Dunlop Osmo-Dry Overgrip Black Customer feedback

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Comments: Update: I reviewed this about a year ago and decided to give these a second try after a year. I just really liked the feel of the overgrip. Very soft and absorbs well. I tried the white ones as well this time as well as black, and they're much better now. Whereas before, all six black overgrips I tried would unravel on their own after two matches, the ones I have now do not unravel like you'd expect from any other overgrip. I'm not sure if Dunlop made changes, but these are now my go-to overgrip.
From: Mark, 7/15

Comments: These overgrips are the softest dry overgrips I've ever tried. They have a fabric-like softness to them and feel very comfortable, while maintaining its dryness. I was initially very impressed with them and thought I had found what I was looking for. However, I had put this grip on two identical racquets, and after two matches with each, I saw that the overgrip was starting to get pushed down toward the butt cap, and on one racquet, the overlap between the grip had actually opened up, revealing the racquet grip itself underneath. I wrap my grip with a fair amount of overlap (probably about 1/3") and I wrap it pretty tight. Seeing all of that slide off each other and start bunching at the cap is unfortunately a deal breaker for me, as I can't have that happening during a match. Quite unfortunate as the grip itself feels great. I guess it just doesn't stick to itself well.
From: Mark, 8/14