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Comments: My player's profile: I'm a 4.5 all-court player with a semiwestern forehand, 1-handed backhand, both sides solid topspin, nasty slice, loves (to hand out) stops, I hit all types of serves and string with Volkl Cyclone. This racquet is very maneuverable, very precise, as predicted by specs. Surprisingly, very good spin potential. Very solid sweetspot, really quite manageable. This plays easy. My faltering consistency went through the roof with this one. Those who struggle with a tour racquet and hate the modern stiff 100 square inch topspin basher racquets, give this one a try. You'll love it.
From: Andrew, 11/13

Comments: I am 4.0 level that hits a semi-western FH and 1H BH. I have dozens of racquets at home, but currently play with the Head Prestige Pro YT (on good days) and with the Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Lite on off days, strung with Bi-phase 18g at 55lbs. I first used the Dunlop Muscle Weave 200g and than tried many variations from the brand in the 200 and 300 ranges but am not enjoying them as much as the current range. I bought the 100 without testing it but based strictly on the feedback on this website, and to be honest, I think that a 90 square inch head is probably too demanding for my level and age (55 years old). Well, I was wrong. For the first time since playing with Prince Diablo mid 10 years ago, I could see why smaller head size combined with lighter weight and a manageable swingweight can benefit players with OH backhands. My backhand was about 10-15% better than when I hit with my current racquets, especially down the line and driven flat cross court. FH were great, especially inside out ones, which I often lack consistency with. 1st serves were fast and accurate, but 2nd serves lacked a bit of spin. I was surprised at the amount of spin I was generating while using 16 gauge string (Sonic Pro). Going by the improvements I get with 18g strings on all 90-95" racquets I tried, my spin should improve a lot. This is not comparable to the Babolat Pro Drive or Head Extreme Pro etc., but sufficient to hit balls hard without going long. For all players, who, like me, can not cope with other 90 square inch racquets like Wilson Tour or Head Prestige mid, it is definitely worth testing this one and buying it, especially at discounted prices. Now, if only someone could combine the FH and serve off a Head Prestige Pro (more power and spin than tis racquet) with a backhand of this stick?
From: Andrew, 7/13

Comments: Very nice racquet, if you can use it. The base grip was ok but I'm planning on get it replaced with maybe a wilson or just putting overgrip on it. This is a low powered racquet so this means you, as the player, must generate your own power if you wish to 'blast' shots in the court. Overall, very nice racquet for the price.
From: Dylan, 7/13

Comments: After a year of playing with this racquet, I would like to say some words about it. Out of the box it isn't so special, but add a leather grip plus an over-grip and restring it with a hybrid at a medium-low tension and it will make you a very happy player. Low powered, really fast swing, great control and touch, very good back and topspin either on FH or BH, solid on volleys. The racquet has very low vibrations, so if you don't want to miss any sensation, I suggest don't use a dampener with it.
From: Giancarlo, 3/13
String type and tension: String type and tension: Babolat Tonic and Natural Gut 16 mains at 52lbs / Babolat Hurricane Feel 16 crosses at 50lbs

Comments: I have an AG4D 100. I was unsure about the biomimetic features so held off on trying/purchasing this racquet. I cant speak to the aeroskin feature, but I like the feel at impact of the HM6 carbon. It has a more unified feel and less vibrations to me than the AG4D. The racquet's balance is different than AG4D, this one feels to me more head heavy which is a feature I didn't like as much, especially on serve. I had gotten used to the quick snap that I could get with the AG4D100. I have to slow my motion down with this racquet to get good speed on my serve. On forehands however, they are plush and powerful and my one handed backhand slice has good bite. If you like a little bit more oomph than the AG4D racquet works, it also provides a plusher hit.
From: Scott, 3/13
String type and tension: Forten Sweet 17 at 54 lbs

Comments: This is a great racquet, wasn't so good with the factory string in, but got it restrung with a soft poly (Tyger Rebound) at 39lbs and is fantastic now on all shots. You can take a massive cut and it almost always goes exactly where you want it to. It feels really light in hand, is very maneuverable and has good power.
From: Enrico, 3/13

Comments: I have 2 of these racquets, and one was 15 grams more than the other, which this makes them feel like completely different racquets. Besides that, I can say that these racquets are very nice to play with, as you can hit hard with great control. With a leather grip it feels the best.
From: Alberto, 12/12
String type and tension: Signum Pro @ 55/46 lbs

Comments: Great! Use it with a leather grip and it's just incredible. The control and touch are the best but you have to generate your own power. The racquet also has good access to both spin and slice.
From: M.W., 10/12

Comments: This is one of the racquets I don't know how can some people play with. It has a tiny sweetspot with heavy weight. Though I'm an advanced 5.5 tournment player, I prefer light racquets with heads.
From: Zizo, 10/12

Comments: After about 6-7 hours of play, this one is great. I found great rhythm on rallies with huge spin, and angle shots are also great. But the surprise was the serve that became unbeliveably heavy and controlled. I had an increase of 30- 40% on my first serve percentage (not good but I couldn't get half of them in with my other racquet), and volleys are 30-40% better too. Power: 75, control: 88, mobility: 83, stability: 83, comfort: 85, top-spin: 85, slice: 83, rallies: 82, volleys: 84, serves: 87, returns: 80, overall: 86.
From: MZ, 9/12

Comments: This racquet has the best control with great feel. This is also great on serve from the first try and good for rallies after adjusting to the smaller head. My one-handed BH feels better and more solid. I think players who like to attack the ball and stay close to the baseline should give this a try.
From: MZ, 9/12
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Power Rough @ 60/58 lbs

Comments: I own the lime-green version of B100, and I heard their colors are the only difference. I find this racquet is greatly suitable for my style (eastern FH & 1-handed BH). It's stable, fast, low power, muted and provides a low launch angle. There's only 2 drawbacks; the non-leather grip and it's very demanding. So if you have sound footwork, a fast big swing and good hand-eye coordination then suddenly people around you will say "wow" quite often.
From: Stanley, 7/12
String type and tension: Wilson Red Alert mains @ 55 lbs / Polystar Energy 17g crosses @ 52 lbs

Comments: Played with the AG100 and replaced with the Bio100. Overall, it feels similar but the Bio seems to be more solid and a bit heavier towards the head. I also noticed that its a bit more muted on impact. I like this new updated version a lot and wish they would have outfitted it with a leather grip. The negative is unrelated to the performance - the manufacturer put a cardboard insert on top of the gecko tack grip and used shrink wrap to cover the handle. The grip actually bonded with the cardboard which totally ruined the grip. That was pretty ignorant packaging decision by the manufacturer. Overall, its a great racquet.
From: Randy, 3/12

Comments: These racquets have a nice sweet feel, great mass and balance after adding weights in the butt to increase overall weight, reduce the head weight, and increase swing speed. Solid all court performance. I have been using 3 generations of this stick.
From: Joseph, 11/11
String type and tension: Luxilon M2Pro 16L in main at 52 lbs/ Isospeed
Professional 17g in crosses at 56 lbs

Comments: I have been playing with it for about 4 weeks off and on and I'm liking it. Used to play with the Volkl C10 pro (the mostly black one) but wanted something a bit more traditional, but staying with some nice flex. Bought the 100 on a whim and it's working out. Stick on volleys is great and its pretty maneuverable around the back court. The open string pattern gives some nice access to spin. Traded the stock grip for a leather- the grip is on the round side. Two handed backhands require a bit of work but the plow thru on the slice is great. Great stick if you're looking for a traditional players frame with a ton of mobility and pop. Will probably buy a couple more after a few more wins on the practice court with it.
From: Jack, 10/11
String type and tension: mains: Gamma Zo Tour 17g at 62 lbs, crosses: Gamma LiveWire 17 at 65 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I regularly use Dunlop Aerogel 4D 100s with lead tape on the handle and frame to make the weight and balance like the old Fischer MS Pros. I changed to the Biomimetic 100 with the exact same set up as my 4D's and played for a month or so (5 days a week), but the racquet doesn't feel as buttery or as smooth as the 4D's. In my opinion, Dunlop have taken a step back this time. I don't know what they changed in the frame, but it didn't work for me. I am sticking to what works.
From: Paul, 10/11
String type and tension: Hybrid of Luxilon ALU Power 125 and Gosen Wintex Natural Gut
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: I switched from using the ProKennex Redondo 93 (the Babolat Pure Storm Tour before that) to this racquet a couple of weeks ago. Since the switch, the most notable change is how fast I feel at net. I love putting away volleys with lots of touch and things have been going very well in that department with the 100. I take full swings on my ground strokes and have found plenty of spin, power, and control; especially with my slice. Returns were a bit tricky at first because of the lower static weight I found the ball dropping short. With better footwork and practice I have been getting more and more pace on my returns. My one handed backhand feels great, also with a lot of spin and confidence. Dropshots are usually not returned and my opponents in singles have been frustrated rushing up to get the shot only to be thrown off course by the spin left on the ball. Serving feels great, the weight and balance are easy on the shoulder and serves have been incredibly accurate. Lots of spin on slice and kick serves and a ton of control adding confidence to flat serves when I am looking for an ace. Strongly recommended for players that like smaller head sizes looking for a nice new take on the classic players frame with more speed. I have played with the lot of them and I am happily settling on this as my racquet of choice. I just got another and Tennis Warehouse threw in the free bag even though the second stick was on a separate order. Thanks!
From: Adrian, 10/11
String type and tension: Signum Pro Tornado 17 at 48 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: The racquet up close looks like a toy, however it can do some damage on the court. I liked the feel and good control when hitting groundstrokes and volleys. 11.07 ounces weight felt comfortable but 5 points head light did not work for me and felt too light. GeckoTac grip was okay but not as good compared to leather. Overall, I think Dunlop missed the mark as they had an opportunity to make this racquet way better by incorporating the tour version.
From: Vladimir, 9/11
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This stick is a fresh beast. I love it. Seems like each generation of the 100 has gotten better and better. The 4D was better than the original Aerogel, and this one is better than the 4D. It's a bit on the light side, but I'm not getting any younger so the 11.7 strung weight is about right for me. The trademark Dunlop plush feel is there as you'd expect.
From: Boomer, 9/11
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I really like hitting with this racquet. Like all Dunlop's players sticks it has a muted yet crisp feel to it, sort of "classic" feel. This one, like previous incarnations of the 100 is low powered. I like this and it allows you to swing out and enjoy yourself. As with any small head size sticks, strokes have to be precise and well timed to get the most out of it. Paradoxically knowing that you are welding a scalpel forces the user to concentrate properly and play better tennis. The static weight of mine is 6g greater than quoted by Dunlop or Tennis Warehouse. I put it down to the "sharkskin" bumpy tape bonded to the frame, mostly in the head. As a consequence stability and "plow-through" is improved, and the extra momentum is a requirement in a low powered stick. In fact this frame plays better for me than earlier models. Perhaps this model is like previous ones once they have had 5g lead added to the head (a common customization of those frames). The 345 g weight (dampener and overgrip added) is actually easy to handle in this frame and maneuverability is not a problem. I am serving bombs. The 16x19 pattern works well in the small head to soften the string bed up a bit and to add a bit of pop. If you like small head sized sticks and have a one handed backhand give this a try. It made me want to play more and more and hit harder and harder.
From: Charles, 9/11
String type and tension: ISOSPEED Professional 17, 52/50 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.5

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