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Comments: My indoor tennis club sold only Dunlop balls for years because they were consistently the best for the price. Now, they've switched to US Open Wilson, and we pay more. What happened to Dunlop? I used to buy them by the case, but won't again!
From: Elizabeth, 3/15

Comments: I am a 4.0 player and bought a case of these balls in November 2014. What I got is not the balls exactly as in the photo on the website. The appearance is different although the name is the same, Dunlop Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball. The customer service guy said that Dunlop might have done a minor cosmetic change to the packaging. However, the quality seems much poorer than that of the balls in the photo on the website. The balls seem smaller than they were before. Do not waste your money on this balls.
From: Mike, 1/15

Comments: I used to be a huge fan of these tennis balls. I started buying them in 2004 and they were absolutely amazing. The felt was great and the balls could last for 2-3 rounds before noticeably losing pressure. I bought one case in January 2012 and the first 12 cans I opened were consistently bad. It had around half pressure. (I had opened each successive can with the hope that the next would be the Dunlop quality that I was used to.) I was so disgusted, that I tried contacting Dunlop, but they have no customer service. Therefore, I convinced the vendor to take the balls back. (I did not order from TW). Now, almost a year later, I decided to give the Dunlops one more try. The quality was a little better than what I received in Jan. 2012, but still not as good as the Dunlop balls I used between 2004-2011. Besides, the pressure not being as strong, the size of these balls are smaller than they were in the past. I don't know what happened to them, my only guess is that they switched factories. I hope that someone from Dunlop will read this and return their product back to the great product it once was. But for now, I will buy the Penn ATP Extra Duty. They remind me of what good ole Dunlops of yester-year!
From: Kirby, 11/13

Comments: They lasted one round at best. I wouldn't recommend.
From: D., 11/12

Comments: I purchased 4 cans of these at two different locations and they are simply awful. The balls are not round and therefore bounce very erratically. They were also flat upon opening the cans. Dropped from chest high they would bounce to just above ankle height. Two balls had split seams as well.
From: Brian, 10/12

Comments: To be frank, the batch that I received were pretty bad. Just about 2 or 3 balls per can were pretty bad in that half of the air pressure in the balls were gone when I opened the can. I had never felt so ripped off in my life ever since I realized that the racquet I purchased at my local sporting goods store was a bootleg. The model didn't even exist under the specified brand name. You're better off using the balls that you threw away thinking they were flat, because these Dunlop Championship XD don't bounce at all!
From: Araragi, 7/12

Comments: I purchased two cases two months apart. The first case of 24 cans were terrific without any issues. The balls maintained their bounce weeks after Wilsons or Penns. here were no visible seam anomalies or spherical distortions as commented by other posts. I expected the same for the next 24 cans only to my surprise, 1-2 balls per can made a soft clicking noise when you shake it by your ear. I thought they were factory seconds but curiosity got the best of me so I cut some balls open. There are a few drops of thick liquid inside the balls, my guess is that the liquid is there to inhibit depressurization. In the balls that make a "clicking noise" there was a 1mm X 2mm precipitate. In essence, in some balls the liquid crystalized. These balls played no different from the balls without noise. Unless you shook it by your ear you'd never be able to tell them apart. If the clicking noise doesn't bother you, then Dunlops are worth the price. If it bothers you, then play with Wilson or Penn and focus on your game more.
From: Rod, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 10/08

Comments: I fully agree with Stevie and Fred. Look at the feedback from 2006 and 2007, it is almost unanimously excellent. Somehow, in early 2008 something went really wrong with Dunlop tennis balls. The case I bought, the balls were so uneven, not truly spherical, with vains like popping shapes under the surface of the felt, the rubber seam was also highly uneven. These are not the same balls I use to love from 2002 to 2006. I am going back to something else, probably Penns. They seem OK for now.
From: Guy, Mill Valley, California. 9/08

Comments: Dunlop quality is slipping badly since they changed factories. Pity they were by far the best.
From: Stevie, Austin, TX, USA, 09/08

Comments: I need to echo here what I found under a recent Grand Prix review -- Dunlop is having some serious problems with QC. Like everyone else here, I've come to expect that I was getting what I paid for with Dunlop. The last 24 we purchased from TW, each can had 1-2 balls with split seams. Each can. Plus the intermittent felt problem (some bad patches) but those I can overlook. 24-30 balls with a wobble out of a case? That's simply ridiculous. Complete buyer beware warning. Trouble is, where do we turn to now?
From: Fred, Austin, TX, USA. 7/08

Comments: Well, these balls are simply amazing! They keep their bounce forever and seem to have that new ball smell even after 2-3 weeks of use. The only complaint is that the ball lost its color quickly, to a green. That could be because of my dirty courts though. :D
From: Alex, St. Louis, Missouri. 5/08

Comments: Dunlop makes the best tennis balls. I actually think these cheaper ones are better than the more expensive Grand Prix because the Grand Prix fuzz up too quickly. The championship balls seem to bounce forever. They still bounce like new after a few weeks being out of the can, whereas Penn and Wilson are dead after a few days. Dunlop is a no brainer. If they used these on the pro tour, they wouldn't have to change balls during the match!!
From: Dennis, Long Island, NY. 3/08

Comments: I have been a tennis instructor/trainer for 30 years, coached high school and trained to elite levels. The Dunlop ball is the best ball for quality and endurance I've found. Dunlop keeps its tolerances tight (just compare its seams with Penn and Wilson XD balls; many would be rejects at Dunlop!) I have found them to outlast in cover and compression than almost any ball of comparable price on the market. They last about two-three months in my baskets, training about 40 students + teams weekly. Penn & Wilson need to get their quality control people on the ball if they want me back as a customer!
From: Steven, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 11/07

Comments: This tennis ball was weak on grass courts but very powerful on artificial grass courts and hard courts and moved fast along the court/ I highly recommend it to intermidiate players
From: Joseph. 11/07

Comments: I am a High School tennis coach and these balls lasted me the WHOLE SEASON! They don't lose there felt unlike many of the other brands, but they are a little heavier than the other brands (not by much) but I still recommend them. They started to lose its bounce on the 3rd month. If your coach looking for a ball that will last you the season (mine is about 2months and some change + districts) I highly recommend this to any coach and/or player, especially for this price- you can't beat it.
From: Oliver, Virginia Beach, VA, USA, 5/07

Comments: These balls are my choice for indoor courts as they last for over a week (3 matches, 1.5 hours each match) and the cover doesn't fuzz up or go bald like Prince/Wilson/Penn balls seem to do. They seem to play a bit faster than the others both while new and during subsequent use. 7-day-old balls with 3-5 hours of play bounce the same as a new can. These balls would be excellent for practice/hoppers since they hold their bounce so well. Not sure why comment from Japanese reviewer says they only bounce a short amount of time, maybe he hits harder than me (4.5 USTA). Cost is good too.
From: Steve, Cincinnati, OH, USA. 4/07

Comments: These balls are great but are not better then the Wilsonís and Penn because they only bounce for only a short amount of time. I like Wilson better but Dunlop is good too.
From: Naruto, Japan, 01/07

Comments: These balls are the best! No kidding! They are not heavy and last a long, long, long time. I open two cans for practice and was able to use them a whole week. Ideal for hard courts. Much more durable than Wilson or Penn.
From: Gual Mata, Miami, FL, USA 08/06

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