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Comments: I'm a Donnay convert. I developed tennis elbow again after using the Wilson Pro Staff 95 BLX for 18 months. I even tried to trick myself into using arm-friendly strings (ISO-Speed Control) in order to play, but I missed the hybrid setup, and I still had a severe case of tennis elbow even while performing rehab exercises. Enter the arm-friendly racquets. I demo'd a total of 10 racquets, and the Volkl V1 Organix and Prince Tour 100 ended up on the short list. I wasn't sure if the Prince would help me in the long run even though the stiffness rating was in the nice range, so I was a bit leery of it. Then, I tried the Donnay line. I didn't gel with a few of the models, but on the first few strokes of the Formula 100, I was convinced that I needed to give this model a longer look, so I plopped down my $200. After 4 months, I am happy to report that I do not have pain neither from the shoulder nor the elbow. In North Carolina, we're able to to play through most months, but during the winter months I don't play as much because I'm not a fan of cold. So, it will be interesting to see how I hold up during the summer months. I have also been able to move back into my hybrid string patterns, which afford me additional spin and power. I'm a baseline guy with a 4.5 forehand, 4.0 serve, and 2.5 backhand. (I decided it would be better on my arm to adopt a two-handed backhand, but I tend to resort to the slice during singles match play.) I have to believe that the ball would fly on any new racquet where the tension dropped by a few pounds, so settling on a string and tension was key. It would be interesting to know if racquets differ from another regarding the rate of tension loss. I ordered a bunch of string sets from TW to test and I came up with a few likable combinations. I noticed that I prefer the tension in the middle range, but anything freshly strung and tight meant that my forehands would land inside the service line. String type and tension: Solinco Tour Bite or Volkl Cyclone main / Technifibre X-One BiPhase or NRG2 cross @ 56 lbs.
From: Joseph, 4/14

Comments: I'm a 4.5 player and I've had this racquet for several months and I find that it feels inconsistent. When hitting the same shots, the ball seems different each time, the spin, the distance it travels, and placement. I was able to find stability in the racquet when I added lead tape to the 3 and 9 positions, but now it's giving me elbow issues. I also did find that when the strings lost a little bit of tension, the ball flies. I have tried different string combinations in hybrids. I usually use RPM Blast 17 in the mains and Addiction 16 in the crosses at 53/56 lbs, but it didn't feel good on this racquet. I then put in the Donnay Hybrid and it feels good, but loses tension quickly. I guess I'll keep tinkering, but I'm close to switching over to the Head Graphene Radical MP.
From: Scott, 2/14

Comments: So far, I really like this racquet! Stringing it with Volkl Cyclone 16 at 54 lbs. Other racquets I'm playing with are the Volkl Organix V1 Midplus and Volkl V1 Pro. They all seem to have something in common: easy on the elbow and silky smooth strokes, great spin-making. The Donnay feels a little crisper than the other two all around, but I still love the Volkls as well. The V1 Midplus sometimes falls short in mass for volleys, and the V1 Pro is more powerful from the baseline, great at volleys, but not as maneuverable as I'd hoped. Still trying to reel it all in, but these 3 are very pleasurable and effective racquets to play with.
From: DSG, 12/13

Comments: I am a 55+ year old female 4.0-4.5 player who plays three days a week on both har tru and hard court surfaces, singles and doubles. I have a very flat game with little spin and have a one handed backhand. For 3 years I happily played with the Babolat Pure Drive until I developed an impinged rotator cuff- precipitated mainly by having been misled to string the racquet with a full bed of poly strings. Definitely not appropriate for an older female player. Upset that the new update to the Pure Drive was even stiffer than the previous generation, I sought out a replacement which would be arm friendly and would not need poly strings for control. Combing through the Tennis Warehouse racquet reviews, I came upon the Donnay Formula 100 which I purchased and have played with now for 3+ months. I have the racquet strung with Tecnifibre NRG2 17 at 57 lbs. This racquet has exceeded my expectations. Most importantly, every time I play and hit the ball hard my shoulder does not hurt at all. Pain free matches are a most welcome relief. It is such a pleasure to play with the F100. I realize when I switch for a few minutes back to the Pure Drive how much vibration my shoulder and arm are being subjected to. Another major plus is the stability of the racquet. I no longer wince with those off center miss hits. I can easily handle hard paced shots without the racquet wobbling in my hand. And, I am more easily able to take the ball down the line with control which eluded me with the Pure Drive. I have been surprised by the easy power of the racquet and am able to keep the ball deep without much effort. At net, I once again appreciate the stability of the racquet and like the maneuverability. The TW reviewers are on target with their observations. Only slight negative would be the serve -- not getting any extra pop, but I can deal with that. In conclusion, I appreciate very much and am immensely grateful that Donnay has made player arm health a priority. There are too many recreational players suffering with debilitating tennis elbow and shoulder pain, being clueless that the racquet and string manufacturers have conspired and are causing their problems. Just think of this: Babolat is making stiffer racquets that only its poly strings can control -- both damaging the arms and elbows of the recreational player. And lastly, I worked with Donnay customer service throughout last summer and was extremely impressed. It is actually remarkable that a racquet manufacturer was concerned and helpful to an ordinary female recreational player.
From: LS, 10/13

Comments: I have been demoing racquets for about a month now and this is by far my favorite. I am a sophomore on my high school tennis team and have been looking for a solid racquet to give me needed power and control. I have found it! This is one of the most solid racquets I have hit with that also provides much spin potential. I found it to perform best with a poly (Hurricane) strung around 58-60 lbs. Donnay is often overlooked by the "name brands" but I highly recommend this racquet for you to demo. You will not be disappointed!

Comments: I'm a 3.5-4.0 who plays a mix of singles and doubles and I've used the Formula 100 for about 3 months now. I really like this racquet. Good control, power and arm comfort at the same time! Stringing with Volkl Cyclone 16 (pink) at 57-58 lbs. Tried it with Cyclone at 52 lbs and the ball flew a bit for my taste. Went up to 57 lbs and it's right in the zone. Switched to the Formula 100 from a Head Youtek Radical OS, which was giving me shoulder problems and the F100 is way better for comfort. Control is much improved too. I'm finding the ball comes off the racquet more consistently, particularly on balls hit in the top third of the stringbed. Volleys are very controllable and the F100 is maneuverable at net. Be sure to checkout TW's review of the Formula 100, it is pretty accurate in describing the racquet's strengths. The one negative I've found so far with the F100 is its cosmetics. Paint chips easily, and in one place, the black outer coating has chipped off, exposing the greyish inner core. If you're looking for a great racquet and not worried about a pretty finish, give this one a demo.
From: Rob, 6/13

Comments: Update to my review from May: I purchased this and have been happy when my string tension maintains, once the tension goes lower, the ball flies on me. I have not counteracted any elbow issues with a full worm dampener. I really like the crisp feel when my strings don't go loose. I've been stringing it at 57/59 pounds with a multi and 57/57 with a synthetic.
From: Matt, 2/13

Comments: I have been using the Babolat Aero Pro Drive Cortex racquet for the past 2-3 years and recently developed severe forearm pain and tendonitis in my upper arm. A pro told me to switch to this Donnay racquet because it has almost identical specs to the Babolat version. I have been using the new racquet for about 2 weeks and I am seeing a huge improvement in my arm pain. I was told that Babolat has a hollow frame whereas Donnay is solid so it absorbs shock/impact and is better for your arm. As far as how I'm hitting, I feel like I have a little less topspin with the new Donnay, however my serve, volleys, and overheads are much more powerful and effective. I have also noticed if someone hits a hard ball deep at my feet on the baseline that even if I hit it slightly off center the ball goes back just as deep to the opponent. In the past I would have completely missed a difficult ball like that with my Babolat because I would have shanked it. I believe this is a much more forgiving racquet on shots and on your arm if you occasionally hit a ball off center. So far I am very excited with this new racquet. I still need a few more weeks to get adjusted to my groundstrokes but overall this racquet is a keeper and I know my arm thanks me!
From: Leanne, 11/12
String type and tension: Forten Thin Blend @ 55 lbs

Comments: I basically agree with other reviewers in that the Formula 100 is in a nutshell a more comfortable and slightly less powerful Babolat Pure Drive or Wilson BLX Pro Open. However, I didn't find the racquet to be particularly maneuverable. To me it seemed like the low 320s swingweight was accurate. When I timed my shots properly I got good depth and plow through, although I prefer my racquets to be slightly more head light and/or have a lower swingweight, as I am an all- court player. I love the dense XenoCore feel, but I am not a fan of the pencil-thin profiles of the Silver/Black/Gold racquets, so I am hoping to find the holy grail in the X-Dual 102 Black, which per Tennis Warehouse specs has a swingweight of 309 and is 4 point head light. I also like the fact that the 102 Black accommodates both the Donnay frame weights and weighted butt caps for easy customization (you cannot use the frame weights on the Formula 100, only the butt caps).
From: Adam, 10/12
String type and tension: synthetic gut @ 55lbs

Comments: I demoed this racquet and came away very impressed with the overall combination of power, control, and feel. I am a senior player who currently plays with the Head IG Prestige MidPlus, which I really love. Yet I was looking for a racquet which would give me some juice when I needed it. I was able to maintain the control and precision of my shot when I wanted to load up. At first, I was concerned with the 16 X 19 string pattern. Yet after a few minutes, I was able to dial it in. On my groundstrokes, I was able to find both depth and the short corner angles easily. Three things stood out as well. When my opponent hit a deep shot with power and topspin to the baseline to my one-handed backhand side, the Formula allowed me to absorb the pace and take the ball on the rise which sent the ball back quicker, which took my opponent by surprise. When I was stretched out wide on my backhand side on a high ball, I was able to still get something on the ball. On my running forehand out wide, the lightness of the racquet allowed me to really accelerate through the ball which gave me a lot more pop than my Head Prestige. Overall, the Formula gave me the added power I was looking for while maintaining the control and precision on all my shots. I highly recommend it! :)
From: Antonio, 7/12

Comments: This racquet performs wonderfully, and is definitely a more refined and comfortable iteration of the Pure Drive. It has comparable power but better control, fewer balls flying long, and much easier to keep the ball in play. Similarly to one of the TW reviewers, I was surprised by the penetrating backhand slice I could hit with such a relatively light racquet, with numerous return-of-serve winners coming off my backhand slice. That said, I would not call the racquet plush by any means. It has a firm feel that can be a little harsh at times, its stiffness not completely disguised.
From: Mike, 7/12

Comments: Nice racquet but the paint chips off, the decal chips off, and without the racquet ever touching the ground. Very cheap cosmetics.
From: B.W., 7/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 53 lbs

Comments: This racquet is great. I just got it over the summer and it performs with great accuracy. The light swingweight compliments the overall weight of the racquet. The solid feel of the racquet makes my playing much better. I recommend this superb racquet to any competitive junior or adult that will do with the lightness of the racquet.
From: Oliver, 6/12

Comments: I agree with Jimmy - go test drive another racquet, this one is all mine. Very good blend of control with power. String mine in low-tension hybrid of soft poly and nylon. Great on returns, overheads, and serves, less good due to low tension strings with low volleys, although thigh-high and up is great. It is stiff, so if you have tender wrist, elbow or shoulder, be forewarned. For 4.0 and up, it might be too powerful without poly/co-poly strings.
From: Joe, 6/12

Comments: I demoed about 12 sticks over the course of a month, was going to get a Pure Drive, even though I was not in love with it, but my elbow started to suffer. I picked up this stick, and from the minute I hit with it, I knew it was the "one." Plenty of power, plus control, and you have a real feel for the ball. Love it.
From: Sam, 5/12
String tension: 55lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Please look at other racquets, I don't want anyone else using this racquet because I want to keep on winning. This racquet is stable in every aspect of tennis. I can hit flat, topspin, and slices. I can drop shot or volley with pace. I can hit any shot i need to with this racquet. This racquet eliminates the vibration and force produce by the incoming ball, so therefore i can hit the shot I want to. This racquet will adapt to any game you give it. It will do power when needed, it will do touch shot when needed, it will do do anything you swing it through. I am done buying racquets. This is the best racquet for the all around player.
From: Jimmy, 5/12
String type and tension: Dunlop Black Widow, 56 lbs

Comments: I finally got a demo, and it did not disappoint. I agree with Chris of the TW video review, a crisp, modern racquet feel. Reminded me a little of the Wilson BLX 98, which I loved, but my elbow did not. For some reason, the Donnay was strung very low, so its power/control mix wasn't where I like it. I was concerned about serving, but did so quite effectively. I have an all-court game, play a lot of doubles, and will serve and volley, and I was quite happy with this. I was able to plow the ball down the line on both wings, and played "up" with a 4.5 super competitively with this racquet. But after 4 matches in as many days, my elbow started to wear, which seemed to go away when I switched to the Dunlop 400 Tour (I play with an old 300 Aerogel.) So I'm conflicted, I play great, but given my super sensitive elbow, not sure even Donnay can protect it (only Prince and Dunlop seem to do the trick.)
From: Matt, 5/12

Comments: I tried out this racquet among others to find something with a little less power than a Babolat Pure Drive. Feels solids, power was a little more than I'd like still. I'd give it a B for control, maybe if it had a 18x20 pattern I'd have liked it better. Also it wasn't head light enough, I felt like at times my swing was a little hard to control with it. it was good if a ball was hit to me right in my wheelhouse and I hit it just right, but on volleys and reaction shots I ended up framing the ball more often than not. However in the half a match I tried to use it in, I couldn't control it like I wanted, had to switch racquets.
From: Jim, 5/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Black Code 16, 57lbs

Comments: This racquet is very nice, comfortable and very similar to Wilson BLX Pro Open. I should say a comfortable version of Wilson BLX Pro Open. I feel like is the stiffness is at 64. I've played with Babolat AeroPro Drive, Yonex VCORE 100 S, and Wilson BLX Pro Open. This racquet is definitely less stiff and much more comfy on arm. Only played once, struggled with slice but I feel I'll get over soon, forehands, backhands, serves as fast as bullet, my partner returned all returns wide. Xenecore filled core reminds of wooden sticks feeling. Over all amazing stick. My racquet of choice is Yonex VCORE 100 S but both are similar so use both.
From: Obaid, 5/12
String type and tension: Wilson Shock Shield 16

Comments: I tried switching to the Formula 100 from the Dual X-P 102 to get more depth on my shots from a wider beam racquet. The Formula 100 was best on service returns. However, it's even balanced at 11+ ounces (balance point is at the bottom of the hoop) which made it awkward on volleys. The other racquets I tried were head light at a similar weight and I ended up going with the Yonex Xi 100.
From: Bill, 4/12
String type and tension:Hybrid- poly in main/synthetic gut in cross at 51/53

Comments: I have played with just about every 100sq in frame in this category of sticks including latest Pure Drives, Dunlop 500 Tour, Volkl X8-315, Wilson Juice etc. always in search of a powerful/controllable/arm friendly stick: this is the best one I've hit with. The TW play test is pretty spot on. The Formula 100 has a smidgen less power than the latest Pure Drive but has a more solid feel at impact and more control. If you are looking for a stick in this category you owe yourself a a demo with this before deciding; you'll be missing out if you don't. I usually play (go to sick) with 18x20 95-98sq in frames (Prestiges and Radicals) and enjoy the feel and precision of these but have been looking for that "extra" pop and spin with good control, so this may be it. It is so solid.
From: John, 4/12

Comments: My coach suggested this racquet to me, I played with it and I can't tell you how amazing it felt. It's head- heavy and not to heavy overall so the racquet speed is great, not to mention the control on it was amazing. I was using it at a lower tension then normal but I could still pocket the ball, and control it was a ton of spin. This racquet is amazing and highly recommend it.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: If you're having arm or shoulder problems this racket will save your life. Very solid and very comfortable, short on control but tons of power and plow through.
From: Brett, 2/12

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