Dunlop Biomimetic 400 Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: It has more control than the Biomimetic 200, 300 and 500 -- the best racquet of Biomimetic series. Especially good on serves. I love the control.
From: Caesar, 3/15

Comments: I've used head Wilson and now Dunlop. This racquet provides more feel and spin than the racquet I use. I'm a 4.5 player and enjoy this racquet more then any I've used over the years. Great spin and feel.
From: Terry, 10/14

Comments: I'm a 4.0 player and have just finished my fourth hitting session with the 400 and starting to love it. I added 8 grams of weight to the four corners of the hoop and ten under the handle to keep the balance. Much more stable, better plow through and the sweet spot has gotten noticeably bigger too. You do need to swing with this stick and you can feel the dwell time when you swing properly. Power is still up to you and the control is awesome; spin is very easy to come by and the feel/feedback is very nice and surprisingly soft for a stiffer racquet. I find it super easy to serve with, flat, hard, spin, or kicks. Not sure i believe it is the Aeroskin but it is easy to whip around and get into place. All in all a very sweet stick that seems very amicable to customization and I personally think you could string it well below the recommended tension range. I am at 52lbs with room to spare.
From: Tom, 2/13

Comments: I enjoy this racquet, and picked it over the Wilson Steam and Juice, ProStaff, Babolat Pure Drive, and Prince Team (all of which I demo'ed). It replaced a Prince 100 White that broke. It's very comfortable and find it has helped my serve. I enjoy the thin beam, and have gone to a 4 3/8 grip with an overwrap (I used to play 4 5/8). I get very good control and find it effective for backhand slice and drop shots.
From: Rob, 12/12
String type and tension: Wilson K-Gut Pro @ 60 lbs

Comments: It reminds me of a slightly less stiff Pure Drive with considerably more control, comfort and feel. Way better ball placement than a Pure Drive, and a surprising decent racquet to volley with.
From: Drew, 9/12

Comments: Much better racquet than the TW review indicates. This racquet fits it's billing between the 300 and 500 series. It's stable from the baseline to the net. I was able to rip my groundstrokes and stick my volleys with relative ease. I had no problem getting consistent depth and directional control with my groundstrokes. Serves were solid, not spectacular, but no weird adjustments needed to be made. You get out of the racquet what you put into it with the serve. Returns were solid as well. I was able to rip some return winners. Maneuverable racquet, extremely versatile and well balanced. Most feel and control I've experienced in a non players racquet.
From: Dusty, 6/12

Comments: Recently made the switch to this frame after demoing it. When I was able to put a string I liked (Dunlop Synthetic S-Gut 17g) the racquet was more than I could hope for. Although it could use just a tad more mass, the 400 performed as expected. My serves had more pop and spin. The tad bit more mass would come in handy on the groundstrokes. On volleys I found the 400 very stable and maneuverable. If you like to customize a frame with lead tape, this would be a great base to start.
From: Robert, 6/12

Comments: It's perfect on contact. The oval shaped head from Dunlop made the sweet spot very easy to find. The best thing about this racquet is it's maneuverability. Definitely a future racquet for me.
From: Kyle, 5/12

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