Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Plus Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: This is a follow up from my comments from 10/13. This stick definitely needs some tweaking. 8 inches of lead at the top of the racquet at 12 o'clock. Now it plays perfect! Gives it the perfect amount of power and no dead spots on the racquet now. Dunlop is notorious for racquets that are dead at the top of the head of racquet.
From: Mark, 12/13

Comments: Excellent control and comfort,with super forgiving. Low powered compared to my Babolat PDGT.
From: Thomas, 12/13

Comments: I'm a 3.5 level player and think this is a very solid stick. Very similar to the Dunlop 200 Max G (McEnroe). Although, I found this one to have more plough through on my back hands than the 200 Max g. Serves have ample power. Control is great. Does not play like a 100 sq in head. 18x20 pattern gives perfect amount of control. Groundstrokes are powerful, yet precise. Feel like I can put balls wherever I want on court. Great at the net as well. Overall, an awesome racquet for 3.5 level players and above. My favorite racquet to date!
From: Mark, 10/13

Comments: A solid feeling, comfortable racquet. Jay used the right word "damp," as it does have a dampened feel to it, and there is more power to this racquet than the specs would suggest. Despite the weight, I am finding this to be a user friendly stick, no problems finding enough depth on groundstrokes. As it's not a rocket launcher, you have the confidence to go for depth on your shots. The 200 plus is a reliable good all around stick that is not too demanding to use, providing it's not too windy. Thanks to TW, I have found an ideal stick for my level and playing style. String type and tension: MSV Focus Hex, mains and Technifibre X Code HD 16,@53lbs
From: Joe, 9/13

Comments: Bought 2 of these and they are amazing all around with good pop, stability, feel and amazing control. So damp and arm friendly.
From: Jay, 9/13

Comments: I found this frame to play more like a powerful and forgiving players stick. The TW description lists the power as low and some of the playtesters indicated that it has a small sweetspot. I have the frame strung with Wilson Syn Gut Extreme 16 at mid range (Thanks TW!) and at that tension it plays very lively and the sweetspot is very easy to find. This frame is easy to swing, easy on the arm, very stable and is a dream to hit with. This is my first 18x20 frame in quite a while and I am impressed on how easy it is to produce spin and I am using a 16G syn gut. My frame came with the spec info printed on the frame -- 8 points HL (compared to the the 4 points HL listed in the TW specs) and the static weight was 11.65oz in my case. Enjoy!
From: Steve, 9/13

Comments: I just bought two Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Plus without demoing because I live in Australia. Upon receiving them, I immediately changed the grip to a leather grip then added 2 grams each to 3 and 9 on the racquet, then 2 grams at 12 and 2 grams at 10 and 2. Total weight now is 360 grams. After my customization, my first impression after 2 sets against my mate were: 9/10 groundies, 9/10 volleys, 9/10 serve. This racquet has the ultimate feel, control, power and maneuverability. The control was very prominent with this racquet and I was able to direct my shots to wherever I want, which made my opponent defensive all the time. You should try this racquet and my customization set up. Looking ahead, I might try to experiment this new racquet to the weight and balance of my Dunlop 4D 200 Tour which has a swing weight of 356. Currently, I am using this racquet since I bought two from TW 3 years ago. And I have not changed to any other racquet since then until now. Sadly, this racquet is now out of production. The bottom line with my new racquet, I really love the feel and my directional shots that I can hit with my power.
From: Vince, 5/13

Comments: I've been playing the 200 plus now for a couple of years and am extremely happy with it. I had to make a switch from the Federer racquet because of arm problems and this one has saved me. I've had absolutely no arm issues since switching frames and I was a little concerned about the adjustment, but the swing weight wasn't that different, so the adjustment was fast. There are a lot of great frames out there and I think the strings make a huge difference. I went through a lot of combinations of string and tensions but finally settled on the Luxilon Adrenaline 17s strung at 57 pounds. They're amazing strings. Extremely durable, but very easy on the arm. I also get tons of spin and great feel around the net with these. I think I've sold quite a few of these racquets and strings over the last couple years having friends in the market for a stick try mine. I also coach the local high school teams and have had several of the kids hit with it and they've all loved it. I just bought two more today because the price is unbeatable and now my daughter will be making the switch to this frame too. She's loved mine since I got it. She's a very competitive high school player. Now she can have her own. You'll never find a racquet that fits everyone, but I found mine and am very happy.
From: Glenn, 3/13

Comments: Well its been six months and today I officially changed racquets and quit using the Dunlop. My initial sessions with the Bio 200 Plus were encouraging and there are many things to like about the racquet. I mentioned during the initial review that I was concerned once I swapped out synthetic gut for polyester string, I'd find it too low powered. That was one big problem I had that contributed to the switch. A far bigger problem was that I got a second Bio 200 Plus as a backup and it hit NOTHING like the first one, and had the sweetspot that literally felt like the size of a tennis ball. In fact I should have sent it back as it weighed about 12 grams MORE than the original did, much of that headweight. In an effort to make both racquets have the same weight and balance, I added lead and they became very clunky sticks that made racquet head speed, and therefore spin, way below my standards. Extremely disappointed in Dunlop's quality control. Probably going to look at a Pro Kennex 5g.
From: Matt, 7/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast mains / Synthetic Gut 17 crosses

Comments: It is nice when a racquet plays almost exactly as you thought it would, based on the specs, and this one does. My favorite racquet ever was the Babolat Pure Control Team (100 square inch head, 63 flex, 21 mm beam, 16x20 11.7 ounces). I sold them about a two years ago as they were worn out and have yet to find a racquet that plays the same. This is probably the closest thing. Good spin for being as dense as it is, phenomenal directional control, and as far as stability, which I've read mixed comments on here, no problems whatsoever. If anything it was more stable than I expected. Sweet spot was also larger than I expected, although not huge. Once I got used to the slice, it was amazing for approach shots. I used synthetic gut today and actually found the power level to be just a tad less than I expected to get even with poly. I am a little concerned that when I switch to poly it will be too low powered, so I'll have to tinker with much lower tensions than 59, probably even going as low as 54. I will say I had a hard time "hooking" crosscourt forehands and getting those sharp angles that have become easy for me with an open pattern, but my down the line shots were better and probably the best I've ever hit. Feel is dampened and the racket feels somewhat flexy and cushy, while the string bed feels a little on the stiff side, so it is a good match. Great stick!
From: Matt, 12/11
String type and tension: Wilson Extreme Synthetic 16, 59 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Extensively demoed both the 300 and 200+. I liked them both, but very glad that I went with the 200+. With this racquet I can swing away on the forehand with excellent placement and huge power. At the same time it is quite forgiving; miss-hits still make it over. The low power means lack of depth, but this will keep your singles opponent running. Good for volleys, but you have to swing on it. That goes for just about every shot if you go for it, this racquet rewards. The feel is great, and with the Silk it is easy on my arm. Love it for serves, and can generate plenty of power even without a big swing. As others have mentioned, I do have problems with the backhand slice. Usually reserve this for when I am out of position--without a full swing it tends to float however I did not have this problem with the 300.
From: Brian, 8/11
String type and tension: Dunlop Silk 62 lbs

Comments: I had a hit with a demo of this racquet strung with Dunlop Silk. I liked the muted feeling of the frame but felt it lacked power. I think it it could possibly by strung too tightly. Stability was okay but I need more weight in in the head. It is definitely a nice looking frame but the overall weight too light for me.
From: Wes, 7/11

Comments: Just received my 200 plus from TW yesterday. I have only played with it once, but so far so good. Started out a little slow but after a few games and getting use to the weight, and the strings breaking in a little, it felt great. My shots were more powerful and the control is very good. You do have to take a full stroke to get the most out of it, but when you do, the results are fantastic. And the racquet has enough mass to block and return powerful shots with ease. The racquet feels pretty evenly balanced. It's not heavy, but definitely has some weight to it and feels solid and very stable. I like it a lot and can tell its one of those racquets that the more you play with the more amazing it will get. I've also hit with the 200 Lite, and it was a very nice racquet as well, totally different but has that great Dunlop feel and swings faster than the 200 Plus, but seems to lack a little mass in the head. I've been playing with the Bio 500 Tour and love everything about that racquet as well. There are some similarities but the string pattern and the slightly less weight of the 500 make it far more lively and maneuverable then the 200 Plus. Once again, all different racquets, but all great in their own way. I'm going to have a hard time deciding which one to stick with but I plan on giving the 200 Plus a long try. It's more of a "players" racquet then what I'm use to, but I think in the long run it can be a game changer - for the better.
From: Bobby. 5/11
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X1 Biphase 17 @ 58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I demoed this racquet today, and its the best feeling racquet I ever tried. I use an old m-fil 200, this racquet had much more feel than my racquet with a poly string, and I use all vs gut in my Dunlop m-fil. The balance is a bit more head heavy than the old version. It did not feel like an oversized racquet, although I would prefer a standard size head. A smaller head size version just came out and I plan to try it if it feels as good as this 100 head size. If feel is the most important factor for you in a players racquet this one is the best I tried, (Wilson blx blade, Head prestige, Tecnifiber 325, next best that I tried.)
From: Ged, Baltimore, MD, USA, 02/11
String type and tension: Luxilon alu, 58 lbs.
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Played it with the bio 300 tour. Both were very "weak" and sensitive to torsional stability and gave me a hard time returning serves. The 200 plus had a somewhat small sweetspot and my one handed backhand tended to lose length and direction. Control was much better with the 300 tour. The sliced backhand was hard to get accuracy with. The only stroke that worked for me was the forehand when I had time to set up the stroke. All in all quite disappointing test.
From: Niklas, Sweden, 02/11
String type and tension: Dunlop SILK factory string
Headsize: 100 sqi
NTRP Rating: approx 5.0

Comments: Went for a demo last night. Tried 3 of the new Dunlops (200 plus, 300 & 300 tour) vs my 2008 pure storm. The 200 plus felt too powerful. It had a lot of heft, which didn't suit my game, I'm thinking it could be because the brand new demo Dunlop silk strings haven't been worn it yet. It was also the slowest of the 4.
From: Dave, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 01/11
String type and tension: Dunlop 300 Demo Racquet = Dunlop Silk @ 65lb. Dunlop 300 tour & 200 plus = Dunlop Silk @ 60lb. Pure Storm = X-One Biphase17 @ 60lb.
Headsize: 97-100"
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This is my new racquet and I've been hitting with it for two weeks. I'm an avid Wilson Prostaff 6.1 user since the classic up till the K Factor. My favorite was the Hyper ProStaff 6.1. This racket is a lot more maneuverable than the KFactor however less stable. The weight difference is probably the main factor in the difference between the two. The string bed of 18x20 is very firm, which gives a lot of control even with a multifilament. When I used multi's in my Kfactor it was often too lively. It was not the case with this racquet. Serving with this racquet is a lot of fun since it produces so much spin despite the 18x20 pattern. I just hit my kick as hard as I can and it always spins right in with depth. I could never get as much bite on the ball with my KFactor 6.1. Overall this was a great stick, I'm glad I made the change.
From: Freddie, Santa Clara, CA, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: Dunlop Silk and Volkl Cyclone
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Can you tell me the brand of poly used for the TW review?
From: Anon, 01/11
(Anon, it was a test string under the name 361 Nation, which now goes by Prince Beast--TW Staff)

Comments:Really nice racket for returns and groudstrokes. Power/control wise it is between the Head YouTek Prestige MP and YT Prestige Pro. It is very solid and nice on returns and volleys too. Unfortunately I just couldn't serve with it without a lot of adjustments, otherwise very impressive.
From: John, USA, 12/10
String type and tension: synth gut
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: Former 5+ now 4.5

Comments: Just demoed. This is the best D 200 offered yet. If you have smooth strokes you will enjoy the endless possibilities with this racket. Slice shots and touch were effortless. I was pleasantly surprised with how well this racquet handles shots on the dead run. Serving is a dream. Don't even bother with this stick if you can't bring it with your groundies. I chose this stick over blx 95, Bab pure storm GT Tour, and Head Prestige. Awesome cosmetics too! Best Dunlop offering ever.
From: Oscar, Houston, TX, USA, 12/10
String type and tension: DUNLOP SILK
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Racquet looks great. My First serve was amazing, when I got it in (which was pretty often); it was either an ace or a sure winner. That, however is all that I liked about it. This is designed for the higher rated players; in fact it has the feel of most tour player sticks. Compares closely to the tour. I could not hit a groundstroke, the weight of the racquet is not un-manageable, but the balance drove me crazy. Could not find any timing on any shots and was essentially muscling every shot back. Even when I was able to find the sweet spot and time a ball, it felt like it had a hollow ping (to quote a friend for lack of a way to describe it myself).
From: JB, AA, MI, USA, 11/10
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: New demo. Strings are brand new, which actually may not be a good thing. I think looser feeling strings would be better, maybe a hybrid. New strings made the racquet seem stiffer than it actually is. Comfort seems to be ok. On to the racquet. A nice design. Had a couple of people mention how they like the look. While the 300 is fairly similar to the past 300's this 200Plus is quite different. I never got a chance to use Nikolay Davydenko's Prince Ozone Pro Tour so no comparison to that. It is quite different than the 4D 200. With the 4D I really got used to that right away and was ready to roll. No way would I play a match with this one unless I had a couple of weeks with it first. There were shots in the first hour that I had trouble getting around and I was hitting a bunch of shots in the net. Pros- Volleys felt great. Racquet is very stable. I don't see why one would need lead even at the 5.5 level. There is an adjustment period but once you start aiming higher above the net it can reward with lots of power. 18/20 pattern but it had more juice than I expected. For the stronger more advanced players looking for a larger headsize it should be a popular racquet.
From: LK, 11/10
NTRP Rating: 5

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