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Comments: I'm a fan but I'm a string newbie as well, so we'll see the second and third time around with these strings. I have no idea how long they actually lasted but at least a couple of months playing 2-3 times a week at minimum. I had these fully strung at 58 lbs in my Babolat Pure Drive Roddick because I wanted extra spin potential control and some softness. I think 58 lbs was over the recommended tension but they performed quite well. I popped them on an overhead smash which was hit a little high in the string bed but they lasted pretty long (probably 30-32 hours) I actually liked them later on when they had a lot of mileage on them I'm going to buy a few more sets and maybe string them fully in my Pure Control at 55 lbs and in my Roddick again in a hybrid setup with RPM Blast mains.
From: Maurice, 4/15

Comments: I purchased this string based on its advertised playing characteristics. Unfortunately, I hit with the string for less than an hour before it popped in the center of the string bed. I hit with topspin, not heavy top, but enough to move the strings around. I strung it in a Hammer Tour at 52 lbs and the string didn't hold for long. It is a lively string and playable, but for the price, I wouldn't recommend it for heavy hitters. I would suggest trying the 16 gauge Ashaway rough, but not the 17 gauge. I'm a 5.5 level player.
From: Martino, 3/15

Comments: Really enjoy these strings. They seem to work for other racquet sports as well. I'm sad that I cannot find this string in a reel in my country.
From: Samuel, 11/14

Comments: I loved this string. Felt super soft, had plenty of power, great touch, definitely no issues with arm- problems with this multi. Unfortunately this string lasted me only 1 hour the first time I strung it, and the second time I got it strung by my friend at the club I was at while I was warming up pre-match and it lasted me around 40-50 mins or so when I played with it then on both of my frames. Great string but not worth the price vs time even if you string them yourself. I am a 4.5 semi-western FH with a one handed BH with a fairly big serve.
From: Josh, 6/13

Comments: For several years, I have used only polyester strings in my Prince Tour Diablo mid-plus racquets, but, recently, I decided to try to find a multi-filament string that played something like polyester but was more arm friendly. I think I got lucky with Ashaway Dynamite 18. Although I was skeptical about maintaining control by stringing a multi at 55 or below, I took the manufacturer's advice and had one of my racquets strung at 53, which is about where I've been using poly strings. From the first ball I hit, I was well pleased with the feel and the control and I'm tempted to try 51 pounds the next time around. In short, it works for me.
From: Hal, 6/12

Comments: I like the feel of this string on a hybrid set up using it as a main string crossed by a synthetic 17g. It is soft enough to absorb shots against heavy spinning opponents including big hitters. It is recommended that you string with this at 20% less than what you are used to but not to exceed 55 lbs. Unfortunately if you are a big hitter with heavy topspin this string will not last too long as it moves a lot at lower tensions. I played with it on an over size frame strung at 42 lbs and it lasted approximately 30 mins. It felt really good to hit with a lot of spin and it gave a lot of comfort including control however you will need to re-string with this one more often if you go with this one.
From: Ferdie V, 5/12

Comments: I am absolutely in love with this string. The 18 gauge really opens up the string bed on my Babolat Pure Storm Ltd (18x20). Hybriding it with Solinco Barb Wire 17g in the mains at 55lbs and the Ashaway as crosses at 53 lbs. The braided coating slightly enhances bite. My only complaint is durability, but then again it is an 18g multi string. I play college level tennis and am getting max about 6 hours out of them. Overall though one of the best strings I've used in the last 6 years of trying different hybrids.
From: Luke, 9/11

Comments: Both my son and I have used this string. My son is a high level player on his highschool tennis team and I am a rec level player. I do all of our stringing. My son put this on his Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT plus racquet because he wanted more power from his racquet. While the string played well, it lasted only a few hours of play time before the mains were sawed through. He plays with a lot of topspin and almost always breaks the mains first, usually due to notching of the mains. Once the outer woven cover was sawed through, the zyex fibers wear very quickly. We were able to extend the life on the second stringing by inserting string savers into the center of the string pattern. This time he actually sheared one of the mains at one of the crosses, the notching was not a problem using the string savers. At this time he returned to using a hybrid string bed of Ashaway 18g kevlar mains and a 17g synthetic gut cross with string savers to help prevent notching of the mains and to allow the mains to move more easily on the crosses for greater spin. this combination provides excellent durability and terrific spin. I am now using the Ashaway dynamite 18 soft strung at 60 lbs, 5 lbs above the maximum recommended for the string, with string savers inserted. It is very soft and forgiving which has helped with elbow pain that I developed while using the same Ashaway kevlar string described above. So far, the string has 4 weeks, playing 2 -3 hrs per day about 5 days per week. I really like this string, however, unless you use string savers, you will be unhappy with the durability of this string.
From: Mike. 07/11

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