Donnay X-Dual Platinum 99 Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm a little sad this got discontinued. It was a really great stck if you have a hybrid set up and low tension at mid 40s. If you have great form then you hit with alot of power. Due to the xeno core technology, it was really easy on the arm. I have 1 with full bed of Volkl Cyclone 16 at 56 lbs and no arm pain whatsoever. Spin is a little hard to generate due to the dense 18x20 string pattern but spin is there when needed. Control is not the best but its great. Net play is a bit tricky but its doable. Very good stability with returning serves and heavy ground stokes. Overall great stick main racket now till whenever it breaks! 8.8/10 in my opinion.
From: An, 11/14

Comments: When I first play tested the racquet I was underwhelmed by the power it produced, but fell in love with the pinpoint accuracy that I was able hit with. That being said, I purchased one with a customization kit. Strung with multi at 50 lbs and this racquet started to sing. A little unstable with hard drilled shots, I added two 3 gram sliders to the side and 10 grams to the butt-cap. The racquet is now rock solid and has become my go to stick. I'm a big flat hitter with a full swing and have searched for a racquet that would replace my old bumblebee (Head Radical Trysis 260), which I loved and surprisingly have not found another racquet, till now that I could maximize my game. And I have searched and play tested numerous racquets over the course of 10 years. I have now purchased 3 more and transitioned to this racquet completely. The racquet drives hard on groundstrokes creating a nice heavy ball, it slices nice and deep, and what I love most is it's ability to redirect shots easily. Serves are solid and I'm able to hit a full variety of spins with much ease. I find my returns solid and aggressive. I do warn that this is a heavy racquet (compared to newer frames) and if you customize it, you will only add on to the weight. That being said, the starting swingweight is actually decently low, so even with my configuration it tops out around 330. The racquet is not forgiving, there is a significant loss of power when hit outside the sweetspot, however, it definitely rewards you for solid mechanics. On a final note, if you enjoyed older racquets like the Prince Graphite, Original Radicals, or even the pro staff you may want to give this racquet a look. P.S. I found the grips (I use a 4 5/8) run a little large with the stock cushion grip it comes with, at least in my experience. It doesn't bother me, but I prefer a larger grip and it worked out even better
From: Anton, 9/14

Comments: The racquet I have does not have any of the customization options installed. The racquet is on the heavy side, but it is maneuverable and I did not have any problems hitting top or under spin on my one handed backhand. The racquet was quick during doubles and solid as a rock at the net, the racquet never turned once in my hand, even though I had a couple of real "rockets" hit right at me. This racquet also serves well, you can do hit top, flat, or slice with relative ease. I agree with other reviewer's, that this racquet is great for slice and very easy on the arm, I have it strung up with a full bed of poly at 53 lbs, Vokl Cyclone Tour, with no problems, and I'm a player who likes to play with multifilament strings because the poly's usually hurt my arm and I hate the way they feel, but again, no problems here! I think players that like classic racquet's will really enjoy playing with the 99 more than the 94, and it's much more maneuverable than the old classic racquets were, I think the very thin beam make's a huge difference in swing speed.
From: Anon, 4/14

Comments: I had the 94 before and switched to the 99. I can see why the pros have gone to the bigger head size. I can get more spin and power while having less miss hits. The downside is maneuverability -- but this is very small and over all it's easier to defend with the bigger head. This racquet is for the aggressive all-court counter puncher who likes to mix up the spin with slices and topspin. If you just want to hit big with tons of topspin, this probably isn't going to do that. Think Andy Murray or Gilles Simon. You can easily slice and out position your opponent with this so they can't get the power shot in the first place. There is so much control with the 18x20, especially on return of serve or on defensive shots. You will cut down on your unforced errors. The only downside for me is if I face a player who can consistently hit big power and spin and does not make errors off low slice defense shots, it's a bit hard to counter because of low power/spin level. This is more of a 5.5-6.0 player. At the 4.5 to 5.0 level, this racquet has done a lot of damage by forcing opponents into errors and playing a controlled attacking game with few unforced errors.
From: Sam, 4/14

Comments: Great feel and comfort, would suit somebody looking for an arm friendly racquet. I have mine strung at 50 lbs in Bi-phase 1.24. Pretty good spin potential for an 18x20 string pattern. Changed to a leather grip as the but cap did not feel raised enough on mine. All in all, an interesting racquet, the thin beam takes time to warm to, although I do think the Bio 200 is a slightly better racquet for me.
From: Tom, 11/13

Comments: I bought 3 Donnay X-Dual Core Platinum racquets in 2012 from Tennis Warehouse. I really like the feel and the spin control they afford me. I light the somewhat heavier racquet weight. These racquets are the best at allowing me to maximize my spin. Despite the power and spin control, these racquets have been easy on my arrm. I have tried different Prince racquets and like my Donnay's best. However, all three frames have cracked. These racquets have not been abused. I was told that since these are over a year old, there is nothing Donnay will do. I have 5 Prince racquets that I used in middle school and high school for the first two years of high school. None have broken or cracked. I used my Donnay frames my junior and most recently my senior year for high school tennis. Very disappointing. I will be needing new racquets as I head to college this fall. Sadly, I won't be buying any more Donnays. Regardless of how much I like them. When I pay nearly $200 each for a racquet, I need to get more than a year and a half use.
From: Daisy, 8/13

Comments: Love the racquet. It gives me so much feeling on my drop shots. If your technique is right, the racquet generates the power of an atom bomb, even with top spin. And your serve becomes one of a pro-- it's just awesome.
From: Lauren, 7/13

Comments: :So, a month into Donnay ownership, thought I would post a bit of a review myself. Comfort/Feel - Strung with Tour Bite at around 52 lbs the frame is very arm friendly while retaining a good feel for what's going on at point of contact. Very happy in this regard, particularly as I have come from Volkl so have pretty high standards! 9/10. On Serves - excellent, easy through the air, surprising amount of spin given the pattern (18x20) and so much weight and pace on the ball. Every opponent has commented on my serve's new found 'heaviness' 10/10. Groundstrokes - Nice frame from the back court. Again, the surprise for me is the ample spin generation. I was expecting epic plow through and stability, and both these are certainly there in spades, but there is more controllable pop than I was anticipating and the spin! slice or top, terrific 9.5/10. Volleys - Stable and solid, very easy to drive volleys deep but I haven't quite mastered drop volleys with it, yet. Tend to dump them into the tape 8.5/10. Returns - tied with the serve as my favourite thing about this stick. Solid and certain on the block but easy to take a big cut if time permits. Just awesome 9.5/10. Control/Power - Really good blend. Typical of a good player's frame, the Platinum 99 responds to input. Swing hard and there is a ton of power mixed with the control and feel to know exactly where the ball is going. Conversely, there is sufficient feel and stability to absorb the pace of the incoming ball and redirect it with precision - 9.5/10. I love the look and style of the frames, but the quality of the paint isn't fantastic (it's a bit dull and seems like it may be quite thin, too) and some of the decals do not appear to be long for this world. On the positive side of the ledger, my two frames came in precisely on spec and I am unable to tell them apart as they have identical balance and feel. This, to me, is more important and helps to balance out the less than brilliant paintwork and decals. Overall, at the end of the day, a tennis racquet, while a lovely thing to own and exclaim over, has to perform its intended function first and foremost. In this regard, the Donnay X-Dual Platinum 99 is a resounding success. I'm a 5.0 all court singles player and coach.
From: Tim, 6/13

Comments: I have played 6 times so far with this racquet and I'm very pleased so far -- good plow through, good on underspin shots, and good on my serve. I don't use much topspin and this is very good on low deep flat returns. Very good at the net. It weighs 12.5 oz now as I replaced the grip with a gel grip and a Yonex overgrip and I also added the 10g butt cap. Strung with Wilson Extreme Syn Gut at 58 lbs.
From: Greg, 5/13

Comments: This racquet is a gem. After playing with it for 9 months I have yet to find something it cannot handle well. It is a great weapon from the baseline and is very stable at the net. Although it feels most at home on flat shots, it can easily produce good spin and it is most definitely a slice machine. Having switched from the Redondo Mid (undoubtedly the easiest racquet on the arm) and the Prince Diablo Mid + (a very solid racquet) I feel that the Platinum is where it all comes together. It even allows for better court penetration than any racquet I have used recently. Truly a gem!
From: Tototouri, 2/13

Comments: Good solid racquet, felt good on flat shots, more forgiving on off-center shots because of bigger headsize, has good bite on backhand slices, can produce decent spin (had to put little more effort and this may be because of tighter string pattern) and effective on flat serves. Felt little heavier and even though it gave good control it somehow felt like a board on many shots.
From: Ekan, 4/12

Comments: After testing this racquet for about 3 weeks, I made the switch from a slightly lighter Head Youtek IG Speed. I tested the Red 99 last year and liked it about as well as the Head, but I'm a fan of the tighter 18x20 string pattern I love the mass and head light balance of this racquet, but more than anything- the smooth, solid feel is just addicting. Baseline shots are like carving through butter with this racquet, solid, smooth and powerful. Volleys are so solid- even with slightly off center contact and serves are much easier and more powerful. Just can't say enough about this racquet.
From: Gary, 2/12

Comments: Play tested this racket for over 6 hours now and I'm coming from rackets of almost identical specs. Superb feel, comfort, and control especially at the net. Power is decent, service is deadly with pin-point accuracy. I prefer head light hefty rackets (9/10 pts. thereabouts) so I put on the 10g. butt cover from customizing kit to increase maneuverability and decrease swing weight. All told, I'm very pleased with this stick.
From: Joseph, 2/12

Comments: As others have said, this racquet is very solid. It truly is amazing at net. Its heft is not a problem, because it forces me to hit through my shots. My previous racquet was the Babolat Rafa, and it was so easy to get wristy. This one rewards me for good technique. Because of its plow-thru, well hit shots are deadly. I helped the power and spin a bit by using 18 gauge Black Code at 51 lbs. Very happy!
From: Eddie, 10/11
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Black Code 18 @ 51 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This has more controllable power than the X-99 Black. With the Black, the ball would fly on me sometimes, probably because of the more open mains (16 vs. 18). The Platinum allows me to take huge cuts at the ball without sending it long. Incredible topspin potential and excellent for generating penetrating slices. The plow through feels as good as the Wilson BLX 6.1 18x20, but with more comfort. The thin beam allows for awesome racquet head speed.
From: Jon, 9/11
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Power Rough
NTRP Rating: 4.5 - 5.0

Comments: I am a 51 year old former collegiate player that hits with classic flat groundstrokes and plays an all court game. The Donnay Platinum 99 is a huge improvement over the first generation of Donnay X Dual Core Racquets. The Platinum 99 is much more solid than the Red or the Black especially on off center hits near the tip of the racket. Also, the Platinum 99 has more power than the earlier versions at lighter weights. This is a fantastic control racquet from the baseline (slice is amazing with this racquet), is solid and easy to maneuver at the net. Serving with the Platinum 99 takes some work. You will not get the easy power that comes from a wide body racquet. You can get power on the serve but you really must attack the ball. Overall, this is an excellent racquet for players that want more control and can generate their own power. Strongly recommend giving this one a try.
From: Alan, 8/11
String type and tension: Natural Gut, 55 pounds
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This is a very good racquet; serves are great, ground-strokes good, stability is amazing which translates to one of the best volley racquets I have ever used. Having said that, there are a few problems. Firstly, the balance should be more head light, I don't want to make the racquet heavier so I can't add the heavier butt-caps. The spin on this is not great; 18x20 string pattern feels like a board which for me translates to a dead feel. Don't get me wrong though this an excellent racquet. I would recommend this to a person who hits very flat and goes up top the net a lot. If you are an all courter who uses lots of spin or a pure baselined, especially one who uses spin, I would recommend the X-Dual Gold 99. This Platinum 99 is a great racquet; I just wished I chose the Gold 99 instead.
From: Anon. 07/11
String type and tension: Pro Hurricane Tour at 51 lbs(which is an awful combo with this racquet)
Headsize: 99
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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