Dunlop Biomimetic F4.0 Tour Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: Need to update from a previous review. Been playing with this racquet now for about 9 months. Been through all different string set ups (full poly high tension, full poly low tension, hybrid poly and synthetic mid tension), weights (modified with lead tape), etc. I had different types of success with all of them. The heavier I made the racquet (12+ ounces) tended to lend to more plow through, and stability on returns and volleys, unfortunately if I played long matches my shoulder would tend to get tired (played a tournament with three matches in two days and by the third match my shoulder was toast). When I left the racquet in stock form it felt a little too unstable against heavy hitters. I was worried about my spin potential with the racquet being 18x20, and I did notice a drop off when using a 16 gauge string. But lately I have been using either Volkl V-Star or Cyclone at a low tension 18 gauge full bed. That string setup along with a TW leather grip, Tourna Mega-Tac over grip, and about 3 grams of lead at 12 o'clock have turned out to be my favorite set up allowing me to do everything I used to do with spin with the 16x19 pattern with the added control you get from 18x20. I am kind of a chronic racquet switcher regardless of how my game is with the current racquet so I did test out the Wilson Pro Staff 97 (not the Fed model, the lighter 11.7 ounce one) with a full bed of synthetic and even with a full bed of synthetic it did not have the plush feel of the F3.0 with a full bed of poly. The touch is still much better with the F3.0 as well. All in all, I would agree with Tony. If you like the feel of a more traditional racquet with a touch of modern stiffness, light head, whippy, control oriented frame this one is for you. But if you really enjoy the stiffer pure drive, aero drive, wilson steam type racquets than this one isn't for you. With the right set up, and person swinging this racquet it is a great racquet.
From: Preston, 6/16

Comments: I cannot really understand the disappointed playtesters. Great frame with specs that should appeal to a lot of players. Find a good string set up and you will have a wonderful racquet. The sweetspot isn't smaller than any other 100 square inch 16x19 frame. I'm a 5.0 player with a semi-western forehand and one-handed backhand. At the moment, I'm using the factory string Silk 1.32 at 58-59 lbs I believe. Works great!
From: Peter, 10/15

Comments: I tried a demo model of this racquet from a local tennis store. I could not produce much spin from this racquet. I've been playing a Babolat Pure Storm the past 18 months, so the change in feel was significant. This is a power racquet, plain and simple. Since switching to a player's frame, I have a lot of trouble switching back to bulkier frames. If you're an aggressive baseliner, I would highly recommend this model, but don't expect too much feel from the racquet. I would recommend trying the sale model 400 pro. The difference would be minimal.
From: John, 4/14

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