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Comments: An unbelievable frame that does everything well for a player who plays a more traditional game. There is nothing else to say really. Once I added some lead tape to the head and found my preferred string setup it was like an extension of the arm. If you find this racquet too demanding take note that you need to spend more time in the gym and working on your technique/strokes instead of worrying about what racquet is going to give you the edge over your opponent. Its much more forgiving than a Pro Staff 85 or 90, and also a Head Prestige mid in my opinion. Great control, great feel, and good power when you hit the sweet spot. Also adequate spin for an 18x20 but for me this racquet really shines when being aggressive, hitting driving balls and moving forward. As far as I'm concerned it's the best midplus 18x20 player's racquet I've found since the Head Pro Tour 280/630 of the 1990s and I've tried many.
From: Kelly, 7/14

Comments: I started playing when I was 10, and played consistently and competitively for 10 years, but have been away from the game for about 20 years now. I'm getting back in to tennis with this racquet. I like a racquet that head light and not too heavy, with more flex and control than stiffness and power. For me the MW 200G fits the bill. It replaces the Rossignol FT 6.60 that I've had since the late 80's. I have it set up with Gamma Poly Z 16 at 59lbs. and a Gamma vibration dampener. I'm an aggressive net player in doubles, but a baseliner in singles. In either case I like to end points quickly. My style is traditional: eastern forehand, one-handed backhand, continental for serves and volleys. When I first took this racquet to the courts I was hitting groundstrokes so solidly from the first swing. I switched to my Rossi for comparison, and could not hit it as well as with the Dunlop, so the new racquet does suit me better. I agree with the reviews I've seen and read that his MW 200G is solid in feel, comfortable to hit, and offers terrific control. My backhand has always been weaker than my forehand, but I found that I was able to hit with a lot of power and go for winners on the backhand side better now than when I played competitively. Forehands were as fun as ever whether hit normal, open stance, or on the run. I was able to hit flat, slice and topspin equally well. I was able to pick up half-volleys with ease, and punch volleys with authority. Serves took a little while to get used to but I attribute that to my lack of playing. Once I got used to that kind of swing, I was able to bang out good flat serves and kick serves with a lot of spin. I didn't feel any twist or instability on off-center hits, and to me the racquet was forgiving and predictable when hit outside the sweet spot. I will be ordering at least one more of these. Hard to go wrong with the sale price that TW has! This racquet has a lot of feel, great control, and power when you want it. I think this is good racquet for advanced players who like a "player's" racquet, like more flex than stiffness, and who can generate their own power without much assistance from the racquet.
From: Dave, 7/14

Comments: I have tried the M-Fil 200, Aerogel 200, and the Aerogel 4D 200 (all 18x20). This racquet is right in there and I'm able to go from one to the other with no adjustment needed (once my racquets are matched to my preferred specs). The only racquet I've noticed any real difference is has been with the Aerogel 4D 200 in that it feels softer than the other iterations of the 200 line. But, by softer, I mean just a tad -- enough to be noticeable but not enough that it affects gameplay. As others have mentioned, yes, the sweet spot is small but oh so worth it once you're dialed in. I get plenty of spin and pace with this stick and wholeheartedly recommend it.
From: Jason, 6/14

Comments: I also used to use this frame years ago and it has always been my frame of reference for control and comfort. It is a low powered frame and it has a small sweet spot for sure. You have to move your feet and keep your eye on the ball. I get good access to spin and great control. I have to really focus on every single shot or they wind up short or in the net, but when I am "on" -- this frame, for me is still great fun to play with.
From: Basil, 6/14

Comments: I am 4.0 and hit a 1 handed backhand and semi-western forehand. I played with this racquet about 10 years ago and agree that it plays like a classic players stick with great feel, stability and accuracy. The downside is a fairly small sweetspot (in comparison to my other sticks like Dunlop Bio 200 Lite and Head PPro YT or even Dunlop Bio 100) and spin is no more than average so high racquet head speed is a must. Overall, it is better suited to 4.5 plus level in my opinion. All of these comments are based on a racquet strung with a multi (Gamma LiveWire, etc.) when I used to string at 60-65 lb. I will string with a hybrid at la ow tension (40-42 lbs) and see whether spin and the sweetspot increase. I always wondered how this stick would play with 16x19 drill pattern? Any chance of it Dunlop?
From: Andrew, 5/14

Comments: I played with this for many years and recently hit with it again, having used the 300g for the last decade. In the right hands, it's a scalpel; in the wrong hands, it's a chisel. Yes, you wil not get pushed around and yes, if you have good form you will be rewarded amply. Indeed, the weight encourages good form, especially for those of us with lazy two handed backhands. Still, the racquet feels stiffer than the 300g, despite the claimed numbers, and it is very dead. The sweet spot is more dry than sweet, but you'll know it when you hit it -- and even more when you don't. Tight string pattern also a bit of a minus for those uf us who old timers with continental grips and flat strokes, but then again, when you can hit the baseline with it it's a thing of beauty. All in all, a player's racquet.
From: Peter, 3/14

Comments: Absolutely loved it! This racquet is great off the ground as well as at net. Was able to hit penetrating and heavy groundstrokes as well as great topspin off both sides. Perfect amount of mass and swing weight make the ideal combination. It's flexible enough to allow you to manipulate the ball up until the ball leaves the strings but yet firm enough to hit screamers on the run and handle the blunt force of heavy hitters. Was able to generate excellent pace off the serve as well as high bouncing kickers. Replaced the grip with leather grip with Dunlop Viper Dry over grip. Silky smooth racquet. Well pleased.
From: Adrian, 2/14

Comments: I have been playing tennis for 25+ years now and coaching for about 16 years and you can say I have tried them all when it comes to racquets. I have tried all companies and all sorts of players' racquets and love sampling my friend's racquets. Besides the terrible paint that pills off for a strange reason, the Muscle Weave 200G is the best players' racquet ever produced in my opinion. If you're a pro or a veteran tennis player, nothing compares to the way this stick feels.
From: Aviram, 12/13

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