Dunlop Biomimetic M5.0 Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: I love this racquet! Played with it the first night, won a big doubles match! Gave me so much confidence. I play with a Dunlop and like the compact heads. This one is light and easy.
From: Robyn, 2/16

Comments: Decided to try this racquet based on reviews. Strung with Dunlop Black Widow 17g at 52 lbs. Really enjoyed hitting with the racquet, but some of the big hitters were overwhelming me a bit. Added .5 grams (Tourna Lead Power Strips) at each of 10 and 2 and took care of the issue. After several hitting sessions this is now my racquet of choice; good all- around racquet for spin, serve, volley and counter-punching, decent for baseline play. I'm approaching my late 50s and am a 4.0 level player.
From: Leonard, 11/14

Comments: Totally different from the past model, the Biomimetic 500. Great spin, good in volley and serve, quite arm friendly compared with other Dunlop models. I will buy one more for spare racquet as I am one of the Dunlop racquet fans!
From: Caesar, 1/14

Comments: I've demoed more than a dozen racquets looking for something maneuverable but also with feel and control. For that, I liked the Pro Staff 100 Lite, but what the Dunlop M5 adds to that is more pop and power. And that power does not come at the expense of control --- my shots landed where I wanted them to and did not sail long. I am looking for maneuverability because of a shoulder injury; on the flipside, the stiffness does rattle the arm a bit. But this stick is so fun to play with, I'm going to buy it.
From: Andrew, 1/14

Comments: To follow up on my first impressions. This racquet is a blast to play with. My concerns of the stiff feel making my arm feel tender are completely negated after having another thorough hit. I believe it was simply the initial feel of a brand new racquet and poly strings [RPM Blast] at 53lbs that caused the initial tenderness. It's is a non issue now. I just love the feel and touch of this racquet. I feel in total control of my shots and it rewards you when you play loose and have a go. My new stick of choice.
From: Ryan, 8/13

Comments: I'm a level 4.5 counter puncher and my game will definitely be more potent using this racquet. Intermediate or advanced players that are after a light, fast and highly maneuverable stick with a big sweetspot and excellent touch should give this stick a try. Just be aware that it has a very stiff feel and probably wont suit those with arm or shoulder issues.
From: Ryan, 8/13

Comments: Nice improvement over the previous edition. Even though the stiffness rating is higher, it feels more arm friendly. And the power jump is exactly what I was looking for in the 500 series. I really liked the maneuverability of the last model, but I seemed to leave the ball short often. This model steps up the power and the size of the sweet spot to the point I feel my game has improved significantly. Regardless of being in control or trying to play catch up, the M5.0 iteration allows me to keep the ball deep with some pace. If I had to point out a flaw, I would say that it can get pushed around on heavy exchanges. But overall this racquet really nails the specs that work for me.
From: Matt, 7/13

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