Dunlop Hexy Fiber 17 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I strung it in my Dunlop Bio 300, nice control and comfortable. But the spin is not heavy as mentioned. Good string on a racquet below 300 grams in weight, not recommend on heavy racquet such as ProStaff.
From: Caesar, 11/14

Comments: This string feels great and is affordable, but not very durable. I used it in the crosses with a 17g poly in the mains and the string only lasted about 5 hours in a Volkl C10. I'm a 4.5 player.
From: Kelly, 10/13

Comments: I strung this on my Pure Storm with a full bed at 56 lbs. After a couple of sessions the strings broke in and felt very comfortable with plenty of spin. I found the strings low powered for a multi, but that is good for me. Like the strings, don't love them, but if you are like me and are searching for the comfort of a multi but plays like a poly, this string is pretty high up on the list.
From: Blair, 5/13

Comments: Very beautiful string! It's very comfortable, is very soft on the arm, and has very nice feel. It's very powerful, and if you just use your normal swing the string will handle the rest. I strung it at 55 lbs on my AeroPro Drive Plus.
From: Anon, 11/12

Comments: This string improved my game significantly. I got loads of control, it's soft, and I got lots of spin when I wanted it. It gets more bite than my previous string, Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 17. I don't normally break strings and I don't see unusual wear after 10 hours. Recommended.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: Dunlop Hexy Fiber 17 is just too many "buts". I bought 7 sets of Hexy since I was expecting that I may need a few tries to find the appropriate setup. The strings are soft and arm friendly, but not at a tension that they can provide the best results. I had to get up to 60 lbs (started from 53 lbs) in order to put them in better performing conditions and lost all of the extra comfort. They have protecting coating, but it breaks after 5 hours of play. I tried to use strings savers. It did help but very little. The coating breaks just outside of the protected spot after the same 5 hours. The sweet spot is little (smaller than I'm used to having). My impression is that Dunlop did not finish the work on these strings yet. The idea is good - a spin-oriented multifilament string. The weakest part is the coating. It supposes to provide extra spin and extend life time of the multifilament core. However, the coating breaks so fast that you don't even have time to start playing (and the core does not provide any durability at all). Plus on lower tension the coating does not allow strings to return in right position. From the other side on higher tension due to stiffness it takes away advantages of multi-fiber core. It seems like the core was just inserted into the coating and each of them (core and coating) live their own lives. The best playability I have reached with these strings is below than the one I can get from good polyester. Cannot recommend these strings.
From: Bedrock, 7/12

Comments: Loses tension fast and becomes unplayable. Tried stringing tighter same thing. Great string the first hour or 2. Signum Pro Tornado holds tension and plays well.
From: Anon. 6/11

Comments: Never again will I use this string. The only positive was that there was a lot of spin on offer for the first 4-5 hours of play and very arm friendly. The string moves a lot on almost every shot and does not recoil back at all due to the rough texture. You are left to straighten them after every hit. Very annoying. It lost tension fast and for a multifilament, the durability was horrible. It broke after playing 3 times. 55 pounds - BLX Six one tour 90
From: Sean, Plano, Tx, US. 5/11

Comments: Just ordered this string and put it in my Dunlop Aerogel 500 Tour 4D, strung at about 62lbs. For reference, I generally use inexpensive synthetics, like Prince XXL, Gosen Micro Sheep, etc, all at 17 gauge. The Dunlop string is noticeably softer than the other synthetics. It stretches significantly when you string it.
The hexagonal shape makes stringing a little more difficult as it doesn't feed over string smoothly. As far as playing, it is a decent string. Takes about 30 minutes to settle and is a soft string. Less power, little more control and spin. While I think the low priced synthetics are better overall, this string will be good for big hitters who want to produce a lot of spin. There is initially less string movement. Not sure on durability but will re-post when I have gone through two sets. For what it's worth, Gosen Micro Sheep is a well-held secret. It is next to nothing per set and hits nicely.
From: Frank, VA, USA, 12/10

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