Dunlop Biomimetic S3.0 Lite Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: As the name states, this racquet is a light, tingy stiff swinger likely designed for novice players. I had gotten spoiled to low swing weights and the ease with which I could chop and wrist flick some flat forehands. In my case, I use a L5 grip and Dunlop doesn't carry that grip size, so my racquet has a 1-size up heat shrink on the grip and a leather grip with one overgrip which bumps the thing up to 10.9 ounces with all the extra weight in the handle so the head still swings fast. I have found a full poly to be harsh and for me, with the leather grip, a below spec tension syn gut has worked best. Regular synthetic grips seem to handle the poly fine and comfortably. Since I hit mostly flat forehands I can get the low tension featherweight up to speed and still get baseline flirting depth. Fast backhand slices can be near pinpoint accurate but perhaps a little floaty and less ballistic than what is achievable with a heavier racquets. Sure, a big serve will bash the racquet back at you somewhat but I have found that even facing heavy groundstrokes, the quick swinging/low tension (45 lbs syn gut) setup can send defense back deep and ready-whipped back into an offensive position, ie, drop shot or really acute moderate pace crosscourt popper. The net performance is poor as yellow blurs will richochet off the racket unless shoestringing one back and then the lightweight then seems preferred to add little wings to float the ball back over the net. Good, stiff accurate feeling 98 square inch racquet for novice and early-intermediate phase conventional baseliners and an interesting custom(izing) swing for a few rouge court-picasso wannabes. A good racquet to customize from hoop to butt as well. And bold red and shades of gray (black, white, etc.) graphics to give a jetson motif. Worth demoing.
From: Scott, 5/14

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