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Comments: I am a 55 year old 5.0 player, with long fast strokes who a year ago had elbow problems. Since using this racquet I love this frame! It gives me touch, power, spin you name it this frame will preform. No arm or elbow problems, I would recommend this frame to anyone! I love this frame and will play with it for a long time. Thanks Dunlop.
From: Jim, 3/14

Comments: Very clean response. String sensitive. Best suited for doubles players with a serve and volley game. Try natural gut (1.35mm) in the mains and 1.2 poly in the crosses. Best combo for this serving weapon!
From: Jan, 9/13

Comments: Good racquet but the sweetspot is very small considering the headsize. If you hit a little off center, the ball will just drop in the net. Very good for pushers or flatter hitters. A little tricky but doable for topspin players. It is a very stable raquet.
From: Paul, 9/13

Comments: Similar to the reviewer below, I also played with the Dunlop Aerogel 4D 300 for a couple of years. I also tried the BLX Six One 95 (Kohlschreiber racquet) for a few months but found it was too heavy at 346g. I enjoyed using the 4D 300 racquet, but have always found that it was just that bit too light when trying to withstand heavy hitters. This racquet however, is much more to my liking. The best word I can use to describe this racquet is "Solid". Everything feels quite punchy and you feel like you're plowing through every shot. I currently use a hybrid of Big Banger Ace mains at approx 56lbs and Isospeed Professional Classic at around 58lbs. The feel is excellent, and power is good (provided you can have a good swing at the ball). As long as you have good technique, with confident hitting, I think you'd like this racquet. The weight of 331g I'd say is mid-heavy range and definitely helps in blocking those heavy balls back. If you're a touch player, or someone with a solid all-around game, give this racquet a go. I would very much recommend it. For me, I am always improving and hopefully this racquet will help me along the way.
From: Jonathan, 11/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Ace mains / Isospeed Professional Classic 17g crosses @ 56/58 lbs

Comments: I have played with the Dunlop 4D 200 and the Bio 200 over the past couple of years. The Bio 200 is great, as the control, touch, comfort are amazing. The power and spin is low. The 200G is from a different mold, as it's stiffer, has an open string pattern and a larger head. The 200G doesn't have the touch of the 200 but makes up for it in power and spin. I go back and forth with the racquets and find the 200G has made my game better. I enjoy hitting with the 200 more than the 200G because it feels so good, but my results are better with the 200G.
From: Cam, 10/12
String type: Gamma Professional 16g

Comments: I've played with the Dunlop 4D 300 for a couple years, then the Babolat Pure Storm Team GT. I tried the Head IG Speed 300. All of these are very soft frames. I noticed my serve and forehand were not penetrating very deep and fast though. I believe the last two are good topspin racquets but are not good for the elbow. I hit pretty flat, and this 200G is perfect. The added mass adds stability, which is very good for the arm. The volleys are great, and my serve and forehand have a lot of depth. The feel is firm and not too stiff. This 200G is great. I bought an old 200G at a thrift store to see the difference. 345 grams, and plenty of " plow thru". I would recommend the new 200G. Great job Dunlop.
From: Jamey, 9/12
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 17g @ 57 lbs

Comments: This is a really good racquet for a person that possesses a classic, "old style" all-court game with disciplined footwork. You have to hit through the ball and not be lazy about completing the follow- through. A "goldilocks" racquet with just the right amount of power, spin and control. I am transitioning from a Prince Tour Diablo MP. This racquet gives me just that extra bit of everything, which I desperately need, now that I am in my late 40s.
From: Ska, 8/12
String type and tension: Weiss Cannon 1.25 @ 51 lbs

Comments: Been playing with this racquet for about 10 hours now, and I am very impressed. I used to play with the Head Prestige MP IG, but this stick feels better on all shots besides the serve. All in all, it's a great racquet.
From: Per, 7/12

Comments: Comfort= A+. Spin= A. Power= enough. Maneuverability= A. Serves= A. Control=A+. Overall= F-. Just kidding, it's perfect for the player who doesn't mind slightly below average power, and likes to use spins and placement to win points rather than power.
From: Moshe, 7/12

Comments: Best Dunlop racquet I ever tried. It will probably be my next racquet as soon as I get some money...
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: I bought this a little over a month ago and put about 10 hours on it so far. It's a really nice stick. I've been playing on 2 completely different frames before this one. Babolat Puredrive and Kfactor 6.1 90. Each have their own strengths. I get power out of the Babolat especially when I get tired and I'm in a 3rd to 4th set. Monster serves too. KFactor, I can rip ground strokes all day, ok on serve and does provide pop but can get a little heavy when I'm in a long match. The new 200g was very good all the way around but the only thing GREAT is slice/touch. Which is probably why MAC likes it. I couldn't get a solid flat serve off the stick until I added weight at 12 o'clock. Experimented with 9 and 3 and then 10 and 2, finally just putting lead right at the top gave me the pop that the stick is missing. I've read other reviewers that like the stick but recommend playing with weight. They're right. I'll play another week on the new weight and if I keep playing on it the way I did today. I'll pick up another one. Also, the silk string is really interesting and probably a huge contributor to the racquets great feel.
From: Michael, 6/12
String type and tension: Dunlop Silk, 57lbs
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I demoed this racquet and hit with it for about an hour. No, not a long time, but enough to get a feel for it. It does seem to fit into the mold of Dunlop racquets: very accurate and solid feeling but a bit unforgiving on mis-hits. Still, it's a tad bit more head heavy than I'm used to, though easy enough to move around. Also, it does not have the wonderful softness/flexibility of the 300g I play with, which is also a much lighter racquet. All in all, a very decent racquet, especially for those of us that hit the ball flat.
From: Peter, 5/12

Comments: I really wanted to like this stick. My favorite stick to this day is a max 200g pro I used as a teenager from HS/College. 4.5-5.0 player. Great feel but didn't really have the "pop" I was looking for. Especially lacked in the serve for me. Still a nice racket. It probably would have played different with a different set of strings/tension.. Just my opinion and if I had an identical twin brother he would probably feel something completely different in the racket, so test it out for yourself.
From: Jason, 5/12

Comments: While this really is only a 200G in name and cosmetics, not in playing characteristics, it's still a great stick! I played with a MW200G 100 for a long time and this reminds me of everything I loved about that without all that I've disliked about its successors like the HM 300g and so on that turned me away from Dunlop sticks for quite a few years. This racquet has an amazingly comfortable feel (like the TW review says it almost feels foamed), just enough extra pop for folks that prefer players sticks but want just a tick more power, plenty of control for most players and a 16x19 string pattern that gives plenty of bite. I'd also say that the demo I got felt strung on the low end of the tension range with the new Dunlop Silk 16g (very sweet string!) so players that are really cracking the ball ought to be able to tame the racquet with higher tension (I liked 65lbs in my old MW100), poly, or a hybrid setup. This racquet combines so many qualities of sticks I've liked over the last several years in a great all around package, plus the beautiful paint job, quality feel of the racquet, leather grip, everything is just superb! The only other racquet I've demo'd recently that I like almost as much as this is the PK Heritage Type C Redondo mid. If you're a strong 4.0+ player I'd suggest trying that frame as well. The difference is that as a modest 4.0 player who is just getting back into the game after about five years the 200g has just enough extra pop and a tiny bit less overall weight and as such it feels like a stick I could battle through a 5 setter with and still lift my arm afterwards. The Redondo is more demanding, but a similar kind of joy to hit with if you're strong enough.
From: Rob W., 5/12

Comments: Just got my new Dunlop 200g max and what a difference over my Head Youtek. Its a little heavier than I thought I needed, but its what I needed. Balance and feel are excellent. More power and depth on my shots WITH control. Wimpy no more. My opponents noticed the difference.
From: Greg, 5/12

Comments: 1st time Dunlop buyer and loving it. I demoed other Dunlops, but this is the best. Solid all around, serve doesn't get as much juice on it compare to my Wilson Steam, but very good racquet.
From: Bryan, 5/12

Comments: My ratings out of 10: Feel: 8, Power: 7, Control: 8, Serves: 8 and Groundstrokes: 8. It's a nice control stick with a nice swing balance/weight. It's no 200G but a very nice 95 square inch stick.
From: Fred, 5/12
String type and tension: NXT 16

Comments: I had the opportunity to demo this beast and it did not disappoint. In my opinion it is almost identical to the Dunlop Biomimetic 400 Tour, but a little more stable at net. I play with the 400 Tour but soon will be switching over.
From: Christian, 4/12
String type and tension: Dunlop Black Widow, 55 lbs

Comments: I played first with the Biomimetic 100 (90inch) - this racquet had good control and feel, but the Biomimetic Max 200G has more power and feel, and the control is superb. I played now for a week with the demo and this will be my racquet for the next few years.
From: Fred, 4/12

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