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Comments: Works just fine. Weight is 3 grams each.
From: David, 12/16

Comments: I don't use a dampener with every frame/string job I play with, but this is the dampener I like the best when I decide to use one. It offers just enough vibration reduction without turning the racquet bland and lifeless. This is probably the best engineered, best performing item in Dunlop's entire product line.
From: Steve, 3/16

Comments: One of the best dampners I have ever used. It feels great and best of all, it stays in place. It rarely ever flies out. The only time I have noticed it fly off is after they get almost a year old and become a bit loose.
From: AK, 4/14

Comments: The best dampener you can buy. It will never fly off and does what it is supposed to do without making the stringbed feel dead. Plus, it looks cool on my racquet too.
From: Pete, 4/13

Comments: I bought these dampeners to reduce the excessive power from my IG Instinct MP. And they do exactly as it says on the tin. They stay in place and tone down excessive power and vibrations without making the strings feel dead. Great inexpensive little dumbees, would recommend.
From: Jack, 3/13

Comments: I have a dense 18x20 string pattern and this thing's pentagon corners are not super flexible so it requires Dalia Lama patience when installing. On the positive, this thing doesn't fly off on a mishits. In fact, I think they'll have to cut it out with the strings. Once in, it does what it was designed to do by dampening well.
From: JC, 3/13

Comments: This is the best dampener I have ever owned in my last fifteen years of playing tennis. It never falls off and it is way better than the Head, Wilson and Babolats dampeners that I've tried. You won't regret buying this one. The feeling is awesome too when you hit the ball. Try it and you will see.
From: Tommy, 11/12

Comments: I have tried Head, Wilson and this Dunlop dampener. I feel this one gives the best feel of the three. The others made the strings feel dead.
From: Jon, 7/12

Comments: I don't think this particular dampener has a purpose except psychologically. I purchased the Max200g and the one it came with didn't fit right or as snug as others from other companies. A rubberband will do better than this.
From: Fred, 4/12

Comments: Love the design! Maintains great feel while dampening. It feels loose on my racquet though, but it doesn't fall out.
From: Kevin, 3/12

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