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Comments: The worst string ever produced. Strung at 52 lbs in a Wilson Pro Staff 95S (16x15), they lasted 30 minutes. In those 30 minutes, I hit about 75 serves, 25 groundstrokes, and 10 volleys. The wrst ever.
From: Matt, 7/16

Comments: I should have listened to the remarks made on this page. Strangely, I have the same racquet as the last comment. A brand new Wilson Blade 104. I made the monumental mistake of stringing it at 57 pounds. After an hour of what felt like hitting with a poly strung in the mid 60's I am ready to cut it out and bring it down o 50 or lower. My arm is sore. I hate to cut it out so I am trying to stretch it out overnight with weight. Hopefully it loosens somewhat or I'll be forced to rip out a brand new string job. Ugh! I normally play with a gut/NXT Control hybrid which I love. I just may have to go back to my old standby. It's expensive though. So, if you are thinking of buying this string, please reduce your tension by 4-10 pounds than you normally would depending on the head size of your racquet. Don't make my mistake.
From: Dummy, 3/16

Comments: I put a set of these strings in my Wilson Blade 104 at 47 pounds. They feel really good on all kinds of strokes but they do move quite easily. I might try upping the tension just a bit and see if that reduces the movement. Overall, they are worth a try since the Wilson NXT Comfort is so much more expensive.
From: Mike, 11/15

Comments: Strung at 51 lbs, I normally string with a full bed of Prince Premier Touch 16 or a full bed of Forten Sweet 17 full bed. Strung in a Prince O3 White LS. Power of test string: 7.5/10 It gives you what you put in and a little bit more. More like a volume knob, instead of an on/off switch, making it easier to dial in control. Gave me confidence to swing all out, and the spin brought it into the court. Definitely not an under powered string, but not a rocket launcher either. For my game, they are an accent instead of a detriment. Feel: Soft, light, good ball pocketing, a little vague, and unique. Spin: 7.5/10 Decent spin, not amazing. I can put a good amount of spin on the ball, and they are dipping inside the baseline. More spin than my current setup, which is always welcome in my game. Comfort: 10/10 Extremely comfortable, feels like natural gut. Players suffering from injuries, look no further. Durability: 10/10 2 Hours, no notching, string movement bad, settled in after a night in my bag. I never read reviews before testing a string...but I did on this one, because of the string movement. I have now been trying to break it, and it has taken my hits extremely well. I just have to rearrange strings every point. 20 Hours, wow, these strings play the same as when I started the playtest. I am extremely surprised at how well they are playing and holding tension. Strings are still moving, but not breaking. Playability Duration: So far it has played the same throughout it's life. There was a short break in of a couple games. and sitting in my bag overnight. Once it settled in, it has held tension extremely well. I have logged 20 hours on this string and it is still going strong. I am really starting to like these strings. I just hate the string movement, but I am strongly considering switching to these strings. Control: 9/10 Very good depth control and directional control. I would have given it a 10, but due to the somewhat disconnected feel, I misjudged how hard I should hit. If I spent more time with this string, I would probably get used to it. Compare to the string you use most often: A lot livelier, more pop, way more comfort, more spin, but...way more string movement!! Tension maintenance is also significantly better, and I wish I would have gone a couple pounds more, in hopes of keeping the strings in place (did I mention how much these strings move?) Tension recommendations: I like 51 lbs, and think it is a great starting point in finding your ideal tension with these strings. Additional thoughts: Stringing was easy, very little coil memory after a decent Pre Stretch. The biggest downside is, that these strings move so much. It started getting annoying to constantly have to adjust them. Comfort was great, and I would recommend these to anyone with arm problems. Flat hitters will get a lot out of these strings, and won't have to move them back into place as much. But if comfort is a priority, then moving strings isn't the end of the world if it allows you to play pain free tennis. As I play more with the string, I am really considering switching.
From: Jonathan, 9/15

Comments: These strings aren't too good. They only lasted me two practices. I had them strung at 46 lbs in both my racquets and they broke way too fast.
From: Cody, 4/15

Comments: This string is soft and powerful. It's very stretchy for a synthetic string. If you want a firm feel stick with Dynamite Tough which is much firmer. If you want something more like natural gut then stick with this one unless you want a thicker feel then use ZX Monogut. Between those three strings, Ashaway really has everyone covered. I don't recommend kevlar or nylon monofilament strings. Neither has a good feel and kevlar in particular is very tough on the elbow. My favorite string, aside from Babolat VS Team (which is my favorite but too pricey) has been Ashaway's Dynamite WB 16. But that's not available now. I am now trying to decide which of the three new strings I mentioned that I prefer. I like the texture and control of the Dynamite Tough but I like the softness and power of the ZX Monogut. I haven't tested Dynamite Soft enough because I had it strung too low of a tension so the racquet is like a rocket launcher. However, it has the softest feel I've ever experienced so it is a great choice for someone trying to rehab their elbow or wrist.
From: Richard, 4/15

Comments: I stumbled across this string about a year ago. It does have some very positive attributes. I've strung it in a 95 square inch nTour II, AeroPro Drive, and an 100 square inch Yonex. It needs to be strung somewhat like a poly. If you string it like gut, or nylon, it is going to play stiff. I believe I started stringing it in the mid 50s in the nTour and the AeroPro Drive. I've strung it as low as 37 pounds in both also. In cooler temps, the 37 lbs feels pretty good. It gets a little springy as the weather warms up. If you can find the sweet spot on the tension spec, it has decent power, decent spin and decent control. Tension is good for the life of the string. It may fray some, but that has no detrimental effect. The strings do move, a lot and they do not move back. It does not have the power or spin of a poly. If there is a downside, it is durabilty. On average, I'll say you may get 10 hours of hard hitting out of a set. Now if you play once or twice a week, thats re-stringing around once a month. I really think that for most amateur players, this may be the best string out there. Most of you will have to spend some time tuning the tension, but a pleasant string to hit. And other than gut, it is absolutely the best string to work with on the stringing machine.
From: Buster, 6/14

Comments: I'm a 4.5 male and play primarily doubles. This string isn't the highest in durability but it makes up for it by having really good playability. It is softer like gut and has a better springier feel than nylon multis. Ashaway strings are underrated.
From: Rich, 2/14

Comments: I have had this string on my racquet for several months now and they are still in good shape. Unlike the 18g blue version this one seems to be a little more durable than its thinner cousin. I applied the full set, and then a hybrid set up and it seems to last a little longer. However, the feel is not as lively as I would like it than that of the 18g version. It offers ample power but lacks the feel that I need to really drive the ball. I think this string is best utilized on a hybrid set up and not as a full set.
From: Ferdie, 9/12

Comments: I also don't agree that the tension should be 10-20% less, but this string was definitely stiffer than my normal ones. I string all my strings at 57 pounds, and if I compared this one to many others, it is definitely stiffer and has a harsher sound. Overall, a good string though, with nice controlled power which allows you to do a lot in many kinds of situations. I am a 3.8 or so, and I thought it was a good string, but I think there are many better ones out there.
From: Leo, 5/12

Comments: I also don't agree that the tension should be 10-20% less, but this string was definitely stiffer than my normal ones. I string all my strings at 57 pounds, and if I compared this one to many others, it is definitely stiffer and has a harsher sound. Overall, a good string though, with nice controlled power which allows you to do a lot in many kinds of situations. I am a 3.8 or so, and I thought it was a good string, but I think there are many better ones out there.
From: Leo, 5/12

Comments: I strung this at 48 lbs in a 98 inch racquet. There is good pop and control. Material from zyex is softest material next to gut; ie, 148 lbs per inch compared to 185 for most nylon strings. Really like the multifilament setup of more strands compared to the original Dynamite with fibers in 4 or 5 bundles.The feel is also far superior to old Dynamite. If you don't lower the tension as noted you will have the feeling of poly! This string definitely separates itself from all other nylons which are basically identical in softness and play. I have strung for 50 years and have tried most all.
From: Bob, 4/12

Comments: Awesome the durability is not so good but great string.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: Best string ever!!!! So much power!!!
From: Will, 1/12

Comments: I like this string, however, I disagree that it should be strung 10-20% less. I strung it at 50# on my Prince Diablo mid and it's too powerful. I think 55# would be better. I also disagree that the string is not particularly durable. I've had no problems in that regard
From: John, 1/12

Comments: I use this in my mains @ 48 lbs and hybrid it with PSGD 17 crosses @ 52 lbs and love the combination. Great feel, excellent pocketing and great tension maintenance. I'm a flat hitter so durability has not been a problem for me.
From: Charlie. 6/11

Comments: Fantastic string. Very soft and forgiving with great control and good touch. Would recommend using as crosses for hybrid string jobs, string 10-20% looser for maximum feel. Good pair for Signum, Luxlion, or Babolat just to name a few.
From: Kevin. 5/11

Comments: Everything was nice about the string except for the durability.
From: Floyd. 5/11

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