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Comments: Dunlop Ice is an amazing string! I had been playing with Big Banger in the 16 gauge and it doesn't even come close to Ice. I strung Ice up in my Wilson 6.1 95 (18x20) at 55 lbs and it was fantastic. The spin, control, and feel were all there. The best part about this string is its durability. I have been playing with the same racquet for about 2 months and have not noticed any significant drops in tension. With the Big Banger, tension loss was almost immediate. Bottom line, the only thing cooler than being cool is (Dunlop) Ice cold.
From: Al, 10/13

Comments: After using syn-gut for years, I finally made the switch to poly and these were the strings that were recommended to me by a pro shop. I've been using the Dunlop Ice 16 for about a month now. These are "dead" strings that force you to create almost all of your own power, but that is exactly what I wanted in a string. These strings are durable and are at a much better price than the Babolat Hurricanes. Bottom line -- If you're looking for reduced power first and foremost, this is the best way to go. (Recommendations state to string them at 10lbs less, but if you do that, you will get most of the power back that you were trying to lose.)
From: Ron, 9/13

Comments: I strung this at 60 lbs on my K Factor 95 (18x20), and it is an incredible string. I'm in the process of switching from Big Banger, and this string actually feels better to me. The spin and control are excellent, but you still have access to big power too. I can't comment on durability yet, but at $6.50 a pack, or $65.00 for a reel, you can't beat the price.
From: Nick, 11/12

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