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Comments: I demoed this racquet last weekend. I was impressed with how forgiving this racquet is. I almost felt like it corrected my shots if I couldn't hit perfectly on the sweet spot. My backhands, both one-handed topspin and slice, went where I wanted them to go. I believe Tennis Warehouse strung it at 57 lbs. I'm going to try 56 lbs and see if I can get a bit more pace on serves and forehands, but will buy this one to be my weapon of choice.
From: Marcelo, 7/13

Comments: Firstly, I'm an extremely picky person when it comes to my equipment, so finding the perfect racquet seemed almost impossibe, but after playing 5 years with the same ProKennex I knew it was time for a change. The moment I hit my first ball I new there was something different about this Donnay. Every shot seemed to go exactly where I wanted it. My slice stayed low with penetration. Volleying was solid and gave me confidence to go for more. My groundstrokes, while lacking a bit on the power made up for it with pinpoint precision. The racquet completely responds to you and even off-center and framed hits found there way inside the lines. If your looking for a racquet that's going to give you a ton of power, this isn't it. I had an AeroPro before this and it had so much power, but it was giving me shoulder and arm problems because of the stiffness and unbalanced weight, which made it hard to control. This stick is so nice on the arm you could put a full bed of poly and you'll feel very little vibration. If your looking for a racquet that will improve every part of your game you must demo this. I've since bought two and am extremely happy with my decision.
From: J.P., 11/12
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane 17g mains / Gosen OG Sheep 16g crosses @ 50/53 lbs

Comments: You name it, I've tried it. Some people fall in love with certain racquets and the honeymoon ends quickly. I'm the opposite, as I find something wrong with just about every stick. Not this one. Literally, no flaws whatsoever. This racquet is astounding! I thought similar racquets in this class, the Prince Exo3 Rebel 98 and the Volkl Organix 10 295g were solid, but man, this blows them away, and to do it with a beam this razor thin is even more amazing. You would think Donnay would only be able to achieve this by making the stick so stiff it was unplayable, but nope. It's as comfy as any stick I've tried this year with a stiffness of around 64-65 on the scale. Playtest of the year for me. Seriously no flaws. It's not going to give you a lot of "free power" but its not low powered either. Right smack dab in the middle as most 64 RDC rating rackets fall. Demo this thing!
From: Matt, 9/12
String type and tension: black polyester 16g @ 56lbs

Comments: I decided to try the Donnay racquets because they are supposed to be easy on your arm and they are customizable with their weight kit (the X-Dual series at least). I demo'ed the X-P and the Silver 99 as well as the Pro One and Formula. I honestly liked them all, but settled on the Silver 99 for my playing style, and the weight/balance suited me. It's a solid racquet with very little vibration. I recently purchased the weight kit and was pleased how easy it is to add the weight attachments. I added the two side head weights (3 grams each) and this racquet hits even more solid now! Loving it!
From: Kenneth, 8/12
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Big Banger 16g @ 58 lbs

Comments: This racquet is amazing on everything. Forehand feels great, serve is awesome as well as volleys. Such great control. This is a must demo. This racquet's touch/feel was awesome. Very arm friendly. This will be my new racquet.
From: Brennan, 6/12

Comments: Overall, excellent all-round arm-friendly racquet. It felt great and very forgiving at the impact. Very Spin friendly and good control. I agree with Anon on serve. I felt that I didn't have much control.
From: Wncheeta, 3/12

Comments: Very good all-around racquet. Off the ground it's a beast - the thin beam allows you to rip the ball off both wings and with as much spin as you can muster. Slice tends to float as a result of the power. Just OK at net. As with all the new Donnays', the feel takes some getting used to but the Dual Core isn't as muted as the X series which lacks feedback. Oddly the only weak aspect of this racquet was on serve. It seems built to serve like a monster but I didn't find it stood out in any special way. Yes you can whip the head around due to the thin beam to rein in a poor ball toss or get enough spin on a second serve but I felt it lacked power and precision. Very strange and the thin beam for some reason seemed to bother me on serve but on nothing else. Can't switch to it as a result.
From: Anon, 1/12
NTRP Rating: 5

Comments: I tried this racquet last week. This racquet is awesome, my groundstrokes were powerful, solid, and I also had great control and touch. At net this racquet is solid and the touch is great. I would recommend this racquet to players with attacking styles of play. I am definitely going to get this racquet.
From: Ken, 12/11
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Ruff Code (mains)/ Tecnifibre XR1 (cross), 54 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I'm very impressed with Donnay and I love this racquet! I'm getting back into tennis after a long layoff. Tried countless new racquets, (Babolat Pure Drive GT, Prince EXO3 Black, Babolat AeroPro Drive GT, Boris Becker Delta Core London to name a few) and this one works best for me. I'm not one for cliche's but this racquet elicits their use. In comparison especially to the AeroPro Drive GT and EXO3 Black which I had been using for the last 8 months, I love the 'buttery' feel, the 'scalpel' like control, 'easy access to spin'. The AeroPro Drive GT, EXO3 Black are more powerful and hit a heavier ball with less effort. But I get a lot more control with the X-Dual Silver and the power is not that far behind. One of the best aspects for me has been how easy it is on my arm. I can play 3 or 4 days in a row and not feel a thing! I can pinpoint serves, hit soft drop shots (struggled with that with the other racquets) and put away sitters with authority. I feel this racquet can grow with me as I get stronger and improve my stroke technique I can use the customization kit to add weight as necessary. I grew up using a Prince Original Graphite OS and then went to a Hyper PS 6.1. In comparison this racquet is 'muted' in its feel and I don't get that 'thwack'. All in all this is a winner and I'm looking to get a few more.
From: Derek, 12/11
String type and tension: Head Rip Control, 53 lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I bought two of these racquets after playing with a Prince EXO3 Rebel Team 95 for 2 years. I did lose power on serves but I gained more feel for placing the ball. I can consistently feel like the ball goes where I want it to. It's also more forgiving on mishits - so far I love it from the baseline. I've not had as much success at the net but my Prince racquets were head heavy and this is head light so it may just be an adjustment period for me.
From: Matt, 11/11
String type and tension: Mains: Babolat Pro Hurricane, 59 lbs/Cross: Prince Duraflex, 57 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Back in 2008 when I last bought a racquet, I probably demoed 10-12 sticks before settling on the Babolat Pure Storm Tour because of its remarkably buttery feel and excellent control. However, after breaking a frame recently, I decided to begin the hunt anew for a replacement with a similar feel. I wanted something a little lighter than the 11.8 oz Babolat as I'm now in my mid 30s and want to save my aging body parts and generate a little more racquet head speed. True to my anal retentive nature, I demoed 18-20 racquets-essentially everything this site offers in the 11-11.5 oz weight class. The standout winner to me was the Donnay X-Dual Core Silver. Sure, it doesn't have amazing power, but the control is superb allowing me to take giant cuts at the ball with the confidence I can keep it in the court. The placement on serves is excellent and the spin it generates on both groundstrokes and kick serves is well above average. Though the backhand slice was not the best of the racquets I demoed, it is certainly near the top and can create significant bite with proper technique. But, where the racquet really shines for me is at net, making this a great doubles stick. The lighter weight makes it very maneuverable and the soft buttery.
From: Anon, 10/11

Comments: I just demoed this racquet from Tennis-Warehouse. It is true that it is the most powerful racquet from Donnay that is sold on Tennis Warehouse. But the power also comes with great feel, spin, and maneuverability. Also it should be said that even though it is the most powerful stick from Donnay in their lineup, it is not a power monster like a Pure Drive Roddick or something along those lines. I plan to buy a couple.
From: Chance, 8/11

Comments: If you want power on your serve and forehand, this the racquet for you. However, I did not like it for backhand shots but the backhand slice is great.
From: Krishna, 7/11
String type and tension: Gamma, 60
NTRP Rating: 4.0 plus

Comments: I am so glad I ordered this racquet because it has improved all aspects of my game. The serve is faster and more precise, the one handed backhand is incredible and the volleys are just fantastic. I can direct the ball to anywhere on the court and not worry about placement. Do not let the specs fool you into thinking it is too light. The racquet can stand up to serves over 100mph. I highly recommend this racquet for enjoyable tennis.
From: Duke. 6/11
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase @ 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

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