Donnay X-Dual Core Gold 94 Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: I had a chance to really put the X-Dual Gold 94 to work today for an hour before the rain came and I needed little adjustment with the new racquet. Coming from the Pacific X-Feel Pro 95, it played similar but a lot stiffer which I liked. I noticed right from the start that my one handed backhand benefited the most from the the racquet switch giving me more mobility and the ability to hit out with better control. They are currently strung with Babolat N.VY (17g) at 53 lbs which was a good starting point. I will go with a Poly/Synthetic Gut hybrid next time around which should make an even better difference. Unlike what other people have commented, the stock weight without the customization kit is perfect for me. Try it next time on your demo list. Even though it is not a "popular" racquet, you might be pleasantly surprised.
From: Lambert, 7/14

Comments: I demo'ed this based on Donnay's reputation for being arm-friendly, and the racquet has more the exceeded my expectations. It's solid from the baseline and crisp at the net. It also gives me all the power I need. Plus, it's easy on my tennis elbow. I think the stringing is critical and I was pleasantly surprised by the Donnay X-Hybrid strings that came with the demo. So much so, that I migrated from Tecnifibre X-one Biphase to the X-Hybrid. Less cost and and a better fit for the racquet. I originally thought something like a Wilson BLX Six.One or even the BLX Pro Staff would be a good fit, and while solid racquets, I had a much better experience with the Donnay.
From: Gary, 1/13
String type and tension: Donnay X-Hybrid @ 52 lbs

Comments: I have been playing with Wilson racquets for a long time. Currently playing with BLX 90, but awaiting these new racquets from Donnay. Decided to move away from Wilson because the BLX 90 wasn't really that much of an improvement over the K-Factor 90 for me. Never did like the 95 versions of either of those racquets. And I could not see myself swinging the white/gold/red flashy stick - especially if it wasn't going to do me much good. Still have a love/hate relationship with my BLX90. Anyway, figured I would try the Donnay 94. I was very impressed with the demo I played with - just had it for a week, but played with it 3 or 4 times (about 4.5 hours total). The demo had lead tape attached, and it didn't have the plow through that I wanted, but that is configurable with the kit. The racquet is extremely maneuverable, forehands were pretty solid, backhand was great - nearly as great a feel as the 90 sq inch. A little more forgiving than the Wilson, easier to swing. Serving was a challenge - did not get enough pop from it - maybe have to alter the swing for that. Hoping that the weights might help too.
From: Johan, 2/12

Comments: Great racquet! Awesome control. You will need to have a good stroke technique and take a full swing at the ball since it is a low powered stick. I use the vibration dampener, Tourna Tac overgrip and the 5gr. butt cap to make it 6 points headlight. Use low string tensions with this racquet for best results. I would recommend for anyone who wants to switch from a 'tweener to a players racquet.
From: Henrik. 10/11
String type and tension: Babolat VS Team Natural Gut main/Luxilon ALU Power cross (48/43lbs.)
NTRP Rating: 4.5-5.0

Comments: The first review is correct, the racket needs more weight. Accuracy is pinpoint and directional control is excellent. Very easy to generate racket head speed, but even with fast head speed, hitting a heavy ball is hard. If you don't take a cut at the ball, it doesn't penetrate the court much. Whether at 3-9, buttcap, or both, but this stick needs extra weight. The stick in unmodified form very closely resembles now long discontinued Volkl Tour 9, that also worked better with extra weight added.
From: YK. 7/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I found this racquet to be really, really light. It's much easier to swing than my n6.1 18x20. Without the customization kit, I don't like the racquet at all. It's way too light for my liking. However, once I put 10g butt cap and 3g lead slides on 3 and 9 o'clock, it plays much better. With the 10g butt cap and 3g lead slides, the racquet is slightly heavier than the n6.1 but it still swings lighter.
From: PS. 07/11
String type and tension: ALU power rough main/Wilson NXT 16 cross
Headsize: 94
NTRP Rating: 3.5-4.0

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