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Topspin Cyber Blue 17L (1.20) String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I've been looking for quite a while now for a poly that holds its tension well. I've tried Luxilon, Signum Pro Poly Plasma, Topspin Cyber Flash, Technifibre Black Code, to name just a few. All of these strings went dead on me after 5 hours or less of play and I started to develop tennis elbow. Gave these a shot and I've been amazed how well they have maintained tension. Lots of pop that lasts and they are very durable. Lacks a little in the area of power though (compared to the Signum Pro Poly Plasma). Overall, a great string that will save me money since I won't have to pay to restring so often now.
From: Brian, 10/13

Comments: Cyber Blue is a great choice for anyone who is experimenting with the poly strings. This plays very similar to any synthetic gut strings out there and you don't have to drop 10% in tension comparing to most polys. I am currently hybrid'ing at 53/56 with Gosen Micro 17g on the Babolat Storm Tour and it is working quite well. I am also using the MSV Focus Hex 1.23 on the same racquet but I have to drop the tension to the low 40s and syn gut on the cross at 50. I am experimenting with the Cyber Blue due to my tennis elbow issues with the MSV Hex string.
From: Alan, 1/13

Comments: I used only synthetic strings before switching to Cyber Blue (so not that familiar with other poly's). This string saved me from having to replace my racquet (Wilson Six.One 18x20). This string has nice power response (not huge but noticeable) and more than anything, it keeps the ball in (more spin without sacrificing forward momentum). My serve is my weapon, and I don't believe the string effects it for better or worse, except in the feel (the 18x20 pattern has less feel, ordinarily). I can finally feel happy about my groundstrokes. Volleys are where I noticed the greatest improvement with greater control, feel and power. I recommend this string to everyone, even the flat hitters, and have yet to hear any negatives.
From: J.G., 12/12

Comments: Best performance, even better when you consider its price. Very soft for the elbow. I have tried many strings, this one is on the top of my list when compared to Black Code, Volkl Cyclone and Signum Pro Poly Plasma.
From: Rene. 6/11

Comments: I have used this 17g blue string for my Prince 105 Red, 62 lbs, racquet for almost a year (a 4.0 level singles player). This topspin string is durable and seems to hold my control tension and string pattern very well with good control response. I tried this string for my power racquets, 52 lbs, but the power pop was not there, I had to return to my Revolution 17g for power. Great control string that is durable!
From: Mark, Santa Maria, California, USA, 03/11

Comments: Good tension maintenance, nice pop and durable. Just not kind to my elbow. I like it and would recommend it to those without tennis elbow.
From: Brian, Walnut, Ca, USA. 7/10

Comments: Playing tennis for almost 13yrs, I finally find the right string for my racquet. Gauge 17 is very thin and very soft to hit. It provides more spin and power. Good for everything such as: serving,baseline ground strokes and volley. With our economy right now, buying this product save a lot of money from your pocket. It stays the tension maintenance forever and it stays longer compared to some other strings.
From: Arvin Reyes, Jacksonville Florida. USA. 6/10

Comments: I really like this string and found the tension maintenance to be quite good as well as the durability. I have been through 3 reels of Cyberblue and found it to be on the upper end of durability and tension. I also find the playability excellent. Nice pop and pocketing and is resistant to movement. I use it as mains with a nice multifilament and get great results. I do prefer Luxilon fluoro and I still mostly string my own racquets with Luxilon or Babolat Pro Hurricane, but this string is an incredible value and a top of the line string. Some might like it more than the Luxilon and others.
From: George Medford, MA 03/10

Comments: 17L Gauge is too thin. Poor tension maintenance resulted in inconsistent play (and string job). With the right tension, however,it delivered excellent power, comfort, control and spin. I'm switching to 17 and expecting good things from it.
From: John, Portland, Oregon, US. 10/09

Comments: Great tension maintenance, no string movement at all for me until about a day or two before they broke, lasts a surprisingly long while too, good power, good spin, fairly comfortable too, one of the softer polys I've tried thus far only downside is the stringing, before it's actually strung it feels horrible, like wire, the ease of stringing is some of the worst Iíve had to string to date.
From: Josh, 08/09

Comments: I've finally found my new favorite string! Extremely good power and great spin potential. CyberBlue 1.20 has a great combo of power and control. Solid at net, very comfortable. For softer polys, this is best choice. It didn't hurt my sensitive arm. No string movement. Simply a great string which I feel 100% comfortable with. It has great tension maintenance too.
From: Paul P, Walnut, California, US. 7/09

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