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Comments: I am a 4.0, playing 4 times each week. I've used this string for a year in my Aerogel 800 and loved it. Great spin and easy on the arm. I strung my serving racquet at 59 lbs and my returning racquet strung at 57 lbs. I just switched to the Weed Open 135 Tour. I am breaking the string in my Weed serving racquet every 4 weeks. I still love the string but may have to go to 17 gauge.
From: Brian, 2/15

Comments: I tried a hybrid set of this string with Dunlop Silk 17 in my Wilson BLX Tour 90 and Wilson BLX Six One 95 16x18. I used Black Widow 18 in the mains and Silk 17 in the crosses. My intent was to find a soft hybrid set since Wilson Sensation 17 would last less than 10 hours on both these racquets. The good news was that this hybrid set was almost as soft as Sensation 17 but lacked the feel and ball pocketing. I lost some power on my serves but not much on my groundstrokes. Of course, durability is much higher. It will easily last 50 hours or more. I am going to try Tecnifibre NRG2 17 to see if I get the feel and power back with more durability than Sensation 17. I am a 4.0 senior player with mostly flat shots and some spin on serves.
From: Dushyant, 7/14

Comments: I am a Grade B+ league player in my country. I have gone from using Luxilon 4G to RPM Blast to Black Code and now Black Widow. My racquet is the Wilson 99S. I sting it very low at 45 lbs. Of all these strings, I liked both Black Code and Black Widow the most. Luxilon 4G was my least liked string. RPM gave me arm problems. I found Black Code to be more powerful with a crisper feeling than Black Widow. On the other hand, I did find Black Widow offered more spin and did feel easier on my arm. It is hard for me to say which was better (Black Code vs Black Widow) I do like both. At the moment I keep one racquet with Black Code and the other one with Black Widow.
From: Eric, 6/14

Comments: The 18G version of this string is definitely softer than the 17G. I've used both on my Wilson Steam Spin 99 as a hybrid in the mains, with Ashaway's Monogut ZX Pro (17G) in the crosses. Love the string. I get about a month out of the 18G playing 4-5 times a week before it breaks -- the Wilson Steam Spin having a very open string pattern of 16 x 15 subjecting strings to more strain than other racquets. If it doesn't break by then, it generally needs restringing about that time anyway. I notice after a restring, more bite, spin, and control which gradually wears down in the month or so of play. It tends to gain power as the spin drops with control becoming a little harder with tension loss and edges wearing down. This is a great string, but I would recommend the 18G over the 17G. There is a noticeable boost in performance between the two. The 18G is becoming harder to find, which is surprising because there is no need for greater durability owing to playability issues. You don't want this strong lasting very long because you need to restring it in any case. As long it doesn't break prematurely, which it never has for me, when it snaps, it is doing you a favour anyway. It's like it has an in built restring alarm -- the 18G at least. These strings will collect plenty of fuzz from the balls and leave them with black marks, an indication of how extreme the bite on the ball is. Aim deep and watch the ball dip, your opponent won't even run for many balls because he will mistakenly think the shot is going out. Serves will kick viciously, and your margin for error will be increased, encouraging you to load up on your first serve even for flatter ones. I would prefer to buy this string on a reel, but TW doesn't sell it that way, being only available in packs. Otherwise, all good. I hope you don't buy it because, if I play you, I will have my advantage nullified.
From: Chris, 3/14

Comments: I really like this string. I string it at 59 lbs in my Aerogel 800. It really grabs the ball and increases the spin. Even mishits are dropping in where they might have gone long. Volleys are crisp. I get more pop on my serve than with other 18g poly strings I've tried. I may try lowering tension another 3-4 pounds, but I have no complaints at 59. I play four days/week and have not had a string break. Beware that some of the sets don't quite have 40ft. More like 38 1/2 feet. Measure off what you need for the mains.
From: Fatz, 10/13

Comments: Previous comments claim that this string stretches. Not True! Any drop in tension is the result of a bad string job. Three weeks and 18 hours of tennis after I strung two racquets with the Black Widow and the tension has not changed. I really like the feel and 'grab' of this string. Unfortunately, I believed the 'stretch' feedback and it is tighter than I would like. I will restring three pounds lower from my first trial and post additional feedback.
From: Brian, 6/13

Comments: I'm a lefty with a full western grip and a weak 4.5 player. I use a Wilson hammer 2.3 16x19, an ultra light stiff frame that I used to string with 16g Babolat RPM at 54lbs. I just had it strung at 53 lbs with this Black Widow and liked it from the very first stroke. I could actually felt the bite on the ball giving me even more spin and control. It felt like the ball stayed on the strings significantly longer, more than I ever experienced with any other strings. Next time I get it strung, I may go down to 51 lbs to see if I get a bit more power.
From: Paul, 7/12

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