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Comments: I played with this for many years and recently hit with it again, having used the 300g for the last decade. In the right hands, it's a scalpel; in the wrong hands, it's a chisel. Yes, you wil not get pushed around and yes, if you have good form you will be rewarded amply. Indeed, the weight encourages good form, especially for those of us with lazy two handed backhands. Still, the racquet feels stiffer than the 300g, despite the claimed numbers, and it is very dead. The sweet spot is more dry than sweet, but you'll know it when you hit it -- and even more when you don't. Tight string pattern also a bit of a minus for those uf us who old timers with continental grips and flat strokes, but then again, when you can hit the baseline with it it's a thing of beauty. All in all, a player's racquet.
From: Peter, 3/14

Comments: Absolutely loved it! This racquet is great off the ground as well as at net. Was able to hit penetrating and heavy groundstrokes as well as great topspin off both sides. Perfect amount of mass and swing weight make the ideal combination. It's flexible enough to allow you to manipulate the ball up until the ball leaves the strings but yet firm enough to hit screamers on the run and handle the blunt force of heavy hitters. Was able to generate excellent pace off the serve as well as high bouncing kickers. Replaced the grip with leather grip with Dunlop Viper Dry over grip. Silky smooth racquet. Well pleased.
From: Adrian, 2/14

Comments: I have been playing tennis for 25+ years now and coaching for about 16 years and you can say I have tried them all when it comes to racquets. I have tried all companies and all sorts of players' racquets and love sampling my friend's racquets. Besides the terrible paint that pills off for a strange reason, the Muscle Weave 200G is the best players' racquet ever produced in my opinion. If you're a pro or a veteran tennis player, nothing compares to the way this stick feels.
From: Aviram, 12/13

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