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Comments: Don't think about it. I thought it would be better as this is supposed to be the latest/upgraded version of the Dunlop 500 Tour. It took a lot of effort to hit a spin shot. This is already a 16x19 string pattern and for me it was too dense -- the control is no longer there.
From: Rico, 7/15

Comments: I'm a fan of Dunlop, I tried the 500 Tour, 300 Tour, and now the F.5.0 Tour. It has a grip of 4 3/8 but my hand is smaller and I reduced the size to 4 1/4. This racquet is very similar to the Aero Pro Drive 2013 in terms of topspin, slice and service, but is much more gentle on the arm. Strung with Head PWR Fusion and is a beast because it is a very soft string and has powers. The TW testers are correct in their review, but I like this much better, it is also very good for the one- handed backhand.
From: Juan, 9/14

Comments: Went from a Biomimetic 500 Tour to a Head Speed MP, wich hurt my arm and elbow, so I then went back to Dunlop, this time with the F5 Tour, and was very surprised with the difference. This is not an elbow-killing racquet! Shots were powerful, spin was very good, the swing weight is lighter, though the racquet is heavier than the Speed MP. It is a very forgiving racquet, so if you miss a little off the center of the sweetspot, your arm doesn't pay the bill. Overall -- I think I'll be using this racquet for quite a while.
From: LN, 9/13

Comments: Play tested this racket while strung with Dunlop Explosiv (I think), a hybrid, and then a full bed of 17 gauge Dunlop Black Widow (don't know the tension of the Explosiv, the latter two were 50lbs). Liked it best in the 17 gauge, softer Black Widow setup. The racquet was stable and consistent, with an oval head shape it generates less topspin than rounder- headed frames, so if your game is all topspin, you may want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, as the review said it had controllable power, very nice to serve with, and volleys are solid. The headlight balance does make returning harder hit balls more challenging, although lead tape in the hoop would fix that. Very nice frame for doubles.
From: JJ, 7/13

Comments: This racquet should be named the Dunlop Elbow killer F5.0 Tour.
From: Tom, 7/13

Comments: I have been playing with the 500 Tour for the last couple of years and liked it better than the 200, 300 overall, but could not generate the control I wanted and found it a little unforgiving. I recently did a demo with the F5 and Wilson 99S. Both racquets offered more control particularly the Wilson with its spin generation but the F5 had a lot more power, felt more solid, and even with its string pattern generated very good spin. The new F5 head design definitely offers a much bigger sweet spot and was better for serve and volleying. When hitting out aggressively, the control and power is noticeably better than the 500 Tour. I viewed the Wilson as a break though racquet and really liked it, but overall had to give the nod to the F5 it is one sweet hitting racquet and the power and control was great.
From: Pat, 5/13

Comments: I am a (not young) 4.5 player who grew up on the aesthetically stunning Davis Imperial racquets and only reluctantly gave up wood and recently purchased this dynamite new Dunlop racquet (inspired by Amalgros's beautiful backhand)! After sustaining a sever elbow injury after playing for years with weapon-like, clubs (Pete's Wilson Pro Staff 85, Roger's Wilson Blx 90) which left my arm in Lord Nelson (post-Trafalgar)/Venus de Milo kinda shape. My, oh my, what a pleasure this all around solid racquet is! My arm is thriving and the comparatively Texas-size sweet spot is a pleasure to be behold!
From: Charlie, 3/13

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