Dunlop Synthetic S-Gut 17 String Reels Customer feedback

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Comments: I've tried both the yellow (16g) and the blue (17g) and I like the blue better! These strings are just average to me, but I like them! Good control, a little firmer feel, average spin, medium power. They don't do a lot for my serve. It took a while for them to settle, but after that, I did like them. I will try them some more. And I also want to try the 18g as well.
From: Doug, 4/15

Comments: I'm an average player (3.5-4.0). These strings broke after the 4th time on the court, about 8-9 hours of use. Durability aside, the strings felt hollow when making contact with the ball. It was fine after the learning period. Overall, not the strings for me.
From: Tim, 10/14

Comments: I've been playing with the red s-gut on my Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 Tour at 60 lbs for a couple weeks and it really is underpowered but the 17g is great for spin, control and even feel for a synthetic. I have a one-handed backhand and I can rip the ball cross-court or down the line with surprising ease and feedback with this string. I'm going to order many more sets in the near future!
From: Marc, 5/13

Comments: Great string for the price. However, if you really rip the ball with topspin, don't expect these to hold up for long. They lasted for 1 week, 3 hours a day on clay and then broke. Which I guess that is still about 20 hours. Anyway, great string for the average person.
From: Anon, 5/13

Comments: This synthetic gut string is on the better quality of synthetic guts. And at $3.99 a set, it isn't bad on price. It is pretty durable but still nice and soft. It has decent spin production and grabs the ball nicely. Power is decent but is on the lower end of the power spectrum in my opinion. It comes in a selection of colors for kids (and adults) who like different colored strings. I like the 17g better than 16g because of the power and playability of strings. I will continue to buy it and use it, maybe just as a cross string with poly in mains.
From: CF, 3/13

Comments: Tried the pink 17g in my Dunlop 4D Aerogel 200 Tour. It has surprisingly decent spin, not too stiff, but very underpowered at 55/51 lbs. I think this string would be best played at lower tensions to enhance power.
From: Rob, 2/13

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