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Comments: I put this string in the crosses with Dunlop Explosive Synthetic as the mains. Great combination which allows you to hit big because of the amount of spin these strings put on the ball. I can't really comment on durability yet, as I have only played 5 sets with them. I used this string in my Head Youtek Speed Pro 18x20 strung at 57lbs in the mains and 54lbs in the crosses.
From: Ethan, 3/13

Comments: I played with this strung at 48 lbs on the mains as part of a hybrid set up with synthetic crosses. At first it felt great when serving but it seems to lack the spin control on the groundies. The string feels solid on the volleys and offers a good pop, but it's hard to control on the baseline without launching it out of the court. It seems a little too slippery, though durability wise I think it will last long.
From: Ferdie, 9/12

Comments: I strung this at 62 lbs in my Dunlop 300G. Excellent! Hard and accurate on first volleys. I won a three set match with this string. I lost the first set getting use to the string, but once I settled in, it was very comfortable and accurate. Good spin. Power needed to be controlled early, and then became predictable. Overall, awesome, and cool looking too.
From: Fran, 9/12

Comments: Great string for about the first 3 or 4 hours. It plays pretty unique for a poly, as it's very soft. I decided to try it in my hybrid setup as PHT was becoming too expensive. Juice in the mains and S-Gut in the crosses. With spin I'd give the edge to PHT, but the feel is better in the Juice strings. The Juice had loads more pop and power, but it was very controllable power. The comfort is a lot better in the Juice. My first impression of this string is it has a lot of controlled power. The spin was average for a shaped poly. This string at first had lots of this controllable power. But after 3 or 4 hours it completely lost it and played like PHT but with less spin and more comfort. I have this strung up on a Youtek Speed Mp 16/19
From: Gary, 8/12

Comments: I was always hesitant to try a poly having gone through tennis elbow and golfers elbow problems. But there was something missing with every top rated premium multi I tried. My tennis shop suggested the Juice and I am sold. Good controllable power with improved accuracy. My tennis instructor commented that I was showing a higher degree of consistency and shot making ability since restringing. Arm issues - no problems at all. This is a softer poly which should be strung with lower tension if you have arm concerns. Mine is strung at 53 lbs. I recommend any multi only player to give this poly a try.
From: Harold, 6/12

Comments: I strung up the Juice at 44 lbs and hit with it in a match. I had a serious case of "blame it on the string" with my erratic forehand that day. I hadn't touched it in over a week and last night (10 days after stringing) I hit with it. I was amazed by the lack of tension loss and playability. The net cord broke early in the hitting session but I found the string gave me plenty of topspin to work with on my second serve. Even with the 6-inch higher net, I hit no double faults and 4 aces. Slice serves were incredible with this racket. Will likely become my string of choice. HIGHLY recommended.
From: Paul, 3/12

Comments: After about four months, I finally popped my strings. I loved it, and there was barely any tension loss whatsoever since November when I first bought this string. I didn't see any change in its performance for all these months. In a nutshell, this string offers plenty of everything, and happens to be very durable even for a 17 gauge. This is my favorite string from Dunlop, in front of the Black Widows. I will make my second purchase of these soon.
From: Jeffrey, 3/12

Comments: This string was just amazing- until I broke them about a month or two after... Very good feel, playability, and spin-potential. Had tons of control and had more "pop" than Babolat RPM. The tension did not drop.
From: Jeri Ann, 1/12

Comments: This string is not bad at all. It excels in everything. I have only played for 2 days, and no tension loss so far.
From: Jeffrey, 11/11

Comments: This string is really underrated. I string it in the mid 50's as a main and cross it with other polys and it really excels in power and bite, almost as much power as a good multifilament but with much more control.
From: Rob, 11/11

Comments: I love this string. It has good control, power, and a lot of spin. I really like this string a lot.
From: Matteo, 8/11

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