Dunlop A-Player Tennis Balls 24 Can Case Customer feedback

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Comments: I am a 5.0 player and think I know a thing or two about tennis balls, so here is my assessment: The first 5 minutes with these balls feel weird, but after that they actually play much better and they do help with tennis elbow, no doubt! I wish TW would comment on these. I think is the first ball ever that gets better as you play with it after a few minutes, and they last! Other people I play with seem to agree 100% with me as well, so is not only my observation. Now the only problem is that I have to order these all the time from TW so I can play, but is worth it!
From: Fernando, 4/14
Note from TW: This is actually our ball of choice at TW for the same reasons -- we couldn't agree more!

Comments: Dunlop tennis balls used to be the best and usable for 2 or 3 matches. Now they cannot hold up after only one match. I will not be buying them anymore. Has the manufacturing process changed?
From: Colette, 9/13

Comments: After going through 2 cases I can honestly say these balls are so much worse than the Grand Prix XD (countless cases used) that I have formed a harsh opinion: they are nothing more than a novelty, a marketing gone mad attempt at trumping the Grand Prix XD. They are heavy, turn into fuzzy little hamsters very quickly, and loose pressure after limited play time. The real value they do have is they caused Dunlop to lower the price point on the Grand Prix and that does justify their existence.
From: Jeff, 3/12

Comments: I love the slower and heavier feel of these balls. They are also the most durable balls I have used.
From: Gulzeb, 9/11

Comments: I agree with Geoff. I purchased the cheaper Dunlop Grandprix XD and thought they were adequate previously, and tried these thinking they would be better. I was wrong - they are heavy, hard, slow, and have thick felt that is easily shredded. When I play with the ball machine using a mix of balls, it is obvious when you get one of these as they feel so hard when you hit them and require much more effort to get moving. On the plus side, I could see how someone would like them as they are fairly durable and keep that same feel for a while, but unfortunately it is not a feel I enjoy. I suggest getting the Dunlop Grandprix, or Wilson US Open balls, which are similar, feel great to hit with, and really fly.
From: Steve, Lexington, KY, USA, 11/10

Comments: I must say, I've played Dunlop quite a bit over the last few years, going through at least 3 cases of the old Grand Prix before trying a case of these, figuring they would be even better. Unfortunately I was wrong. Unlike the other reviewer, I've found them to be somewhat dead upon opening. I compared them to a Penn ball that was left in my bag for god knows how long, only to find the very old Penn actually bounced higher. I'm not sure if this is due to the new core, thicker felt, or what, but these balls really don't bounce up the way the old Grand Prix balls did. If that weren't enough, the felt on these is very easily destroyed by the modern game. Hitting kick serves, top spin, etc. will just rip the felt on these and cause them to get very large and very slow. Needless to say I won't be buying another case of these and will either go back to the originals or more likely, switch to a different brand all together. Very disappointed.
From: Geoff, Chester, VA, USA. 10/10

Comments: This ball is supposed to be similar to the older Dunlop Abzorber ball, but I have to say that the only similarity to me is the brightness of the felt. This ball is extremely lively, I mean hella lively! When you first crack open these balls you will be surprised at how fast they move through the court and how much they jump on serves and topspin shots. At first, I wanted to send them back because I really like the Penn ATP balls, but after getting used to these I have started to really enjoy them. They work good for me because the serve is my best weapon and my opponent is not expecting the super lively movement of it, so I can get a few freebie points (don't hate!). After the balls get a few games on them they really tone down and become much more user friendly, and they stay really lively for multiple sets-unlike the Penn balls that seem to get really mushy after a while(not that I don't like that). This ball has actually helped my game a lot because it forces me to get set-up earlier for my shots and I would recommend them to anyone that likes a fast paced ball and one that stays playable for hours on end!
From: Joplin, Longview, WA, USA. 06/09

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