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Comments: Great racquet in my opinion. Plenty of power and control in one frame, kind of a rare combo. Hopefully Donnay doesn't go bankrupt. I would love to see them develop this further. I should say though that my trainer tried it and looked utterly disgusted. I think it's fair to say that this racquet isn't everyones cup of tea.
From: H, 3/14

Comments: This racquet is extremely well balanced. I've been looking for an extended length player's racquet for so long because I used to play with a 28 inch Prince and it definitely is an advantage on serve and volley. This is it. Trying this racquet I was able to hit shots that I haven't been hitting in a long time. I could only compare it to the Hammer of Thor.
From: Matt, 2/13

Comments: All right.....I currently use a Pure Drive Roddick Plus and grew up playing the Donnay and Head OS Agassi racquets. I never thought I would like this stick looking at the specs with it being so light. Boy, was I wrong. This racquet does not feel as light as the specs, and when strung up with an overgrip, it was 2 points HL. The high swingweight makes power like my Roddick, yet the frame offers a more plush feeling. I can now hit powerful deep groundstrokes and touch shots. I can't say enough, do not look at the 105 size and it's almost identical to my Babolat 100. I have searched for a while trying to find the power and touch and never could. I am still in the demo mode with this, but if it continues to produce the same results, I will switch. And, to add lastly, this thing produces great topspin and slices are deadly, and stay low.
From: Neil, 12/12

Comments: I wanted to leave feedback for this racquet because I was very surprised with this Donnay Pro One OS. First of all, I must admit that I love playing, trying and switching to different racquets, so when I read the other feedbacks on this racquet I just had to try it, and just before I was going to buy the new 2013 Babolat AeroPro. So let me say that this racquet really blew me away. It had great plowthrough and power but remained very soft in my hand, which is important because I've just gotten over Golfer's Elbow. The TW review said that it may have too much power, so I made sure it was strung with full poly to tame it and it felt beautiful. I was so impressed that I just may get this racquet. I'm now in my 40s but I played college tennis back in the day, so I have no problems playing with a head size of 105 and 27.5" long just to help me out. I suggest you try this stick out and see if it is the right fit for you. It just may be for me, for now.
From: M., 12/12

Comments: First of all, I compare this racquet with the Babolat AeroPro GT Plus (2012) and PROKENNETICS Q15. The Donnay Pro One OS Ext does not feel like a 105 SQR. It is almost like 100-102 sqr. The power of Donnay and control is a lot more than that of Babolat AeroPro(2012) Plus. If any one of you want a softer, more powerful and little bit more spin than that of Babolat AeroPro Plus, then Donnay is the one. Also try ProKennex Q15. The stability off center on Donnay and the Q15 is most noticeable. Do not be full by 105. It plays like 100 but with bigger sweetspot and greater stabilization. The AeroPro Drive+ is overrated. I read the technology of Donnay and it is better than Babolat. Those of you who want more power, softness and better control go with Donnay. It is easier to serve and volley, too. Spin is great. Demo it and see yourself. Please try it out. I never thougth about Donnay making a comeback. Well done Donnay. By the way, all my racquets were strung at same tention and with same strings. I am a baseliner with a huge serve. Power is my game and love forgiving control racquets. I Recommend this racquet for intermediate, advanced and beginner players that like 27.5 lengths. Trust me.
From: Peter, 11/12
String type and tension: Pacific X Force 17g mains / Prince Premier 17g crosses @ 52 lbs

Comments: I can't remember enjoying my game and shot making as much as I am with this racquet. I've played high school, college, teaching pro, etc., and this racquet is beyond the best of my expectations. After years of struggling with Head (too flat and rectangular a grip shape) and Wilson (drastic inconsistencies in weight, grip, arm friendliness and quality control in general) racquets, I heard about Donnay making a comeback. I got on this site (awesome site by the way) and picked out a couple Donnays to demo. I'm not sure if it was my mistake or TW's but I got the extended 105 version instead of the regular length one (I thought these Exts were for short people, and I'm 6'3"). Oh my! The controllable power, spin production, comfort and maneuverability of this racquet makes me think I've been playing with broom sticks all these years! Wow Donnay, I'm happy again! And thanks TW for your amazing service and knowledgeable staff.
From: Sass, 9/12

Comments: Never imagined I'd be happy with such a light frame, and in truth I put about 6 grams of lead on the buttcap before hitting with it, being a bit uncomfortable about the even balance, but this is a terrific racquet. The even balance (a little headlight after my modification) and high swingweight give this racquet considerable plow through for such an easy racquet to swing. Letting the swingweight do the work on returns produced consistently deep slice, and the racquet is light enough that you can tee off on returns if you prefer. I'd forgotten how much better I serve with longer racquets, and this stick dramatically improved my serve, turning what had been a liability for a year or so into a weapon. Groundstrokes are solid and spinny. The racquet doesn't feel at all overpowered, and control is excellent. Plays with more control than other 105s I've hit with, the 65 flex rating seems to keep things under control and also makes for excellent control volleying. Extraordinary comfort! It's the only racquet other than the Volkl V1 that I find doesn't need a dampener. Highly recommended.
From: Anon, 8/12

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