Donnay X-Dual Silver Lite 99 Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: Great racquet, but I had some tennis elbow issues.
From: Chuck, 3/14

Comments: A simple comment -- it is amazing to read negative comments on this racquet about arm problems. I think if it was a Babolat or Wilson used by a big name player, with the exact same specs, there would be nothing but raves about it. And an FYI, 95% of all elbow problems are due to poor technique. Cheers.
From: Milos, 4/13

Comments: I had been swinging with a Donnay X-Yellow, and from what I can tell this is the closest racquet spec- wise to the X-Yellow, my favorite. It's a sub 11 oz, sub 300 swingweight racquet, so that makes it very maneuverable. Want to disguise a deep forehand? Easy, just quickly chop it and watch it drop short. Need power? String it loose, add some lead, and whip the thin beam into the ball. Handcuffed? Punch the ball back quickly. It's light weight allows customization to taste and the 99 square inch head helps with less than optimum hits. It's a little stiffer than the X-Yellow so I string it 2 lbs looser.
From: Scott, 1/13
String type and tension: Forten Comp Nylon 15L mains / Solinco Tour Bite 18g crosses @ 51 lbs

Comments: This racquet is solid! You get fast acceleration and great control.
From: Carlos, 10/12
String type and tension: Black Coat @ 56 lbs

Comments: This is an excellent racquet. I'd used heavy player's racquets previously, but decided I needed to switch to a lighter racquet since as I've gotten older, I can no longer consistently handle hard, heavy shots (couldn't seem to "catch up" to them anymore). As an added benefit, since this racquet is so low-powered, I can comfortably string at very low tension and still be able to control my shots, which has also added some extra "oomph" to my serves (I'm not a big server, so every little bit counts!). By the way, I added the 10g butt cap weight to make it even more head light.
From: Ron, 10/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Black Code 18g @ 44lbs

Comments: I play with X-White 99 which is very similar in specs. It was too light for my game style in stock form. I disagree with Anon 1/12 comment though. Even in stock form the frame is stable and has good control. I think it might work great "as is" for a certain types of player. It also responds well to customization, even to heavy customization, which can't be said for all frames. My "finished" specs are 337g, 7 pts HL (as opposed to 305 g, 3 pts HL stock). Love it.
From: Ian, 1/12

Comments: This racquet looks good but has a very small sweet spot due to its weight and thin-beam design. The racquet is probably good only for hitting ping-pong balls. Don't use it to play competitive tennis, you won't get the control and power you need to win the game no matter how good you are.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: I love this racquet. The reflex volleys are the best I have ever seen from any racquet known to mankind. The spin potential is just amazing and the precision especially on off balance shots are amazing. The one area where I find the racquet lacking is in the power department. You can swing for the fences and the stick still seems low powered. Having said that the racquet is so light the customization possibilities are seemingly endless. I increased the power with 5g in the butt cap and the plastic strip In the head. I also strung it at a mere 50 lbs with a poly. This combination has seemed to solve the power issue without sacrificing the unbelievable precision of this stick.
From: Alex, 10/11
String type and tension: Ashaway Monogut at 50 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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