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Comments: I'm 51 years old, and an all court player with a single handed backhand using a Head MicroGel Radical Midplus for quite sometime. I have used the Wilson ProStaff 6.0 85 for a long time then shifted to the Radical. Started playing tennis when I was 9 and played varsity tennis from grade school up to college. I still play actively even capturing runner-up honors at a national tournament in the 45 doubles category. I was looking to move to a similar spec'd racquet but with a stiffer feel so I tried this Biomimetic 2.0 Lite. As part of my routine, I added head tape and an overgrip which bumped the strung weight from 10.4 ounces to 11.4 ounces. Right off the bat, I knew this wasn't an intermediate player's racquet. After a week of playing with the free string provided (with a tension of 57 lbs), I found that this racquet has a muted response. However, after replacing the strings with a full bed of Gosen Polylon 17 gauge strung at 47 lbs, this racquet came alive! All aspects of my game rose a notch higher. I could trade baseline shots with all sorts of spin and power, approach with deep slices, and volley and smash with comfort and precision. And yes, flat, slice and kick serves are produced on demand. The racquet's sweetspot is high of center. This suits me just fine since I usually hit around this area. If you are a 4.5 player upwards, I highly recommend you try this racquet. You won't be sorry. Best part, of course, is its price. Great Job Dunlop and TW!
From: Vincent, 8/16

Comments: This racquet improved my serve tremendously! It has lots of pop, ample power and pinpoint control. I can feel the racquet flex at the hoop -- not at the throat, it has enhancing control. There is easy power on groundstrokes and volleys. At first, I strung it with synthetic gut at 60 lbs, but I didn't like it. So I cut it out and restrung at 57 lbs (with Forten 16g). What a difference! It's like day and night. Next, I'll try a full bed of soft poly. I'm an all courter, one-handed backhand, 4.0.
From: Roy, 3/15

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