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Comments: I've been using this frame for a few weeks now, I moved to this from the 300 4D. I was looking for a little more power, without giving up too much control and feel. Middle age does that, after all. The Good: I found the ball flight I was looking for. I get better depth without more effort, and direction control is very good, as well. Not the same level of touch the 300 4D had, but that was to be expected. Pretty good feel for a 24mm wide frame, in any event. It is a great serving racquet, maybe the best I've used. It feels great to get some more free points. Crazy slice action. It is every bit as good looking of a frame as people say. I have people on other courts come up to me and ask "What kind of racquet is that?" Great "curb appeal." The not- so-good: That attractive finish on the frame chips very easily. Considering the frame didn't come with a cover, if you've got a few of them in a thermo bag rattling around, they get scratched and nicked pronto. The racquet has a hollow feel to it, like most modern frames to. It doesn't have the traditional solidness that Dunlops have always had. Strung with a softer poly at 50 lbs, it buzzes more than I'd like. I'm sure some lead tape or gut string would cure that. The Gekko-Tac grip is terrible, there is no getting around it. Overall, I'd give the racquet an 8/10 (along the lines of the TW review). It would be a good fit for a middle-aged 4.0 played looking for some added punch in their game.
From: Blb, 4/14

Comments: Used to play with the Dunlop Adrenalin Surge. Unfortunately cracked the frame and have been looking for a replacement. After trying out several racquets and developing a bad case of tennis elbow I tried out the Dunlop Biometric 400 Tour. Right from the very first hit I was impressed. Great racquet. Good power on the serve and great ground stokes. Struggled a little on the timing and pace on the volley but with a little persistence have rectified that. Strung the racquet with Tecnifibre NRG at 57 lbs. Within 2 weeks my tennis elbow has virtually disappeared.
From: Greig, 4/14

Comments: This racquet is awesome. I tried the 500 Tour, 300 Tour, but this one moves very well -- it is soft, very maneuverable and has so much top spin. Good on slice and amazing control. By far the best Dunlop Biomimetic.
From: Juan, 3/14

Comments: I have been hitting with the Bio 400 Tour for several months now and feel I can finally offer my thoughts on this racquet. First, I initially thought it hit fine in stock form. However, after tinkering with some customization, I think I have finally dialed it into my game. I settled with adding a Yonex Supergrap Overgrip, dampener, 12 grams (total) of lead from 3 to 1 and 9 to 11 with Volkl Psycho Hybrid (55/58 lbs) and feel it is absolutely perfect for my game. I play primarily from the baseline with a strong Eastern forehand and a 1 HBH. This set up allows for a wonderful combination of spin, power and control. My serves are plenty powerful and I feel connected to where I'm placing my serve. My groundstrokes are more penetrating and seem to drop within a foot or two of the baseline when I swing up and out on the ball. Slice backhands are very low and deep. All together, I have finally found my combo -- after years of searching and trial and error. I am steadily improving with this racquet and that is exciting! Maybe I'll finally reach 4.0 level?
From: Mike, 2/14

Comments: Hit with the TW demo 3 times. The first time I felt that hollow feel in the head that others wrote about. That hollow feel seemed to go away the next two times I hit with it, as I got used to the racquet. Volleys were so-so and not very crisp. Overall, I would rate this a low-medium power racquet, not a medium power racquet as TW wrote. Maybe it was strung too tight, not sure. Anyway, I would have liked a little more power, as it had the same power as my current low-medium racquet, the KI-5 315. But my current racquet has more feel.
From: Henry, 1/14

Comments: I did a one week play test with this and thought it was really great. I have been playing with the 200 Tour and was looking for something lighter that would not sacrifice too much pop and feel. This definitely fit the bill, although obviously lacking the plowthrough of the 200 Tour beast. I may tinker with some lead but I think some reviewers have over-stated the need. Over the week I played with one Canadian Davis Cup player and one Fed Cup player, both of whom drilled balls at me. I didn't feel the 400 got pushed around too much and both commented on how much steadier I was playing. The fast swingweight was great on both flat and spin serves as I could get great wrist snap. I think the most impressive part of the racquet was the comfort for a stiff frame (though the demo was strung with a multi so this explains part of that). This racquet is very body friendly. I thought the light swingweight made playing defense much easier while still having enough power to put balls away with authority. I am switching to this. Maybe a true 5.5+ returning Raonic's serves needs a heftier stick, but I am switching to this. I may not look as cool as I did with the 200 Tour but I will be playing better!
From: Jay, 12/12

Comments: This frame plays great stock unless you are a 4.5 or higher. Great control and power on tap. Easy on the arm. No lead, no leather grip, and I am not being pushed around. The upper loop is not firm to be sure. I just dropped the tension a few lbs and strung the crosses lower, and now there's very little problem with the dead upper loop now. Take this frame for a test drive.
From: Steve, 11/12
String type: Babolat RPM Blast 16g

Comments: I agree with Huy, this racquet is great, but it needs the lead tape. Without the lead tape, it's a great racquet for putting a lot of topspin on the ball (especially on serves), but it's a bit of a 1 trick pony, and a tough racquet to play with against strong hitters. With 7 or 8" of 1/4" tape at 3 and 9 the racquet has become a great all round racquet. I bought because I was looking for something slightly lighter and larger to replace my 200 tour with for playing doubles, but with the lead tape, the 400 tour also works great for baseline rallies, allows me to get that much more topspin on shots and so now has become my go to racquet in singles too.
From: Roger, 6/12

Comments: Update, I put some lead tape on this guy. 3in of 1/4 lead tape on each side, starting from the 3 and 9 positions for one end and going up to 2 and 10. I tripled it up, so I added just over .3 ounces (4.5 grams on each side), so my weight is around 11.9. Well, first thing, it has not lost it's maneuverability. It just gained in every other aspect possible. Volleys are much better. I can hit running and off balance shots with ease. I have more control of my serve (with just a slight bit of added power). My one handed back hand has become a REAL weapon, before I couldn't get any topspin with it because if I was off center just a little bit against a heavier ball, it would just go into the net. I had been playing with an AeroPro Drive GT, which was definitely better than this in stock form. Now,this is MUCH better than the APD. Better on the arm, highly maneuverable, feels light for 11.9, and you can hit every shot with it. If you have one of these, put lead tape on it. It makes a world of difference, much more than I would have thought.
From: Huy, 6/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 16, @60lbs

Comments: I've playtested this along with a regular Biomimetic 400 and a Pure Drive, and this one comes out on top. I was very impressed with the added punch on serves, good feel from the baseline, and decent volleying performance. Aesthetically, I find this one of the better racquets -- thin beam, subtle coloring. This is probably as heavy as I'd want to go with a racquet. It is very enjoyable.
From: Rob, 6/12

Comments: This stick is nearly perfect, but as many others have mentioned, there just isn't enough weight in the hoop. Since the overall weight is only around 11.6 ounces, being 9 points headlight really takes away the weight from the hoop and you can get pushed around by heavier hitters and volleys can be a problem. For this static weight, I would have preferred it be about 5-6 points headlight. It needs a higher swing weight and and better stability. I have one which I'm going to put some lead tape on and I'm sure it will make a difference. Like I said, otherwise, groundstrokes and serves are just excellent with this. Plus, it's the best looking stick out there.
From: Huy, 5/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast, 60lbs

Comments: Wow, what a racquet! This racquet literally made my groundstrokes ping right off the baseline almost every time with an outrageous amount of topspin. I was a little bit skeptical at first because I am truly picky when it comes to racquets. I have a huge loopy forehand and use an almost "Hawaiian" grip yet my 2 handed backhand is a compact, yet powerful stroke. My only weakness is at net and this racquet is weighted just perfect for me to try and turn that part of my game around. Dunlop, thanks for this design and I am sure I'll be keeping this stick in my arsenal for quite a long time!
From: Christian. 3/12
String type and tension: Dunlop Black Widow @55lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: It's a good, quality stick - no doubt. But not for me. Seems better suited for those with shorter strokes. It truly swings light (combined with a relatively light weight means it's initially hard to know how the racquet tip is coming around), and feels unfortunately quite hollow. This, combined with a big sweetspot, meant that I was not quite sure how the ball was going to leave the stringbed - even though I experienced good control (an odd contrast of worry and decent results). I imagine the string setup is even more critical for this type of frame. Lead tape undoubtedly would help, although I hear the bio- bumps prevent good lead tape bonding. Just no comparison in terms of that solid feel I get from my normal sticks (dunlop 4d 200, and more recently the 200 tour). Granted, the weight on the 400T is lighter and distributed differently as compared to the 200s. If you are contemplating frames in the mid to high 11 ounce range, I would definitely augment this demo with the many other great options. That said, I would choose this over a Pure Drive (I owned and played with both the PD and PD+ cortex versions), as the power level is good, and the control (despite some uncertainties as described earlier) is there. Once again, this might just be a great frame to customize. Also, as noted by everyone, the cosmetics are beautiful. I have a modified semiwestern forehand (almost full W), two-handed backhand, BH slice, and serve big, with a lot of kick on the 2nd. Aside from feel/perception of control, the 400T faired well on most shots, with the slice being a bit below average (lack of weight and precision). Some flutter against hard volleys, but nothing insurmountable with good technique and some lead tape. I still think it's a good frame - good luck.
From: Gary, 2/12

Comments: After trying many different types of rackets with similar specs and many of the other Dunlops I truly found this one to stand out. If you like to attack groundstrokes with heavy topspin this is the racket for you! It is also comfortable on the arm and I have had a lot less arm pain than I had with my Yonex RDiS mid. The only con about this racket is you will definitely need to buy either a replacement grip or use overgrips because the stock grip is awful. I really love this racket as an all court player though, as it is just money for groundstrokes and volleys. I also found it to be very stable at the net, unlike the TW reviewers. A++++ from Dunlop!
From: Anthony, 2/12

Comments: Very strange racket. I hit a flat forehand and backhand, but could submit only a kick-serves. Swing weight seems more applications. Good for sparring, but is unsuitable for the match.
From: Viktor, 1/12

Comments: I too, love this racquet. I demoed any number of racquets with similar specs before choosing this one. Very stable and solid performance. Great balance for me between control and power. Has immediately improved my serves (first and second) and ground strokes (backhand and forehand). Solid on volleys as well. Good sized sweet spot. Easy to swing. Only area that it does not excel at for me are touch shots. But that is a small part of my overall game, so no big deal. My regular playing partners have noticed a big improvement in my game. Thanks Dunlop.
From: Mark, 1/12
String type and tension: Dunlop DNA 16 String, 57 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Played two matches already and am very happy. Coming from Pure Drive 107 and appreciate the higher weight and stability. Plenty of power and very solid feel.
From: Andy, 12/11
String type and tension: Tourna Poly Big Hitter Blue Rough 17, 54 lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: It feels underpowered compared to Wilson BLX 98 or Dunlop 500 Tour. A light maneuverable frame (it swings lighter than its specs) ready for customization. A leather grip and some lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock should make this a contender. A forgiving racquet with great cosmetics too bad it's not for me.
From: Sam, 11/11
String type and tension: Dunlop Syntec 16, 54lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0 +/-

Comments: I absolutely love this racquet! I've come back after taking 8 years off from tennis, so I have been through many playtests over the last few months. I had found a couple of Head and Dunlop racquets that were very close, but once I hit with the 400 Tour, I knew I had found what I was looking for. I am able to generate a ton of spin and pace with this stick while still have a great amount of control. As the reviewers note, this a great combo of the 300 Tour and 500 Tour. Serving is also a blast with this thing. Highly recommend giving it a test run.
From: Mike, 11/11
String type and tension: Babolat VS Touch, 59lbs in mains; Tecnifibre Black Code 18, 56 lbs in crosses
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This is a very stable racquet with plenty of spins. It is easy to hit with and volleys. It is still a bit under power compare to my Wilson BLX Blade 98, but a lot more forgiving. It feels really light on swings, and does not feel like a 11.6 ounce racquet.
From: Tim2, 10/11
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Control at 54 lbs

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