Dunlop Black Widow 16 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Iíve been using Dunlop Black Widow 16g for years. I was sponsored until recently so it was never a big deal but I burn through these strings in 4 hours. I am very tired of restringing all the time so was hoping for a suggestion for a similar string (shaped poly) but more durable. Keep in mind, I am an old man (44 years) so I needed something somewhat soft on my arm too.
From: Ivo, 11/16

Comments: Amazing string! Strung it on my Wilson Envy BLX on the mains at 48 pounds, and with Dunlop S- gut on the crosses at 52 lbs. It is totally awesome! I've never played with anything quite like it. After taking about 5 hours to break it in, the spin and power were incredible. I can't say anything about durability yet, but overall, and amazing string.
From: Josh, 4/16

Comments: I've been playing with this string for over a year now. Too often other polys are just too jumpy for me, but this is just great. I can see how for some people it feels dead rather quickly, but one person's dead string is another person's plush ball pocketing. For me, it takes maybe 10 hours to break the strings in at 45 lbs. After that they are just wonderful. I would not play with these strings with a stick under 10.5 ounces because the spin is pretty severe and you will need the extra mass to not leave balls too short. I ended up having to add lead tape to work out the spin/racquet mass/stroke calculation.
From: Anon, 9/15

Comments: Probably one of the finest poly strings I have used. I hit mostly slice serves and slice backhands and flat forehands with Black Widow at 45 lbs on the crosses and a multi (DNA) or syn gut (S-Gut) in the mains at 53 lbs. This combination has hit better than any other combo I have used. Comfy pocketing and controllable power with excellent bite and hold on slices. The poly liveliness for me lasts a good while too, though I am not really a power hitter.
From: Scott, 6/14

Comments: This is one of the best polyester strings out there. Having been a long time user of Techinfiber X- One Biphase, I shifted to Black Widow (strung at 57 lbs in my Wilson Prostaff BLX 90) got much more control over my serve, way better access to spin and no compromise on power, a bit lack of pop at vollies but other than that great experience.
From: Sam, 4/14

Comments: This string is one of softest poly I have ever played with. I used 16 gauge strung at 55 lbs on my AeroPro Drive 13. The ball bite was amazing for the first 3 hours. I can generate more spin and my shot seldomly flies out. Spin serve and kick serve also improve with higher bounce. But like other said, when it become 'round' again, all the amazingness of this string vanished. Would recomend for tournament play unless you have a deep pocket. I hope Dunlop can find solution for the fast wearing of the shape of this string.
From: Fred, 3/14

Comments: Like others the first 10-20 hours are amazing with this string. I play with a Dunlop 200+ and string this at 60 lbs for control. My only gripe is that when rounded, the strings feel dead and at the high tension you lose a lot of control.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: I got this string put on a Dunlop Aerogel 600 Tour and it was terrible. With the spin I got from the string mixed with the extra open string pattern, the ball just never got past the service line if it even got over the net at all! Never trust this string when it is tight. It takes away the playability and there is no upside to it.
From: Joseph, 1/14

Comments: This string gives me more confidence than I ever imagined on my topspin serve. You can just see the ball take a monster dip down in the last 10 ft. and hit the line. I hit more liners on my serve than ever before in my life. Had three 40 love service games in one set of doubles. I just wonder how long it will last before the string becomes "round" again. That's the only problem with these shaped strings - they're good when you first start out with them and then become more like regular strings. But, I'm using the new Wilson Steam super spin racquet, that probably doesn't hurt either. So we'll see.
From: Roger, 4/13

Comments: I hybrided this with Babolat Tonic in a new 400 Tour. My stringer noticed how sharp the string was and we were both worried it woukld cut right through the gut crosses. I was also worried based on the coil that it wouldn't give me the feel I get from ALU rough which had been my favorite for mains. Within one hour of play none of my fears were merited. So far so good. It's a great string, as it's very soft and comfortable with great ball bite and spin. Nice ball pocketing. I did string it tighter by 2 pounds based on T.W. reviews that mentioned this was lively for a poly, but I got great control at 51. (I string my mains very loose for comfort). My partner was having a tough time returning shots from the back. Black Widow was a very pleasant surprise.
From: Jay, 1/13

Comments: This string is amazing for the first 10 hours of play. It bites the ball and I can hit heavy topspin with my forehand without any problem. Just after that I noticed that the shape is fading and it become like a normal round string. There's no more heptagonal shape especially at the sweetspot of my racquet. That's the only downside of this string I think. This string is quite soft and I don't have any problem with my elbow although I hit hard. Overall, its better than RPM Blast with a cheaper price.
From: Fred, 11/12

Comments: This string is absolutely amazing. I have this string in a hybrid with Alpha Gut 2000 16g. This string helps me generate lots of spin and accuracy. I am able to place my shots very well without worrying that it will go out. This is definetly a great make by Dunlop. I most definetly recommend this string.
From: Basil, 8/12

Comments: This string is just awesome. I have it strung in my PK Redondo Mid full bed at 62 lbs and it plays and feels amazing. So much spin and control and unbelievably comfortable. This is definitely the softest poly I have played, and I tried over twenty different textured polys. This one also has more bite than any other, even Tour Bite. I have had a history of elbow problems, even with synthetic gut, and I have no pain with this string. Durability is average. That's the only negative, because the edges are so sharp it kills my fingers to string it.
From: Corey, 6/12

Comments: It is hard to believe, but this poly replaces my favorite Tourna Poly Big Hitter Blue 17. I keep coming back to it as it is super soft and comfortable, has a very good plush feel, and basically exhibits the best traits of both a multi and a poly. Tried the 17g, and it is not as crisp as the 16g.Based on my experiments, I find it best suited for flex frames such as Prince Tour EXO3, Prince Rebel 98, and Head Radical IG Pro as it takes too much power away from stiffer frames such as the new Pure Drive Roddick. Basically excellent for stiffness rating of <62.
From: Stephane, 4/12

Comments: At the moment this is my favorite co-poly string. The Dunlop Black Widow is an awesome string! It is very comfortable, and arm friendly. Don't pay attention the description that says that it's low powered. Trust me, is not! Matter fact some hard core poly users will think that it has to much "pop" The spin it generates is really good! The balls just dropped like a lead zeppelin. But the REAL reason that I dig this string is this. I have it strung on a Wilson BLX Pro.Team Fx with a head size. I don't use this racket very often simply because I own a lot of rackets. So, anyways this racket had been laying against a wall in my room for 3 months collecting dust(literally! I ran my finger through the frame and there was dust in it) So on a cold day(42 degrees) I took it out for a hit. Everybody knows that when conditions are cold, the racket, and the strings become stiff, rigid, and inflexible. That was not the case. I was amazed at the power that I was hitting the ball!, and yes the tennis balls were heavy. I was amazed at how comfortable this strings felt even at 42 degrees( by the way it was at night) Also, I was amazed at the spins generated by the strings. I strongly recommend this strings. Buy them now, today! Sorry forgot to mention that it was strung on my racket at 55lbs.
From: Wil, 2/12

Comments: This is now my favorite string, strung in the mains at 52 lbs with a synthetic gut in the crosses at 56 lbs. I have a history of tennis elbow, so I played for many years with soft nylon strings at low to moderate tensions (56 lbs in the mains and 52 lbs in the crosses). I tried several polyester strings, strung at 48-52 lbs in the mains and with nylons at 52-56 lbs in the crosses in my Prince EXO3 Blue, 110 square inch racquet to get greater spin. I found other polys were too stiff for me, causing wrist tendonitis. It is relatively easy on the arm and in my powerful EXO3 Blue racquet gives me just the amount of power, spin, and control that I want.
From: Robert, 9/11

Comments: Higher tension showed great results, but once they begin to go, they go fast. Great strings, but don't expect them to last as long as others.
From: John, 8/11

Comments: Expected a lot from this string however results are not favorable. I expected a very low power polyester and strung at mid plus I expected no power...go way too much. All my shots went too deep and spin potential was meh. If you're going to get this string I'd say 60 lbs or more
From: Anon, 03/11

Comments: This string is amazing. I have recently purchased the new Dunlop Biomimetic 300 racquet and had it strung with this and I absolutely love it. This string's heptagonal surface offers soooo much bite while not sacrificing any power. I use to swing with Luxilon but after this I will come back to black widow definitely.
From: Patrick, Bolivia, NC, USA, 01/11

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