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Comments: I have both the F2.0 and M2.0 frames. The F2.0 plays very comfortable and is somewhat underpowered compared to other 12 ounce frames. The M2.0 plays quicker, with more pop, and a string bed which produces more spin, but also plays stiffer (I could feel it in my forearm using a full bed of LUX in the frame). Both the F2.0 and M2.0 play weak off the top of the hoop. The M2.0 plays better with a leather grip installed (changes the balance point and allows better racquet head speed). Both the Dunlop F and M 2.0 lines are high quality, all-court type frames, very similar to the 95 square inch Wilson 6.1 line (very similar beam shape) albeit with less power and less feel. Some of that can be recovered by making the right string choice. These frames are an excellent value at their current price, but are best suited to the all court player who grew up playing with Wilson Pro Staffs or Dunlops of the 1990's with oval head-shapes. I use the F2.0 for ball machine training sessions and the M2.0s for match play. However, younger players playing baseline dominated games with round head frames will not find the modest spin potential of these frames up to their liking. If this is your type of frame, get them while you can as Dunlop updated them as BioFibre 2.1s but then ended this line with the introduction of their "Force" line of frames late in 2015.
From: Geoff, 10/16

Comments: This is a very nice racquet from Dunlop. Great frame for an attacking player. My one-handed backhand is a dream with this lighter "players" frame. Mine is strung with S-Gut 17G in mains and Explosive 17G in the crosses. Added a leather grip and it is good to go. Played a few sets with this frame and did some drilling. I can feel the frame flex -- a sign that the frame is not as stiff as the 70 RA reported. The head is also a big for 95 square inches, much closer to a 98 square inch head and not the older Dunlop "Tour Spec" head shape. For $59.00, not sure there is a better frame out there.
From: Steve, 5/16

Comments: Nice lighter players racquet. Does everything well. May need a bit of lead at the hoop for better plow through. At this price, you cant beat it!
From: Jeremy, 3/16

Comments: Excellent value. A leather grip and some weight at the head give this racquet a great blend of control and power.
From: Mark, 12/15

Comments: Would love to see Dunlop work around this near-perfect racquet. Hopefully to release an identical racquet, same specs, different colors, with even newer technologies. Wow!
From: Al, 8/15

Comments: Wow, what a pleasent stick! Control, spin -- it's all there. Due to the high stiffness rating, the comfort is ok, no elbow problems. One of the best racquets for one handed backhands. I'm a bit surprised that it is not popular and that TW didn't test this awesome stick. Strung with Alu Power Fluoro. I also tried the PS97, Ai 98, Radical Pro and this is the best choice for me. Even the price is low.
From: Dexi, 3/15

Comments: Great 95 square inch players' racquet in the lighter side. My regular racquet is the old trusty Pro Staff 6.0 95, I found this one to be a great choice for those loking for a similar feeling yet lighter racquet, just need some changes in terms of balance and weight, and it's good to go. Since it's a close to even balanced racquet, I like it with a leather grip, it takes the racquet to something near 345 grams, with a more head-light balance. It's one of the best racquets that I have ever playtested for my one handed backhand. Overall, a great stick for all-court attacking game. My only dislike is the oval beam (similar shape of the 6.1), besides that, great stick from Dunlop.
From: Antonio, 1/14

Comments: This is basically what I've been looking for in a players' type racquet. Slightly less than 12 ounces, head light with a tad more power than most players' racquets. I owned the 4D 200 Tour and it was great, but weighed in at 12.7 ounces. I went with the Prestige MP for 6 months and it is a fantastic racquet, a little dead in the upper hoop, but I wanted a little more power. I would say this racquet is in between the IG Prestige MP and the IG Radical Pro line, kind of the best of what those racquets offer. I have it strung at 56 lbs with RPM and might have to up the tension to 58 lbs to get where I want it. I demo'd over the last 6 months, Volkl PB 10, Blade 98, PS 95, among others and this was my favorite.
From: Michael, 12/13

Comments: Prefer the Bio 200 to this one. This one is a bit too light, stiff and beam width is too wide for this type of racquet. Prefer the plush feel of the Bio 200, but over time, I may get used to this one.
From: Tom, 11/13

Comments: Been a 200 fan since the Aerogel and the 4D was what I still used. Bought this one because I wanted a stiffer and open string version of the 200 and the specs seemed to fall in place. I hit heavy topspin and have a one handed back hand, and with the 4Ds I have lead tape at 9 and 3 strung up with poly at 55 lbs. The new version did feel stiffer and I did see an improvement in spin, I felt like I lost some feel with the open string pattern and they changed the grips to more of a head shape it seems. The racquet feels less stable and that was something I always loved about the 200 line, I've added weight to it and it feels like I have that trust with my stability back. It does have a more modern feel but now that I have it set up the way I like I think I'll feel more comfortable with the change.
From: Tri, 7/13

Comments: Update to my previous review. I made the switch to this frame the same week as a $15,000 pro event. Scary, but went 3 rounds, losing a battle to a well-ranked ATP player. I am staying with this frame. I tried many strings, but the Dunlop Explosive is my number one and number two is Dunlop Ice (but strung it way lower because it's very stiff).
From: RA, 7/13

Comments: Just an update to my previous review. This really plays different than the outgoing Bio 200 racquet. The open string pattern (16 x 19) helps a ton on slice serves and the modern windshield wiper forehand. The old Dunlop 200 was really more of a line drive racquet and one of the most arm friendly racquets ever made for a smaller head pattern of 95 sq inches. This M 2.0 is definitely stiffer and just slightly more powerful.
From: Jon, 6/13

Comments: I really enjoy the 200 series and currently play with the Biomimetic 200. I saw the M2.0 had an open 16 x 19 string pattern and decided to buy it for more spin action. Well that is done, however the balance seems off, it swings not a little but quite a bit heavier than my Biomimetic 200, feels like a a 200 Tour. I would advise this racquet for a stronger player.
From: Jon, 6/13

Comments: I had almost the exact same reaction as AH. Great feel, precision, power. I also made the switch.
From: SDB, 4/13

Comments: I was so impressed with this new M2.0. I always liked the Babolat APD and PD, but with a 1hbh, 100's always seemed a bit 'out there.' This M2.0 (tried the F2.0 and it was too heavy and too oddly balanced) simply melted into my hand, has great feel and dwell time, and just bone-crushes the ball. Even my training coach said he'd never seen me hit better. Not going to get into each shot reviewed, simply that I had tried it all, literally, and made the switch.
From: AH, 4/13

Comments: This model is nothing like previous version's of the 200 series. Typically, the 200 series racquets were flexy and feel oriented, this new incarnation is stiffer and has more inherent power and maybe a tad less control, reminds me of the old Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 5.0. It is taking me a little time to get used to the power, but Im starting to really enjoy the results!
From: Jeff, 3/13

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