Dunlop Biomimetic 300 Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: It's the best racquet that I have ever had after my Dunlop Biomimetic 500 Tour. This 300 has strong topspin and feel and is good on my serve. I hope Dunlop will make many good racquets after this.
From: Ksmax, 11/12
String type: Dunlop Black Widow

Comments: This racquet is mobile and solid with great control.
From: Taweel, 9/12

Comments: I have been using Head Speed Elite for a year and a half and I was looking for something with a bit more pop, and I found it in the Dunlop Biomimetic 300. I purchased it last week and I found I hit very well balanced crisp volleys and great serves. I recommend this racquet for 3.5 and above players who are searching for the ultimate playing stick and have an all round game. However you might want to tweak it a bit with some weight at 6 or 12 o'clock depending on your preferred swingweight.
From: Jeremy, 5/12
String type and tension: Babolat Tour Multi, 55 lbs

Comments: An excellent feeling frame, that is extremely precise and enjoyable to use, much better than many other brands in this category. The racquet is also very open to customising. In standed weight this racquet is too light for me, but with weight added under the handle and at 6 oclock it plays just fine. I highly recommend this racquet to a broad range of player levels.

Comments: When I demoed the Dunlop 300, I thought it was a great racquet with incredible control and good feel at the net, I previously used the Aerogel series which I thought was great both power and control but I felt on the Biomimetic, the power was taken out and the maneuverability of the racquet for me was poor and the stiffness of the racquet was too much to handle. The weight seemed fairly light when holding it but the swingweight for me feels much heavier than the standard weight but it truly excelled on kick serve. Spin and control was so easy to achieve with this bat, but the stability of the racquet got worse as my game developed and so now I've switched to the Prince EXO3 Tour 100 which I feel hasn't got as much control but the balance is better between control and power. However I'd suggest to demo the racquet for a good time before making a decision on the racquet or not.
From: Albert, 12/11
String type and tension: Luxilon Monotec SuperPoly, 56lbs

Comments: Any complaints about this racquet being too light are unfounded. Just weighed mine on a scientific scale and with guard tape, grip, string, and all it is 12.16 ounces. Besides, most points end with someone hitting the ball out or into the net, do you need to hit the ball out of bounds harder? Didn't think so. Just purchase accuracy. If you really need the ball to go faster, do more pushups and hit the ball harder. This is an amazingly accurate racquet and I am now putting the ball where I want with ease. I've been playing with this about 3 weeks and am already beating players I never have before. Along those lines, I'd string this with the stiffest string your arm can handle. For me, that's babolat RPM Blast or Pro Hurricane Tour but maybe your arm can handle a stiffer string than those. At least demo if you're seriously looking to be a shot maker.
From: Taylor, 10/11
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast, 58 lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: (Update since my 8/11 post) This racquet is absolutely amazing. I can feel every shot I take and is gentle on the arm. Much more power on all my shots while keeping the same control as I had on my old Head racquets. I changed the stock grip because it was too tacky and causing a blister, changed to a hybrid string set, had my stringer remove the small piece inside the racquet which was causing the rattling, and now I couldn't be more happy. Just received my 2nd in the mail and I will be sticking with these racquets until I can no longer play singles tennis.
From: Steve, 10/11
String type and tension: Kirschbaum/Prince Hybrid at 59 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I had been using the old I.Radical by Head and never thought I would switch from the Head brand. I was a huge fan of this racquet from the first swing of it when I demoed it. It had an overgrip on it and it was strung a little loose. It felt amazing all around, I knew right away this was my new racquet after demoing about 10 others including the Head Youtek Prestige and Radical, and most of the Wilson line. When I purchased it I got it strung at 62 and left the stock grip on it. I ended up tearing my palm on the grip halfway through my 2nd match in 2 days(I've never had a blister or tear on my hand from tennis, ever.) Also I am feeling a rattling vibration when I make contact more towards the top of the racquet, which I didn't feel with the demo. I am definitely putting the Head Hydrosorb Grip on this racquet and am getting it strung at 58 with to see if it will feel the same as the demo. Overall, still amazing just need to tweak a couple things.
From: Steve, 8/11
String type and tension: Dunlop Hexy Fiber 16, 62 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Good racquet, I formerly used the Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex and changed because I need a smaller head size, thinner framed racquet. It takes some time to get used to, especially on the serve. Forehands felt amazing hands down, with just enough control and power. Backhands were all right. Volleys felt okay, but the frame kind of vibrated when I hit it. I've only used it for 3 hours, so I guess my perspective will change. Must recommend Black Widow 16G with this racquet at around 58-59 lbs.
From: William. 6/11
String type and tension: Black Widow 16G, 59 lbs

Comments: Great racquet compared with the Head and Wilson models I have used in the past. Very crisp with great control, nice feel and ample power. I would recommend these racquets to anyone who is confident with their power and who is seeking unparalleled control.
From: RDB. 6/11
String type and tension: Dunlop Comfort Poly 17

Comments: Demo'd this racquet with all of the other available incarnations of the 300. It was okay, but like the previous two 300s, it seemed tiny and definitely needed more weight. I really wish they'd produce one w/ the specs of the 16X18 300.
From: A. 03/11
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: Hi I'm 29 and a tennis crazy. My game has kinda accelerated like improvement. Was playing flat since 1990's till my sparring partner started to change my grip to a full western. My wrist hurts a lot back then as I was using Wilson Hammer Profile 2.7. Thanks to TW that incidentally they came with a review on the BIOMIMETIC 300 as I was searching for the spinniest racket available. Printed out several short listed spin potential rackets such as Babolat Pure storm, BLX Six.One 95, Head YouteK and Wilson Pro Open. Attracted to BIOMIMETIC 300 as it has the best access to topspin, slices and serves. Now after only 3 months, I am the man to beat in my club. Seriously!! As this racket needs you to generate your own power. It has limitless potential on hammering your opponents on variable strength as the match situations are concerned. I chose the lowest recommended stringing tension for optimum potential of power. All I can say is Feel, Topspins, Slices, Killer Balls and Serves are EXTRAORDINARY!!
From: Mohd Fuad, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 03/11
String type and tension: Solinco Tour Bite 17 gauge at 55 lbs
Headsize: 98

Comments: What a racquet! Great improvement from the Aerogel series. Weight is spectacular especially if you're an all court player. Groundstrokes are a joy with this stick, especially if you have a one handed backhand. Volleys have a lot of control. I have 2 & I've strung 1 with rip control & the other Tecnifibre x-one biphase. I use the rip control when I'm feeling strong & on top of my stroke play. I use the biphase when I'm feeling sluggish. Both combinations feel great. I recommend stringing this with a multi. A must demo as this racquet competes favorably against the more popular brands.
From: Chris, Australia, 03/11
String type and tension: Head rip & Tecnifibre Biphase at 59lbs
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Best 300 version yet. I never thought I'd find a replacement for my old Hotmelt 300g frames, but this new one has it in spades - with more feel. The look of the racquet is incredible, but the way it plays is what sold me. Well-done Dunlop.
From: Bill, Houston, TX, USA, 02/11
String type and tension: Dunlop Silk (demo string)
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Went for a demo last night. Tried 3 of the new Dunlops (200 plus, 300 & 300 tour) vs my 2008 pure storm. The 300 was a standout overall. It reminded me of my old 300 Mfil but did everything better. My 1st serve whilst not as good as the 300 tour, was still fast (5-10% faster than my PS), but my 2nd serve was the surprise. I could kick and slice serve it better than my aeropro GT, straight away. Groundies were also great. It had the lowest power of the 4 racquets but I could generate enormous spin (comparable to my Aeropro drive GT) to keep it in the court. Another plus, it has insane control and placement too. This racquet felt like I've been playing with it for 2 years and I only demoed it for 30 minutes. WOW.
I thought I could never find a racquet to replace my beloved but aging Pure Storm but I think I have now.. Goodbye Pure Storm. Hello Dunlop 300 and 300 Tour. Dave, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 01/11
String type and tension: Dunlop 300 Demo Racquet = Dunlop Silk @ 65lb. Dunlop 300 tour & 200 plus = Dunlop Silk @ 60lb. Pure Storm = X-One Biphase17 @ 60lb.
Headsize: 97-100"
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Thought this might be a nice upgrade to my Maxply McEnroes. The results were a bit of a mixed bag. The lightweight allows you to really whip this thing through the hitting zone. My slice serves were absolutely cutting into my opponent's body and topspin passing shots were biting nicely. Unfortunately, this lightness makes the stick have next to zero "plow through" on flatter groundies/power shots and, as a result, many balls fell short, flat serves lacked pop, etc. Also, the frame lacks stability on volleys and off-center hits. I'm going to make some lead tape adjustments to see if I can fine-tune this thing to play like the Maxplys I'm so in love with.
From: Hawkeye, Twin Cities, MN, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: Tourna Big Hitter mains, Gamma Asterisk Spin crosses
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: From your reviews, are you suggesting that the 300 tour has more power than the 300?
From: Bill, Ches Spring, PA, USA, 01/11
(Generally speaking, with all other factors being equal, a heavier racquet will have more power potential--TW Staff)

Comments: Was using liquid metal radical 98. This stick is bit lighter, generates way more rpm than the radical. Seems to be able to swing faster (possibly due to lighter weight) No complaints. Ditching the radical and will be using this stick for a while.
From: Ben, Singapore, 12/10
String type and tension: 60lbs - Dunlop stock string
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 3.5-4

Comments: First off it is a good overall racquet. I just switched to the bio and at first I was not so sure about it because there is a very small sweetspot but once I got use to it you could tell when you did hit the sweetspot it came off really crisp. I added lead tape to the head and that made all of the difference. More I am using it the more I love it. Seems like a pretty powerful racquet and maneuverable.
From: Jeff, IL, USA, 12/10
String type and tension: Babolat Pro hurricane tour 58lbs
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments:Doubles players dream racket. Loved the serve, the racket is so maneuverable it makes for an easy kicker, as well as the flat serve. Volleys were solid. Only concern is the instability when hitting against a big hitter. Some lead tape might do the trick.
From: Jaymes, Huntington, WV, USA, 12/10
String type and tension: Lux BB Fluoro 60
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Will TW be getting the biomimetic 500 series?
From: Ian, Australia, 11/10
(Ian, we should be receiving these frames sometime in March--TW Staff)

Comments: First of all, this has to be the most beautiful racquet on the market. Dunlop makes, without a doubt, the most attractive sticks! An excellent performing racquet. I weighted this up quite a bit, and it was a very good performer. Nice control and touch. Adequate power with the weight. Like most 98 square inch and below Dunlops, excellent on the serve. Crisp but not 'stiff', and easy on the arm. Although I loved this racquet, I am unable to get it to my 'perfect specs' so this will not be a racquet I end up using, but I urge anybody who is comfortable with a 98 square inch frame to give it a demo, it is magnificent.
From: Steve, Lincoln, NE, USA, 11/10
String type and tension: Dunlop Silk 16, 58-60 lbs

Comments: Great racket all around. Smooth touch and with an easy swing. I currently use the Aerogel 300 and this new model feels much lighter which it is, 10.76 oz strung. Coming from a college level player I would advise demoing this racket for an all around player that can generate their own power.
From: Tyler, PA, USA, 11/10
(Tyler, you will typically see a variance of about +/- 2/10ths of an ounce due to different variables during the manufacturing process. We take a sample set of frames we've received in order to give a more accurate picture of the specs--TW Staff)

Comments: Hi Tennis Warehouse. Are you guys going to post a video review for this racquet? I know you guys are busy, but if you get the chance I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
From: Hugo, Guatemala, 11/10
String type and tension:Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour / 53 lbs
(Hugo- we are in the process of filming the video review. Look for it in the next week or two. -TW Staff)
Thanks for the review TW- Hugo

Comments: When I first got the demo racquet, I immediately was drawn to its cosmetics: the flat black paintjob with the red accents was phenomenal. I currently play with a K-Blade Tour so the new 300 is a full ounce lighter than what I'm used to. I played several games in a K-Swiss match and noticed the great maneuverability and spin it produced on groundstrokes, especially the slice backhand. Great feel and touch at the net, easily able to produce deft touch volleys and angled drop volleys. Served decent, was able to produce ample power on first serves and the open string pattern helped to produce heavy kick on second serves. If I were to switch to this frame I would definitely weigh it up as it lacked stability on full swings and hard hit returns. However, great overall stick. Will be demo-ing the heavier 300 Tour very soon.
From: Robbie, Atlanta, GA, USA, 11/10
String type and tension: Dunlop Comfort Synthetic
NTRP Rating: 5.5

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