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Comments: What a great stick for such a low price! Bought a couple of these and added an entire role of Tourna lead tape under each grip, and small strips of lead at 3 and 9, and strung it with a 16L soft smooth poly at 55 lbs in the mains/53 lbs in the crosses, and they feel just great! For my strokes, especially my one-handed backhand, there is nothing like the feel of a handle heavy, head light, flat beamed, mid sized, solid sounding, stable hitting graphite stick! Thanks Dunlop and TW!
From: Dave, 6/14

Comments: I am small framed player, 5'8" and 67kg. This is the right racquet for me. Great feel, excellent control. Very arm friendly. I am going to buy one more. I have used hybrid strings, Hurricane Tour at 55 lbs in mains and Excel Power at 52 lbs in the crosses.
From: Biju, 5/14

Comments: Superb racquet. Feels just like the original. I put Kirschbaum Pro Line II in at 52 pounds. Great accuracy. Feel is precise. Easy on the arm. Easy to maneuver. It's a low powered stick so I can swing away. It can use lead tape to go against big hitters.
From: John, 5/14

Comments: Beware, I bought one of these and yes it worked and felt like the original, but in less thatn 4 months the frame broke on an overhead. I still have a Classic 300g with no frame problems, so I'm concerned about the remanufacturing process.
From: Brad, 4/14

Comments: My go-to stick of the last decade. As versatile as they come -- it moves like a light weight racquet but plows through like a heavy one. Nice pop on the serve. Gives decent spin for those of us with flat strokes. Amazing flex and feel -- the ball just feel like it stays on the string longer than on more modern Dunlop frames. If you have compact fast strokes, you shouldn't be disappointed. I get to balls no one thinks I will with this racquet.
From: Peter, 3/14

Comments: Wonderful racquet -- every time I pulled it out of the bag I feel the unique sensation of great feeling that this racquet has always given to me. Precise, easy to handle, as an extension of the arm. Now I've changed my racquet, but I can not separate from my Hotmelt, I don't think I will ever sell it.
From: Marco, 12/13

Comments: Lightning fast, easy to generate a ton of racquet head speed but not enough weight to hit through the court. Definitely a different type of graphite compared to the lighter stiffer, hollow feel of a lot of today's racquets. Very pure feedback. The perfect racquet for someone with a one-handed backhand once they add a little weight to it. Against harder- hitters, it will get pushed around. Either string it extremely low with poly in stock form or mid tension with a powerful multi. I rate it better than any of the lighter Radicals and Pure Storms out there.
From: Patrick, 11/13

Comments: I owned 3 of these beauties, before I moved back to the 200 Series. Loved the sticks. The only problem on both the 200G (yellow and black) and the 300G (orange and black) was that the paint job which tended to get very grimey over time. The racquets kept forming this wax-like layer of grime. The paint on the next generation (M-fil) was way better.
From: Jason, 11/13

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