Donnay X-Dual Silver Lite Extended Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: Well, I am now certian that my elbow issues were due to the racquet, which is a bit staragne since Donnay advetises "arm friendly." Anyway, I got rid of the racquet in favor of a good all fashion "HEAD" microgel racquet.
From: Bruce, 3/13

Comments: I have been using this racquet for a month now. It has great control and is very stable, however, I have developed elbow pain (also known as œtennis elbowŁ). I am not sure if it'™s due to the racquet, or since at first the grip was a bit smaller. I have stopped playing for now, but hoping to use it again soon. It's a great racquet if your arm can handle it.
From: Bruce, 1/13

Comments: Revision to my prior review: I played with these frames for approximately one month, at which point I developed significant elbow pain. I Strung it in a variety of string set-ups: gut, hybrid gut-poly, and all poly at various times. The frame transmits vibrations all the way through the handle. I have stopped playing with the frame as a result.
From: J.J., 1/13

Comments: This is a control-oriented frame(accurately described in tech specs as "low-medium" power), whose extended length aids serving. Serves with it produce good power, good-to-very good spin, and very good directional control. On ground strokes, there is good spin production given strings (non-poly), although slice is easier to produce than topspin. Pace on groundstrokes is difficult to generate without solid stroke mechanics. With gut, the frame offers extraordinary touch and angled- shot capabilities (probably the tops in this area that I've playtested in the last 5 years). Volleys are very well-controlled, with sufficient power.
From: J.J., 12/12
String type and tension: gut mains / Dunlop syn gut crosses @ 50 lbs

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