more visible but the ball wears down a lot faster, loses more pressure and the bounce is lower and the ball after 2 months is a lot smaller and lighter and has lost most of the felt, so when you put the two balls side by side the Dunlop is much bigger, retain more felt and bounce higher and is in much better condition, so from now and on I will buy only Dunlop grand prix.
From: Oscar, Corona, CA, USA. 12/06

Comments:These balls, as well as the Dunlop Championship alternate are definitely the greatest we have used here over the past 10 years. We have one of the fastest, smoothest and well maintained court in the country, so fast paced games are the rule here and we have some really hard hitting players. For the past 2 years we have regularly used these balls for some 4 national open tournaments a year, and all players are highly satisfied. They keep on going, going, going, going! And they last days in practice matches, even weeks in the basket afterwards. The search is over!
From: Gerald-Emile, Tecina Tennis Club, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 11/06

Comments: I've played with the Grand Prix for over ten years. They are my favorite brand, and I agree that they are best on fast hard courts with well-kept, smooth surfaces. They are especially good on indoor courts, which tend to be those surfaces, protected from weather. Not the best ball for clay or composition courts, asphalt, or coarser surface hard courts. Absolutely the best balls for games where the rallies are played with a lot of pace.
From: Henry, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 9/06

Comments: These tennis balls have a great bounce, and play well as they last. The problem with these tennis balls is that they die rather quickly and the logo comes off in one set. The tennis balls are all right but I recommend Penn ATP or even Penn Championship compared to the Dunlop Grand Prix.
From: Scott, Canton, OH, USA. 9/06

Comments: Not a bad ball pressure wise, as long as you don't mind hitting something that resembles a Koosh ball as the felt puffs up almost immediately!
From: John, Tacoma, WA, USA. 9/06

Comments: I've been extremely happy with this ball so far. I'm on my second case and have yet to have any problem with the playability of these balls. My only complaint (and it's been mentioned here already) is that the logo rubs off pretty easy on a rough court. Besides that I love the balls.
From: Jeff, Memphis, TN. USA 08/06

Comments: I heard such rave reviews about this ball, I had to buy a case of the Dunlop Grand Prix XD hard court balls. I have been disappointed in their play. They last a long time, but within 5 minutes, they FLUFF up. I wish I could trade my unopened cans for Wilson US Open balls, because these look ridiculous even before warm-ups are over. They play OK, but they seem to slow the play down once they fluff up. I think these balls have either been changed, or the hype was unjustified. They are not going to be used for match play anymore, just the practice bucket.
From: Andre, Las Vegas, NV 08/06

Comments: While these balls hold their pressure well, they are almost useless on the rougher/slower hard courts. The felt becomes so patchy that it significantly affects play. On the smoother, faster, courts, this ball is one of the better ones out there. If you regularly play on a rough hard court (or mix it up), I would recommend sticking with the Penn.
From: Justin, Youngstown, OH, USA 07/06

Comments: I love the consistency of the Dunlop balls and that just "out of the can" feel even after a couple of matches (and for the next two weeks to a month). Because they maintain their pressure they are a lot easier on my elbow than balls that loose pressure. I also have less back and shoulder problems with these balls, because I don't have to crank any harder on my serves as a match progresses to get the same result. I provide the balls for all of my home matches and generally find that they are in better shape after three sets of tennis than the brand new Wilson or Penn's that my opponent provides for warm ups. It�s ironic that people wanting to improve their tennis games will spend hundreds of dollars on a racquet looking to become a more consistent winner on the court and wonder why their game doesn't improve when they continue to play with horribly unpredictable cheap Wal-Mart tennis balls. I read in Tennis Magazine recently a review of different tennis ball products, including Dunlop Grand Prix XD and Wilson Open XD and thought based on that I might try Wilson's ball, but after reading the reviews here on Tennis Warehouse, I decided to stick with the tried and true Dunlop�s. I am considered by most of the folks that I play with to be a ball snob, but I don't care. It's worth it to me to provide the balls, enjoy playing tennis, while staying free of injuries, and continue to improve my level of play. Sounds like a good investment to me.
From: Anon 07/06

Comments: I think Dunlop is losing (or lost) the plot with this ball, their product quality has really dropped off over the last couple of years. Penn have a much better ball.
From: Craig, Bethesda, MD, USA. 07/06

Comments: Easily the best playing and most durable ball on the market. In my view the only ball that even comes close is the Penn ATP Masters Series ball.
From: Steve, Providence, RI USA 01/06

Comments: These balls are pretty good, probably better than most other balls out there. A strong point about them is that they maintain pressure very well. The downside to them is that the felt wears off rather quickly. The only contender for best ball is the Wilson Prostaff.
From: Billy, Sacremento, CA, USA 07/05

Comments: These Dunlop's do seem to hold tension the best without feeling hard like the Wilson's, but the felt is not real very durable and becomes patchy after just a couple sets on a medium speed hard court. These balls also have a nice tight seam and look to be good quality, but I'll stick with the Penn master series ball just for the better felt life.
From: Nekki, Loas Angeles ,CA, USA. 04/05

Comments: My USTA 4.5 team had practice last night. We started the match with Penn. They were pretty much bald after the first 3 games. We opened a can of Dunlop and played 4 sets. The Dunlop balls were in better condition than the Penn balls that had only seen warm-up and 3 games.
From: Brian, Cary, NC, USA. 04/05

Comments: All the above comments are right on. The thing I hate about Penn balls is that in high humidity heat they turn into big puff balls. The Dunlop felt stays in place. Another advantage is that after a match, you can use them for practice for up to a week. Let's see a Penn do that!
From: John M., Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA. 08/04

Comments: These are the best balls in the business. Grand Prix balls hold pressure the longest, hence lasts the longest. Compared to Wilson's US Open rocks, I mean ball, these are plush! Compared to any Penn product, they live twice as long. They don't fuzz like crazy, and are quite consistent for the duration of its life. Now only if Dunlop would advertise their products a bit more.
From: Mike, NY, NY, USA. 8/04

Comments:I play in all the tourney's and have been playing tennis for a long time and tried every ball. The Dunlop Grand Prix is THE best ball made. I'd rather play with a used Dunlop GP than any new Penn or Wilson ball.
From: Earl, Santa Barbara, CA, USA. 4/04

Comments: These are easily the best balls on the market. They actually play a little heavier than Wilsons or Penns and they last a lot longer. No other ball plays with as much feel as the Grand Prix. I did have a couple of dead balls in my last case, but overall these balls last at least twice as long as all others. I can play 2 hours with a can, and then they go in the hopper for my ball machine and they will easily last me all summer.
From: Basil John, Boston, MA, USA. 12/03

Comments: I am a tennis instructor. In most cases we use a mixture of Wilson, Penn and Dunlop tennis balls. I have found that the Dunlop balls last the longest. When I buy tennis balls on my own, all I buy are Dunlops.
From: George, Lanham, Md, USA. 11/03

Comments: I was not as pleased with these balls as everyone else was. I think these balls tended to die/go flat quicker during first-use play. Also, in a few cans, one ball would completely go flat early during play, leaving us with only two usable tennis balls. I'll switch back to a case of Penns next time.
From: Stan, Winston-Salem, NC, USA. 9/03

Comments: If there is a better hard court ball out there I have not seen it (and I have tried them all!). These balls will out last Wilson US Open and Penn ATPs. Only caveat, the Dunlop GP balls are not good for rough hard courts. Dunlop balls are the best!
From: Allen, Chicago USA. 8/03

Comments: I got my first couple of cans of Dunlop Grand Prix's from a Dunlop rep. I ordered my first case a couple of weeks later! It's a really good ball. In my opinion, way better than the balls that Penn and Wilson put out. Unfortunately, most people grab the cheapest can they can find. Last week, my partner and I supplied the balls and after we won, the other team handed me their can of unopened balls. I kept my used GPs! I know they will be great for the practice bin and can be used for quite a while before being dead. So, I guess I'd rather have used GP's than a new can of another brand!
From: Dave, Atlanta, GA, USA. 4/03

Comments: Without question, the Grand Prix is the best ball out there. They aren't "flat out of the can" like Penn's (even the ATP's we used in high school), but are still much less jarring on the arm than US Opens can be, despite exhibiting similar bounce characteristics. I prefer a ball that is slightly faster, but still takes spin well; the GPs are perfect. In a playtest comparing them to Wilson DoubleCore balls, the difference in felt and bounce longevity was marginal and the GPs were decidedly more comfortable (and cheaper!). The only ball I use.
From: Dean, Appleton, WI, USA. 4/03

Comments: Dunlop tennis balls are the BEST on the market; I won't play with any other.
From: Wayne, Greensboro, NC. USA 12/02

Comments: Seriously, these balls are fantastic. I was underwhelmed by the Wilson US Opens & Penns in general, and decided to buy these on a whim. The initial scoffs of my tennis partners ("Dunlop?!? Why the heck did you buy these??") were soon quieted as they began to play with these balls. Three things stand out: Great POP off the racquet, which I enjoy; The bounce does not fade nearly as quickly as other brands; the felt remains very nice, although the Dunlop logo does die quickly. This ball is my new favorite!
From: Matt, San Diego, CA. USA 11/02

Comments: These tennis balls are great! They play as well or better as Penn Master series balls (great bounce and feel) but they last WAY longer. You can get two full matches in on one set of balls without noticing a difference. I still have a few cans that are three matches (and two weeks) old that you could pull out and use with almost no noticeable difference. The logos disappear fast.
From: Brian, Fairfax, VA. USA 11/02

Comments: I was introduced to the Dunlop GrandPrix XD Tennis balls through another club player and must admit I was surprised how much better these balls maintain their bounce and cover. For longevity these balls are without peer, for playability they rank with the best.
From: Clint, Sedona, AZ. USA 8/02

Comments: Dunlop GrandPrix XD Tennis Balls is the best balls I've played with, particularly in terms of retaining fluff and bounce through 3-4 sets. I switched from the Penn ATP Tour ball.
From: Moses, Mission Viejo, CA. USA 7/02

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