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Comments: Here's an update: Somehow I'm getting used to this racquet a bit better. I tweaked my technique a bit and it has given me some nice results. I've noticed it's a more feel-based racquet. It gives me the spin I want, the power is decent. On serve I'm surprisingly getting nice whip too. The last two times I played with it I got a much better results. Again, I'm coming from my primary racquet of a Babolat Pure Drive, obviously a lot stiffer hence giving me lots of power and spin. But really, this is not a bad racquet. I guess you might have to be a bit more patient and get a feel for it. I hope I to get the hang of it more and get the most out of this racquet as I keep playing with it more!
From: Mike, 11/16

Comments: This racquet really didn't work for me. No spin, zero power, stability nor control. I play with a Babolat Pure Drive (Lite) but needed an extra one so I decided to go with this one. What a disappointment. I strung this with poly at 52 lbs. It's a good looking racquet, the weight is perfect too, and it is not as stiff. But on court it's like a trampoline, the ball just pops off, it doesn't spin, it doest drive through the court and there is nothing on slice. I thought i needed to test it out a little more. but I have been playing with this for over 2 weeks now and I really don't see any difference. I'm inching close to the 4.0 level and play with a lot of spin and this really is a havoc in the ladder towards that 4.0 goal.
From: Mike, 11/16

Comments: Have been playing with this stick for about a month now. Really like the spin it generates and the pop on the serve. Volleys are good but I have to make sure I find and get used to where the sweet spot is. String is Dunlop Silk and tension is midrange of the suggested tension range. I'm a 3.5 player, baseline hitter.
From: Don, 6/16

Comments: The M4.0 is a nice alternative to those that have been playing with the Babolat Pure Drive. The frame has less power than the PD, which I like as a stringer, allowing me to utilize modern arm friendly polys. My M4.0 has a swingweight of 312 and a static weight of 318. Solid intermediates and advanced players will apprciate these numbers, giving them an ample ceiling for custom tuning with some stick-on lead. I found a nice poly hybrid combo: Black Widow 17g mains and Solinco Tour Bite Soft 17g crosses at a reference tension of 47 lbs, on a Constant Pull Electric tension head. If you use a lockout machine, adjust up accordingly for tension loss. On the court, the M4.0 had the right amount of power for full and free baseline strokes. The topspin was superb, the control encouraged confidence on a short ball putaway! At the net, the manuverability was great. I added 4 grams of lead at 3 and 9 o'clock, this gave me the extra mass needed for torsional stability on a heavier ball. The touch was above average, you feel the ball the right way! I suggest you playtest this frame with the proper string setup. You do not experience what the M4.0 offers with demo syn-gut. I rate this as a very playable and tuneable frame that will not disappoint!
From: Byron, 5/14

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