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Comments: I put the black grip (the black feels tackier than the blue) over a 4 5/8 grip on a Donnay X-Yellow 99 that already had an overgrip as well. it takes a bit of finesse to apply but it is doable. Because of hand size I need in excess of a 4 5/8 grip. The WhatAGrip black stretches taut over my racquet grip and provides just the right amount of additional diameter, tack and cushion that I need. The grip's seems don't seem to pinch in my hand yet the tension of the WhatAGrip still allows me to feel them in hand. It helps reduce blisters for me as well. I recommend the product.
From: Scott T., 6/12

Comments: After wrestling this over-grip into place, I enjoyed only three sets with it before wearing through to the mesh in a number of places. Felt great but is remarkably delicate - Yonex Super Grab or Wilson Pro are far better deals, much easier to apply, and far outlast this one.
From: David, USA, 1/12

Comments: Great feel and grip. Okay to put on and feels better than tape. I just wish it would last longer than it did. I used it over 2 months, about 70 hours of tennis and it started ripping.
From: Ken, Ft. Myers, FL 04/09

Comments: It only takes a few minute to put on. I am not sure what the problem is here. They are very comfortable and NEVER have grip slip. The only flaw I have to replace them every few months.
From: Desiree. 2/09

Comments: I've used these for years and prefer them to other overgrips. My palms sweat a lot, but my grip never slips with these. I the only downside is that I need to change them about every 4 - 5 sets.
From: George, Morristown, NJ, USA. 7/08

Comments: It's pretty hard to put on, but it's thick, giving a solid, sturdy feel. It's pretty tacky, though not even close as absorbent as the original Tourna Grip. I think I'll switch back to the original Tourna Grip.
From: nick c., las vegas, NV, USA. 5/08

Comments: I've used three, and after the latest one somehow got shredded, I've decided, NEVER AGAIN! It is a huge hassle to put on, and the instructions totally don't work. How are you supposed to get it over that little bag? In addition, the length is always way too short, and the bottom of the racket doesn't get covered. So, sometimes when I hit, the heel of my hand gets really uncomfortable.
From: Cookie, Madison, WI, USA, 07/07

Comments: This is the worst grip I've ever used before. It is very hard to put on. This grip does not last long at all. It feels good in the beginning only. I highly recommend the Yonex super grap. It is cheaper and a lot better than this grip. The Yonex super grap last for a long time and absorbs good sweat from your hand, and it is very tacky.
From: Joc, Bejing, China, 01/07

Comments: Love the grip. It may take some doing putting it on but what does one expect. Sharing it with many players at the Indiana University Tennis Center. Many pleased customers!
From: Charolette Aydelotte
Bloomington,IN 01/07

Comments: This grip is terrible it took me so long to put on and when I did it wore out fast it made my grip bigger but Tourna grip and all Wilson grip is great
From: Donen, Columbia, SC, USA, 12/06

Comments: I used this grip once and I wasn't impressed. A couple minutes after I applied this grip it started to slip and worst of all this was happening during a match. It really bugged me. There is one upside to this grip, it lasts pretty long without getting messed up. If you put it on correctly. It is not that bad.
From: Olen, CA USA 08/06

Comments: I just bought and used one of these. Went on very easy for me, and it felt great new, BUT, it completely fell apart in within 30 minutes (literally). Since I had brought it urgently on the way to a court, I was then just left with just my very hard, slippery, leather grip to play on for the next hour! Horrible!
From: Samos, Seattle, WA, USA 04/06

Comments: If you are considering this overgrip, please reconsider for these reasons. 1) As you have read, this over grip is an enormous pain to put on. 2) The grip is very thick resulting in a loss of control. 3) At no point in time does this grip have good tack. 4) Read the back label of this product: Unique even explains that the material that this is made of is not very durable... and they are right. 5) The cost is too high. 6) There are better options within this brand. There is no wonder why tourna grip is so incredibly popular, it is the best overgrip available. Save yourself the $5.00 on this grip and get three of the original tournagrips (XL or not) for two dollars less and enjoy a better grips in EVERY aspect.
From: Peter, Beaver, PA, USA 01/06

Comments: I used to use this What a grip. It takes 20 minutes to get on, some people don't have time to do this. The grip also wore out in 2 1:30 minute sessions. I mean wore out as in holes in it. It also didn't absorb sweat very well, it just made the handle more wet than it was. Don't buy this. I don't recommend this grip. If you like Unique, try the Tourna Grip. I like the Gamma Supremes.
From: Chris, Lapeer, Michigan, USA 07/05

Comments: It took me forever to put this thing on. But this is the only thing that I found negative about this grip. I have a many Prince racquets and I couldn't use it on the one with the Air+ handle though. Great performance grip. I would recommend this, just beware of putting it on.
From: Alex, Western North Carolina, USA. 02/05

Comments: This is quite the grip. I love using it, especially when my hand is all sweaty. Usually, my hand would slip and slide from using other grips. But not with this one. It does not last as long, however, but just buy more.
From: Albert, Hershey, PA, USA. 09/04

Comments: It's a very nice grip to use, but is a little hard to put on. It is very absorbent of my sweat. I have torn the grip before, and never really noticed that it was torn (even though it is where I grip my racquet). I would definitely recommend this grip.
From: Wes, North Carolina, USA. 08/04

Comments: I don't care for this grip. When I tried to put it on, I gently placed it on my racquet, and it STILL ripped! The texture was nice, but I never got to use it.
From: Tommy, Columbus, Ohio, USA. 07/04

Comments: I love this grip. It really absorbs sweat and stays tacky. It is better than the Yonex grip (my former favorite) in my opinion. A little hard to get on, and a little short for extended length racquets, but overall, awesome!
From: Mike, New York, NY, USA. 6/04

Comments: This grip makes you feel like you are in control of your game and racquet. This grip really gives me a lot of control, and stops the racquet from spinning or rotating in my hand.
From: Kyle, Hoschton, GA, USA. 4/04

Comments: This grip is a great grip for any one who sweats a lot. I play tournaments and matches and this grip lasts the longest. It is good on hot days because it absorbs sweat and feels good.
From: Tyler, So. Charleston , WV, USA. 1/04

Comments: Comfortable and excellent grip, once you learn how to put it on, it becomes easy. Prevents blisters and keeps a great grip, even on sweaty hands. Great product, personally the best grip all around, great feel and cushioning!
From: Diego, Curacao, Netherlands, Antillies. 11/03

Comments: I live and play in Florida, year round (that means I play three/four times a week in June, July, August, and September in Florida). I have tried most of the grips and overgrips over my thirty plus years of tennis and the cushioned What-a-Grip is by far the most comfortable and slip-resistant. They should improve the durability where my thumb rests to make this excellent product even better.
From: Jim, Florida, USA. 8/03

Comments: Very comfortable, also prevent blisters. Take some time to put on, but once it's on. You'll love it!
From: Linus, San Jose, CA, USA. 7/03

Comments: I love these. I use them all the time. They absorb sweat like crazy and don't separate like wrap-around grips do. It takes a while to learn how to put them on, but they are wonderful. And the cushioning is nice, too.
From: Lynn, Chicago, Ill, USA. 6/03

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