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Comments: I have been using the Dunlop F3.0 Tour since late 2015 and I think it is one of the best racquets out there. This racquet is a great combination of both modern feel and power as well as classical touch and control. Prior to this racquet, I had used both Head Extreme Pro 2.0 and Radical Pro. The F3.0 Tour feels like it has some of the best attributes of both racquets. I also tried the Dunlop M3.0 for some time. It is a very nice racket also, however at least in stock form, the F3.0 Tour is a bit more solid, though the M3.0 is naturally better at spin production. One thing that stands out about this racquet is that it is very easy to get good depth. It is also a very good racquet for all-court type shots such as volleys, drop-shots, mid-court exchanges, etc. This is an area that the Extreme Pro 2.0 was lacking, though it (EP) is much better than the Pure Drive. Anyway, I am really not sure why some of the reviewers have said that this racquet has little power. It has all the power one would want and has a very predictable response. In closing, I think if you tend to like racquets like the Prestige and Radical, you probably would this like this racquet. However, if you are someone who like Pure Drive type of racquets, you might not appreciate this racquet as much. All in all, this is a great racquet and certainly worth a try.
From: Tony, 5/16

Comments: Had this racquet for 6 months and absolutely hated it! Yes, it has power but it is not easy to find it when you want it and when you play a net shot it is just dead. Not sure if its the new Biomimetic technology or just the racquet, but all I know is that as soon as I switched back to the Youtek Extreme Pro, I had no problems, infact they even have the same string in them! If you are thinking of buying it, try one as a demo first!
From: Scott, 4/16

Comments: For those who say this racquet has no power, then they must be extremely weak. Power, control and with a leather grip and some lead at 12 offers good plow through. At the net, the racquet is easy to maneuver but is not crisp 100% of the time. I switched from Aeorgel 200 and I am very happy. I'm a 4.0 player.
From: Chris, 12/15

Comments: I purchased this racquet a few weeks ago, and have played with it about 4 times now. Always used an open 16x19 before this racquet but just noticed that I don't use a whole lot of topspin on my groundstrokes so I decided to go with a more control oriented string pattern this time around. Was using the Head Youtek IG Extreme Pro 2.0 and that racquet was rock solid, but just got a tad too heavy and too much power for me. I already struggle reeling in the power as it was without that racquet. Things I have noticed about the F3.0 Tour so far is the definite increase in pin point accuracy on my forehand and serves. The ball travels very close to where I am aiming as long as I hit the ball cleanly. I have lost some of my bite on kick serves unfortunately, but that might be remedied by switching to a thinner gauge poly. Right now I have the racquet strung with Vokyl Cyclone 17 at 52 lbs. Next string job I will move to either an 18g or even 19g to see if I can get increased spin and pop. I added a leather grip with overgrip and about 4 grams of lead at 3 and 9. Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase so far. Still some adjustments need to be made but I can tell that I will play with this racquet for a while and it will improve my game. I play at the 4.0 and 4.5 level, my game is kind is predicated off my serve, and one or two shots after that. If I get into long rallies I will probably be in trouble as I end up getting impatient and going for it all -- I play singles and doubles.
From: Preston, 9/15

Comments: Fantastic racquet. I've been playing with Prestiges and modified Radicals for quite some time, and this one offers exactly what I was looking for: an easier-to-use-Prestige, but with more pop and finishing power than a Radical. There is plenty of power on tap, and with a leather grip, I found the perfect combination of balance and static weight, while maintaining the great maneuverability. I strung it up with a hybrid of a soft co-poly and a syn gut at medium tension. I'll probably go higher next time, as the power can be a little hard to tame sometimes. Overall, I'm extremely happy with these racquets, and would recommend to anyone looking for a Radical with more pop and finishing power.
From: Fred, 7/15

Comments: I'm a 4.0/4.5 tournament player and currently use the Prince Response 97 weighted to 12.2 ounces and 10 pts HL. I've also used the Dunlop F2.0 Tour which has pretty much those exact specs stock after adding an overgrip and dampener. I was looking for something with the same balance, but a little lighter, and a bigger head size would be a plus. I hit with this for about an hour. It has lots of control, but not a lot of zip on the ball. Shots certainly went where I intended them to go, but not with a lot of penetration. This racquet also sounds noticeably different than any other with which I've hit. I could certainly play with this racquet and I'd certainly get over the sound it makes, but there was nothing here that would compel me to switch from my modified PR 97s.
From: Schills, 4/15

Comments: These sticks are a big disappointment. I'm 5-5.5 ex-college player, and I still play in leagues. These lack power whatsoever. The sweet spot is small, and it plows through, but the groundstrokes are very flat and there is no way to generate spin. I went back to my old Dunlops 500 Tour version. I wish I could send these back and get something more responsive.
From: Evgueni, 2/15

Comments: If you hit very flat forehands and slice backhands this racquet (or perhaps other 18x20s) is a must. The heavy stringbed lacks the springiness of the more open patterns and delivers a plush and accurate flat ball on the forehand side (mine strung at 49 lbs with Dunlop pearl) in part also due to the swingweight/mass and stiffness. I get point and shoot serves as I did with a Donnay Platinum 94 that I demoed a few years back. It is really accurate on serve, not the biggest kick or bite perhaps but a joy with placement. A no fuss serving racquet. Backhand slices take on a more ballistic quality with less bite and for me slightly less than desired depth, but they zinged along a bit faster. I am extremely happy with this one as I found the S3.0 Lite too light for pressure situations and not the best for hitting a flat ball forehand hitting. It's stiff but not a tooth shaker and the biofibre disperses mishits well. Thus far no tradeoffs on this racquet.
From: Scott, 9/14

Comments: I'd been using the Dunlop Aerogel 4D 300 Tour for a few years -- weighted to 326 grams. So far, I like the weight of the F 3.0 Tour in stock form. Making the leap to the F 3.0 and it's been a good move. I'm a 40+ year old male, that plays with a semi-western forehand, one handed backhand and am an all-court player and doubles specialist with a NTRP rating of 4.0. I play 6-8 tournaments a year. My string set up is a hybrid of Volkl Cyclone Tour 17g at 55 lbs and Babolat Orgin 17g at 60 lbs and a full set of Origin at 62 lbs. The racquet does feel quicker through contact and has the exact weight of my previous racquets. I'm still getting use to the rounded head size and I prefer the thin beam of the Aerogel 300 Tour, but the F 3.0 has been ok. I'm getting a higher arch over the net with my forehand, but still getting use to the directional control of the F 3.0. I felt like I could volley a bit more confidently and had a little more directional control with the Aerogels. However, I like the power that I've gained. So far, sticking with these frames. Volleying is a little more comfortable, however, I have to be good with my technique.
From: TGS, 8/14

Comments: I'm not a huge fan of tight string pattern, but this racquet makes me think! I bought it from a friend and he strung it with a full poly 1.25 52 lbs. It was impossible to hit a ball nicely, almost a wood stick. I changed for another poly (Cyber Flash) 40 lbs and it showed a little bit your face but wasn't good enough. So I changed again for Tornado 41 lbs 1.17 and was really good to swing with! Excellent groudstrokes and volleys; very stable, crisp, without feeling my arm already injuried. Very nice!
From: Guga, 7/14

Comments: I have played with this racquet for about a year. It is very stable -- the control and feel are excellent, and volleys are good. But during my longer matches I have noticed that it gets harder to generate power and spin on groundstrokes, and serves have pop but its hard to generate good spin. I like this racquet but am going to try some other Dunlops with wider string patterns and a bit more stiffness. I need something that does a little more work for me. I have tried the F4 Tour and it has great action on groundstrokes and serves, but absolutely no control/feel at the net. Next up: the Bio400 and 400 Tour.
From: Frank, 6/14

Comments: Got my Dunlop F3.0 Tour (strung with Tecnifibre NRG2 17 53 lbs in the mains and 51 lbs in the crosses) yesterday and used it for a competition the same evening. The racquet was simply amazing and at the moment there isn't any racquet out there quiet like this one. The racquet provided a great level of controlled power with a crisp feel which allowed me to take full swing at the ball without worrying about the ball missing mark. I was able to hit power shots more consistently, allowing me to dominate a difficult opponent with ease using this racquet. Although it is not a heavy players racquet it was stable and had little to no racquet twist against heavy balls. Keeping the ball deep in the court came with ease and serves were accurate, heavy and gave good pop on all serves. Access to spin required a little more effort but nothing which affect how I usually play, I assume the reason for this was my string setup as this is a closer string pattern compared to my previous racquet. But topspin generation was on par with my previous racquet if not better for me. Apart from being so fast through the air compared to other racquets I have tested, the racquet was also extremely comfortable with minimal shock on the arm because after 3 hours of competition my arm was still feeling great and not experiencing the usual fatigue and post match muscle soreness. This is a great racquet from Dunlop and I am over joyed with my purchase because this is the type of racquet where the more you use it the more you fall in love with it. Great job Dunlop! I am a 4.5 level player with an eastern forehand and a one handed backhand. I can play in all areas of the court but prefer to serve and play from the baseline, to use my groundstrokes and slice before working my way net. My previous racquet of choice was the Tecnifibre Tfight 320 and prior to choosing the Tecnifibre and Dunlop I have tested most of the racquets released by Head, Babolat, Yonex and Wilson.
From: Anon, 6/14

Comments: I also used the Aerogel 4D version and comparing to this Bio version, I can state the following based on my experience after using the bio during one hour: Touch: more classic feel for the 4D and therefore bit more touch. Serve: More pop with the Bio and more spin, perhaps a bit more placement with 4D Forehands: I considered the 4D a very good choice for great forehands, placement and spin. The Bio is all that plus more spin and quiet faster trough the air. Backhand: The previous version didn't feel so good on one handed backhands, it felt clumsy and had some trouble with my backhands -- that's why I ended up selling the raquet. I thought the raquet did everything very well except my one hand backhand. The Bio doesn't feel clumsy and I have good results with my backhand. Usually it's a stroke I do well. So I'm very happy this backhand problem does not exist in the Dunlop Bio. Again this is my personal experience and based on one hour training. Volleys: I guess the 4D had better touch however the Bio is faster and has more pop. Slice: A bit more spin with Bio. Both perform well. Stability: I think with the tension of 57 lbs using kirshbaum 1.25 and vibration dampener maybe I can put 3 grams more on the head. In conclusion mainly with forehands and volleys it reminds me of the 4D but with more pop and spin -- a more modern feel. My level is 4.0 and i recommend this racquet.
From: Alexandre, 4/14

Comments: The racquet reminds me quite a bit of the 4D 300. It seems like all the changes that are pointed out are more marketing and less actual change. Dunlop racquets in general seem to be lacking a bit behind the other big companies, but they serve me well. Their prices are good, and its more about the player than the racquet anyway.
From: Brian, 3/14

Comments: I've had this racquet for about two months now, and really like it. I've added silicone to the handle, and lead to the 3 and 9 positions, to up the weight to 363 grams. Now, the plow through is good, and strung at 45 lbs there is plenty of power. I've switched from the aerogel 200 tour, and really like this racquet.
From: Brad, 2/14

Comments: I switched to an AeroPro Drive from a Dunlop 4D 300 Tour, because the Aero has a noticeably larger sweetspot. The problem is that the Aero is too stiff, and when I compensated with softer strings, I had to spin all my shots for them to land in. The F 3.0 Tour feels like it combines the best qualities of the two racquets I listed above. I have enough control to put away balls with flat shots, yet I can still produce a good spin for loopy high-percentage shots. The stability is great and it works exceptionally well for returns. Most importantly, my one-handed backhands are landing deeper with more spin, so I'm not being pushed around as much. Having had the F 3.0 Tour for about 4 months, I feel like the "honeymoon period" has yet to end as I keep discovering more things to like.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: This is my first Dunlop racquet and the F3.0 Tour is surprisingly good and I am very impressed! Groundstrokes are effortless and the racquet has a very good balance of power and control. Topspin is excellent despite the dense pattern, and the racquet is not easily pushed away by hard hits at the net. Flat first serve is easy due to its headlight balance and I had no issue at all hitting the second serve with topspin. I feel like I am hitting harder with this frame than my usual 16X19 pattern racquets and the balls go even deeper. Though it is a control-oriented players raquet, I think the F3.0 Tour has tons of power with a full swing. One who used to play with a 16X19 tweener might feel the sweet spot smallish, but even off-center hits go over the net with full swing. Very impressive racquet!
From: Ineso, 9/13

Comments: I used the 4D300 Tour for years so I'm pretty familiar with the 300 Tour series. Now, this 3.0 Tour has a definite stiffer more "modern" feel as compared to older Dunlop frames but it certainly still has "feel" as what Dunlop frames are known for having. Surprisingly good plow through considering its weight. The swing weight listed doesn't seem indicative of how fast you can really swing this thing in my opinion. Currently using Solinco Tour Bite and Tecnfibre Multi Feel. I have now switched to this bad boy and am not looking back.
From: Jon, 4.0, 8/13

Comments: I had the old 300 and wanted to get the modern version of this racquet. This F3 racquet is easy to swing. It has good plow through. Volleys are crisp with good direction. Compared to the old 300, it is stable when your opponent hits a harder shot. The best part is that it is easy on your arms unlike most of the Wilson frames that I have tried before.
From: Arif, 7/13

Comments: I recently switched from the Wilson 6.1 18x20 BLX to this racquet. I really liked the 6.1 but, as I am rapidly approaching 50, I found it a tad heavy on serves and I could also use a larger head size. I was also looking for an 18x20 string pattern to reduce power and maintain the little control that I currently have. I tried a number of racquets but it came down to this and the Prince EXO tour 18x20. It was a tough decision and it really could have gone either way. In my hands, this racquet is very powerful (relative to the 6.1). Half swings and off centered shots are always deep. Serves have more pop and volleys are stable. This racquet is not as stable as the 6.1 but it is more forgiving in a middle aged man's hands. I also found it to be relatively stiff and not as comfortable as the 6.1 (but that may be because I strung it too tight, 57 lbs Tecnifibre Black code). However, the weight and the head shape and size are worth the trade off for me. It is not perfect but I think it was a good switch in my situation.
From: Anon, 7/13

Comments: I switched from a Babolat Aero Pro Drive, which I loved, but started to experience some arm discomfort, so I looked for a racquet with a more flexible RA and after demoing a number of racquets, this felt great. I love it. If I want spin, I have to add spin, but that's a good thing. It has power and access to spin and has great control. A great racquet with no discomfort.
From: Matt, 6/13

Comments: I switched from the Prince EXO Tour 18x20, before that played original Rebel 95. I like this racquet better in every area over the EXO Tour. I did have to dial in the strings. I'm using Volkl Cyclone 17g. Started at 51lbs, now down to 48lbs and think that is the right spot for me. I'm a former college player, now in my 40s, have had shoulder surgery. So, finding the right tension matters a lot. Biggest strengths are on serve and return. Very good on volleys. Good access to spin, but I think that is more of a string issue. Slice is good, but the original Rebel 95 was better for slice. Overall, very optimistic about this stick. I have had it for a few weeks. Very good control and enough power. Best serving racquet I have hit. Last time I played a Dunlop, it was made out of wood. So, my choice was not brand loyalty. Good luck.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: Coming from the 4D 300 Tour, I suspected I wouldn't like this racquet since I heard Dunlop is attempting to produce a more "modern" feel with this recent line. Objectively speaking, the feel of the F3.0 tour is crisper/stiffer, and more solid than the 4D. All my shots travel a little deeper with less effort. The sweet spot feels slightly larger and extends higher towards the upper hoop than in previous 300 tours. All these improvements are to be expected with a heavier racquet. The qualities which set this apart from other racquets in this weight range are the head-light balance and ball trajectory. The head- light balance works well with my flatter one-handed backhand and keeps the racquet maneuverable. Also, the trajectory is very similar to the 4D 300 Tour and other box frame player's racquets I've tried. My balls are not flying out of the court even though they land a little deeper. It really does feel like Dunlop has a produced a racket that lies between a player's racquet and a tweener. I've only demoed this for 5 hours, but I can see this racquet has the potential to very quickly add more to my game. So far, I'm still having trouble returning aggressively and hitting second serves confidently. I think I'll be picking up at least one of these anyways.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: Since my initial review, I have dropped the tension and added more lead tape at 3 and 9. What a difference! The feel is exceptional, still a tad underpowered but definitely live-able. I really enjoyed it the second time out
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: This is one of the better racquets to come from Dunlop. Very good control with some nice power. The racquet does have a solid feel with good touch and it serves really well. I didn't notice any tinny feel but that could be because of the strings that are used.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: Based on the spec's and positive reviews, I thought this stick would be a perfect fit, I was wrong. Dull, too light and tinny even at low tensions. Absolutely no power. Guess the feel is ok but couldn't get it past the service line. I'm going to pass on this one.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: This is a very strange racket. In low temperatures (under 10 degrees Celsius) it plays terrible. The racquet feels much too stiff for a normal tennis player. In normal or high temperatures, it plays amazing.
From: Johannes, 3/13

Comments: I'm really not sure what all of the hype is about this racquet. I've been using the Prestige MP and was looking for a player's control racquet that had a little more pop and was less demanding than the Prestige. This racquet did not fit the bill at all. I couldn't get any pace behind my shots even when I had my full weight behind them, and the control was really lacking, too. It could've been the demo strings (Dunlop Silk), but I usually prefer multi strings over poly, so I'm not inclined to blame the strings. As soon as I picked up another racquet (the Donnay Pro One 97 16x19) it was like my game jumped a level. Hitting with this racquet was very disappointing, because the weight and balance felt really nice before I started playing with it. My hitting partner (also a 4.5/5.0 player) hit with it as well and found it to be similarly lacking in both the power and control departments. I'm not sure what this racquet is trying to be, but I found it to be sorely lacking in all departments. Also, I'm a 4.5 female player with a semi-western forehand and a two-handed backhand.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: Coming from playing with the Biomimetic 300 Tour my first impression with the F 3.0 Tour was that Dunlop has departed from its roots, and gone is that sweet feel and great ball dwell time. This new frame design is crisper with more snap and a lively string bed. I would hit with it for a while but go back to my trusty Bio 300 Tours. Then opponents started to tell me that my shots were more difficult for them when I played with the F 3.0 Tour. The spin generation from the 18x20 string bed is great yet there is still plenty of control. This is a "modern" frame and those looking for loads of feel will be disappointed. But shot making is superb and ultimately it is about results. This is an awesome frame from Dunlop for the modern game. It's very arm friendly with tons of power and control.
From: Thomas, 1/13
String type and tension: Isospeed Professional Classic @ 55 lbs

Comments: Power, precision, feel, comfort and maneuverability. Great racquet. Great job Dunlop!
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: This is a really really nice racquet! My previous racquet of choice was the Head Youtek IG Speed MP 18x20. It was a great racquet but lacked the power, stability, and comfort. The Dunlop F 3.0 Tour is a weapon! It's perfect for a attacking all-around player and also a defensive player! It has great power and control (the power of the Pure Drive but delivers more control due to the 18x20 string pattern), very comfortable, and easy to move around. I'm super happy with this racquet. I bought my first one 2 weeks ago, and now I bought 2 more of these bad boys! It's a really cool racquet! I very much recommend it to everyone!
From: Steven, 12/12
String type and tension: Dunlop Black Widow @ 50 lbs

Comments: I have been through many different sticks in the last few years, but I've stuck mostly to a beefed up BB London. I was skeptical on trying this mostly due my poor experience with Dunlop in the past, including the new Biomimetic line. This is a game changer however and is way better than any of the more popular Babolat sticks out there. It has a dampened feel, with power, control and maneurability. I do agree that a little weight in the mid and top part of the frame will make this so much better, but it is a phenomenal frame to customize. I even like the newer head shape and more open string pattern in the center of the frame that allows a rather close string pattern to produce great spin. Lastly, I have a one handed backhand and I've never had a stick that allowed me to have both a high net clearance with a top spin backhand as well as a much improved penetrating slice
From: Dan, 12/12

Comments: Before talking about this racquet I'd like to congratulate TW reviewers for their great job, and hope you guys would add the new version of the Bio 100 (the F 100 Classic) to your long reviewing list. Talking about this, it has nice power and control, but is not as solid as my Bio 100, making it harder to handle heavy shots and to hit my favorite running one- hand down the line, On the good side, second serves had more pop with this.
From: Zika, 11/12
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Power Rough @ 60 lbs

Comments: Very good racquet. I've played with it for about 2 hours now and my first impressions say that the F 3.0 Tour is a solid improvement over its predecessor, which was also a sweet stick. It feels a lot like the former 3.0, but with a feel slightly more muted--or in the words of the TW reviewers, "modern"-- which is a nice, subtle touch. It still feels quite crisp, but doesn't bludgeon through the ball as much as, say, Wilson Blade, but it does have incredible maneuverability similar to the Aero Pro Drive. My serves also felt much more powerful, gaining more power and consistency. If there was one gripe it would have to be the lack of plow through I felt at times when rallying against heavier shots; I think the racquet is in need of some customization-- lead tape at the 2 and 10 o'clock-- in order to perform at its best from the baseline. To sum up the rest, slices are like butter, volleys are solid and effortless, and spin is sufficient. Here are my scores out of 10: Groundstrokes: 8, Volleys: 9.1, Serve: 9.3, Feel: 9, Spin: 8.2.
From: Brian, 10/12
String type and tension: Gamma Zo Verve 17g

Comments: I played four sets of doubles with this frame this evening and it is one of the most impressive Dunlop demos I can remember. I have played mostly Dunlop frames over the past 40 years, and most recently the 200 4D AG. This racquet has a new feel for a Dunlop, but not like any of the other frames I have experimented with lately, either. I need to get with the rep and find out what string was in the frame because I normally play something soft like NRG or TNT and I wonder if I will like my setup in this frame. What would really be interesting to hear from the TW community is if this frame is so different than the bargain priced 300 AG Tour, which is just 1/3 the price now.
From: John, 10/12

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