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Comments: I didn't love this racquet. Although I was once a one-time 5.5 player, my age and other factors had me in search of a new racquet. My daughter's (solid 4.0 player) Dunlop's were lots of fun and so I thought something along those lines might work. I prefer a 95 head size but those days have diminished. Nonetheless, with the racquet, it just feels poorly constructed. Rather than be weighted with a proper tapering, it just has an off-the-cliff feel. While this is great for quick reflex net shots, or that last moment of ball contact creating spin, that's not much to speak of when desiring an all-around racquet.
From: Jon, 3/15

Comments: I bought this strung with Black Widow at 60 lbs. Although I play for fun and exercise, I could tell the racquet improved my game, it is true -- better equipment makes things easier. Nothing wrong with this racquet at all, especially for someone picking the game back up after years of not playing, like me, and on a budget too. Great racquet and great price ! I am going to buy another.
From: Mark, 10/14

Comments: My coach had me try this one, and I was hooked. The following week, I bought a brand new one. My serve is so much stronger with it!
From: Valarie, 11/13

Comments: I upgraded to this racquet from the Dunlop Aerogel 550 Lite and can tell a huge improvement in control after only a few practices. Serves are great, with lots of power due to the easy maneuverability. I string mine with GSI Snake-Bite at 59 lbs. Worth demoing!
From: Jared, 9/13

Comments: I love it. Very light and durable.
From: Olivia, 10/12

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