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Comments: Seems like no manufacturers offer the combination of heavier racket + head light balance + flexible racket. I will call myself the type who like the traditional feel racquets. I have been playing with the Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 with 7g H-shaped lead tapes each added to the 3 and 9 o'clock position, and a 3g H-shape lead added at the tip. If you compare swing weight, actually the Babolat and Volki is about the same, surprisingly (despite it is 305g vs 330g). You may have to get through the mental barrier. But the Volkl is not heavy at all when you swing it (of course, it is for advanced intermediate players and up). The weight of the racquet lets you do a lot of things that you never thought you were capable of before. Just keep a loose wrist, let the weight do the work. Very stable. Makes the control much easier.
From: Anonymous, 11/15

Comments: Huge pleasant surprise. I thought it would be an old, no power, control oriented racquet. So I string it with a full bed of Technifibre X-One 17 at 57 lbs. But since the shape is quite oblong (longer main strings), it is very powerful. Shoulder high topspin is not difficult to generate. The racquet is "heavy" (330g) but it doesnt feel like it (8 pts HL). In fact, I very much enjoy the weight, keep a lose grip and let the racquet do the work. Chip shots came back to me. It is a very traditional feeling racquet. Very plush (partly the famous Volkl handle, partly the X One strings). Given the weight, you just need to block the ball back. Great touch, great feel. Backhand slice is a dream. I need to use a damper (surprising as I thought a traditional racquet and soft X One wouldn't need it). But it is definitely for people who like those traditional feeling racquets.
From: Mark, 11/15

Comments: I am updating my comments from 9/15, I have backed off on the lead tape as I found that I couldn`t get enough whip on the ball and am now going at a more comfortable 354 grams (that is strung, with a dampener and overgrip) and starting to get dialled in. I have also changed my string setup, I'm now using Volkl Power Fibre II 17 (at 57/56 lbs). The Power Fibre is great and moving from a 16 gauge to 17 gauge has made quite a difference giving a lot more feel. I think this setup works because the string pattern is reasonably dense and suits 17 gauge string. I agree with Kevin`s comment that this racquet is not for wristy flick shots, more for smooth solid technique. Lastly, I think my tennis elbow is going away since using this racquet!
From: Mike, 10/15

Comments: I have just bought three C10 Pros and while it is early, my impression is that these may be among the best racquets I have ever hit with. I am 44 years old and started playing when I was 11, these days I play competitively in a 35 year old league and older. I play with a one handed backhand, sometimes coming over the ball and have a large topspin forehand for my killer shot. There was some discrepancy in weight and balance of the three frames I acquired. One is 349 grams (including dampener) and very head light, one is more evenly balanced and is 354 grams, the other is also head light but is 358 grams. To remedy this I have added lead primarily to the head at 12 o`clock and 4 o`clock (varying amounts for each racquet) and they now weigh 367 grams including overgrip. I like my racquets reasonably heavy with a bit of head weight so this is not a problem for me, but may not suit others. I have strung them with ProLine 2 on the mains and Og Sheep Micro on the crosses (at 52 lbs) and the feel is great. The spin potential is pretty good and the ball response is also fairly consistent but I imagine it would be more so if you prefer to string tighter, say 58 lbs or so at least using similar strings to mine. The handle shape is very good and the handle system provides good vibration dampening. The racquet seems very arm friendly. I am using Tecnifibre overgrips which are excellent, slightly superior to Yonex Supergrap which is also good in my opinion. I highly recommend these racquets and the only fault I could find is that they are too head light in stock form.
From: Mike, 9/15

Comments: Got this stick just to keep in the bag as a throwback to a nostalgia racquet. Yes, I remember Petr Korda well. As it turns out, as others have said, this racquet makes many newer sticks seem like flimsy toys. It is hard to generate spin, but that is not its intended strength. It is also hard to hit wristy flick shots on the run, like on low short balls. But when you set up properly, it is simply awesome. I am crushing the ball with this baby. Will it replace my more "modern" racquets? Perhaps not in the long run as I am an aging (51 years old) 4.5, but I am really enjoying serves, volleys, returns and monster groundies for the time being. FYI, I also bought a re-issue Prince Graphic Classic 100 longbody which I am enjoying equally well for similar reasons. Oldies but goodies, I am finding heft to be a long lost friend on the court.
From: Kevin, 4/15

Comments: After lots of racquet experimentation, I still haven't found a better frame than the C10 Pro, at least for me. Everything else feels like a hollow toy after becoming acclimated to the stability and plow of this sweet stick. Even the PB10 Mid felt light and unstable to me compared with the C10. As recent comments have stated, it's not for everybody due to the weight but once you become addicted to this classic frame, it's hard to go to anything else without comparing back to this one. I believe the 12+ ounce weight is a blessing in disguise because it forces you to think about starting your swing early and using correct technique. You can't be late and try to flick this frame around with your wrist like a 10 oz racquet. Correct form is rewarded with heavy, deep shots. Last but not least the C10 is very arm friendly with the correct string setup.
From: Chuck, 12/14

Comments: I have played with the PB 10 Mid during the last years and would like to replace the racquet with a more forgiving racquet with similiar characteristics. I played both of these side by side with the same string and tension. The C10 Pro was approx. 10 grams heavier (although the weight should be the same). The swingweight of the C10 is also higher. This was also my impression. For me, the racquet is too heavy and therefore not an alternative for the PB.
From: Andreas, 12/14

Comments: I'm like a lot of other people who got this racquet just because of Chris, and this is the racquet that I disagree most with him. I got this as a larger headsized racquet since I usually play with the Volkl Mids. Perhaps it's because I haven't had the chance to restring as many times as him with a poly at higher tension I disagree so much. So, in comparison with his other racquets, the PB 10 Mid and Wilson Six.One 95s, I also have the X10. I find this racquet the hardest to swing, but I think it could be because of the weight. I tried everything from TW University to match the specs I had on my PB 10s (with leather grips) as much as possible but this one just is still difficult to wield. Even the Wilson weighted to the same specs as this one is much easier to swing, which maybe I really do have to bump up the tension. The one thing though I would say is that the feel is nothing like the X10 or the PB10. This doesn't feel silky or buttery like the PB10 or as as crisp as the X10. Maybe because I am feeling the weight, I'd say this feels like I was hitting with a thick piece of wood or more clubby as other playtesters commonly say. This translates into a bit of an uncomfortable feeling in my wrist, which is probably due to my swing style. I think it also doesn't allow as much access to spin, but again, could be due to my swing style. So, i'd rather play with the 95s if i'm looking for that. You get power from that one from the swing speed. So, all in all, this has been a disappointing racquet. I'd recommend the PB and X10 Mids and the 95S over this one.
From: Ian, 12/14

Comments: All I can say it is this is a great racquet! It may not be for everybody, and it may feel too flexy and heavy for some. But, in my opinion, it gives you a lot of confort, (I had Tennis Elbow) and enough power and stability on every shot!
From: Fernando, 10/14

Comments: Love this stick. Played with the PS 6.0 85 for years, but felt I needed to make the change to a bigger head size, like everybody else. Also wanted a stick close to the feel of the PS 6.0 85. Found the specs of this racquet to be in the ball park, so I purchased it. I can't say enough about it and its arm friendliness. I have since demoed several other player sticks, including the Babolat APD, the Federer autograph, and the Blade 98 18x20, and always go back to my C10 Pro. The feel is just better. I string it up with Cyclone 17 mains at 56 lbs, and Klip Legend 16 gut crosses at 59 lbs. You can't beat this combination. I also put Volkl leather grip on it. NTRP rating 4.0+
From: Farhad, 10/14

Comments: To Andrew on 7/13 -- I could not agree more with your review. The only additional point I would like to add is that while the C10 Pro is a slightly heavier frame stock than the Melbourne the latter feels a lot more stable at net and against hard shots maybe due to the full cap grommet and I found it was much easier to half volley/take shots on the rise. They are both great sticks in their own right though.
From: Partha, 9/14

Comments: Very smooth -- I had to add very fine lead strips to 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3 o'clock because it was so head light compared to my Head Radical Pro IG, Wilson PS 90 with amplifeel and a PS 85. Also, I had to lower the tension from 66 lbs (with Biophase) to a hybrid at 54 lbs Bio as crosses and a poly in the mains. It hits much different from the V1 Classic and I think that I liked that more. I have to see if the added lead will improve it. Good luck in looking for your perfect racquet.
From: Phat, 8/14

Comments: This is the best racquet I've ever played with and I've been playing tennis for 35 years. Unfortunately I bought into all the Babolat hype since the early 2000s and wound up ruining my arm. If racquets were compared to cars, the C10 pro is a high end sports car, whereas all other racquets are Hondas. That being said, if you have arm problems, I would stay away from high-tensioned polys like Chris from TW recommends. I've tried many string set-ups and my sweet spot was Technifibre NRG2 at 55lbs for a super plush arm-friendly set-up that still delivers tons of control and power. The only problem with the C10 is that it's heavy. So you have to be strong to wield it. If you have the strength, it will be the last racquet you ever need to buy.
From: Jeff, 3/14

Comments: Switched from IG Prestige MP as I was looking for something with extreme comfort and a more open string pattern. I did not like the Prestige Pro as much and wanted to give this one a try. I have been very pleased with the performance. I have given up a few MPH on serve but the feel I get all over the court is excellent and its a lot more forgiving. I have been stringing mine with TopSpin Cyber Blue at 55lbs. and that seems to real dial it in for me. I tried Gut mains and CB crosses but the power was a little high on serve return and approaches. I might try going up a little bit more in tension because the racket is very arm friendly. For those that might be scared of the weight, I find this racket to be really fast through the zone and pretty whippy. I ordered an old C10 Pro from the mid 90's and the thing was a clunker and extremely slow. Volkl has done a nice job of making this more modern and fast while still giving huge stability you would expect from a racquet at 12.5 ounces. USTRP 4.5 all court player.
From: Mesa, 2/14

Comments: Sorry, I promise this is my last comment here. Without a question, this racquet is very string sensitive and tension sensitive. The first one I bought I had it strung at 57 lbs (Cyclone 16). I really liked the tension for the first 20 minutes, but then it felt a little harsh as the other reviewer said (I guess the strings move more freely when fresh). To put things in perspective, I only have a 40 degree rotation in my elbow, caused by an injury when I was young. Eventually, I had it restrung down to 50 lbs. The first few minutes the strings felt "unsettled," but then started playing absolutely phenomenal at 50 lbs with no elbow pain and I could swing as fast as I wanted. If I had the luxury of a pro-player and could use a newly strung racquet every 20 minutes, then 57 lbs would have worked just fine, but I think 48-50 lbs is a perfect match for this for longer keep. Also, adjustments need to be made for the type of balls (extra duty versus regular duty) and type of surface. I am on my third racquet. I will keep two at 50 lbs for outdoors, and maybe one at 52-53 lbs for indoors.
From: Ali, 11/13

Comments: I know that everybody will disagree with me but, I think the racquet feels very harsh and stiff. Maybe it is the Kevlar in it? Or maybe my stringing preferences are just too tight for this frame. I frequently feel elbow pain when using it. I have used the Yonex RD Ti-80, Prince Graphite Mid, and Boris Becker 11 325 and never felt any pain in the elbow when using similar string setups. Yes the racquet plays great, but for whatever reason when strung with poly at a reasonably high tension doesn't offer near the comfort of those other frames. I'm disappointed because I really wanted to like this frame. I think I'm going to try something a little more flexible, maybe the Pro Kennex Redondo.
From: Kelly, 11/13 Note from TW: It sounds like you are definitely suffering from the Kevlar in your racquet rather than the racquet.

Comments: A follow-up comment. Not just a fantastic racquet, but, in my opinion, it is simply the best ever made. Just wish I was a better player to match its unlimited potential. I just ordered another one.
From: Ali, 11/13

Comments: This is a fantastic racquet. I was fortunate to get the first one on discount, but willing to get the second one at full price. I would like to thank Mr. Chris Edwards for his great comments and demo. Normally, I replace the grip with a leather one, but this is the first racquet which I decided to keep with the original grip after trying the leather. The balance of this is just perfect for my style of play. I see Chris hitting a flat shot (much better player than I) and I hit with top spin, yet this racquet works with both styles. The tension I use now is 53 lbs with Volkl Cyclone 16.
From: Ali, 9/13

Comments: Had a demo form TW Europe, together with a X10 Mid, comparing both to my current BB Melbourne (3g of lead at 12:00). The X10 is beyond my ability limits, so no comments on that one. This C10 Pro has a super soft response without being wobbly and low powered. Topspin is really amazing. Generous sweet spot. The BB Melbourne is definitely crisper+/stiffer- and lower in power. The sweet spot is smaller and lower in the string bed with the Melbourne. The C10 is easier and more fun to play with. When you play with concentration and decision, the BB Melbourne has more offensive options: you can flatten your shots with control, you can hit extremely nasty slices, volleys/half volleys are much more stable, drop shots are deadly. Mercedes (C10 Pro) vs. BMW (BB Mel).
From: Andrew, 7/13

Comments: I can't believe how good this stick feels. Buttery is definitely the term for it. Coming from using the Prince Original Graphite Oversize, I never thought that I'd be writing a review on a C10 Pro. What an underdog of all racquets. I was trying popular sticks like Wilson, Babolat & Head with no avail. The C10 Pro is like the POS OS, but with much more comfort and feel. It also feels much lighter with the 8 points head light balance without losing the plow through to put volleys away. Shots are less loopy than the POG OS. I am still experimenting with strings and tensions. At the moment had it strung with syn gut at 57lbs.
From: Andrew, 6/13

Comments: Great Racquet! I am over 60 and sold my C10 Pros to find something lighter and more modern. After playing with the stiff Babolots, Wilsons and others, I went back and strung up two Prince Woodies at 70lbs with poly. I won several matches but no one wanted to play against a wood racquet. I went back to the 6.0 MP and strung it up at 56 lbs with poly and played well but had no power. While on vacation I rented a C10 and won 5 sets in 3.5 hours. Why did I sell them? I bought 3 and am playing great never to change. They are heavy but I'm not suffering from arm fatigue.
From: Steve, 5/13

Comments: I just got the C10 in a round of demos. It was my "throw away" choice. As in, I get a 4th racquet, so whatever. Wow, am I glad I picked it! So far it is the best racquet in the bunch.
From: Justin, 3/13

Comments: This is a great player's racquet. I have been searching for a racquet for a little over two years now to replace my Head Prestige Midplus and nothing gave me the feel I was looking for. Several people recommended this racquet to me and Chris Edwards does a nice job summarizing this racquet. I enjoyed this racquet due to its soft, buttery feel and ability to plow through the ball in order to put shots away. I will admit, the type of string you put in this racquet and the tension makes this racquet play in different ways, which I like because it allows me to manipulate the racquet based on how I am playing recently, weather, and other conditions. Overall, this racquet suits an all-around player who is able to hit a variety of shots with control and consistency.
From: Steve, 1/13
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast mains / Wilson Sensation crosses @ 53 lbs

Comments: Finally, I managed to hit with this highly recommended stick by Chris Edwards, one of the senior TennisWarehouse playtesters. Read his review here. By the way, there were also quite a few supporters of Volkl sticks on the Tennis Malaysia and Malaysia Tennis Lovers facebook groups. I received the stock on Monday and noted that the unstrung weight should be 330g and balance at 310mm. I took out my trusty digital weighing machine and was shocked that the unstrung weight was only 317g. Wow, a 13g difference. I had expected a +/- 1g difference as experienced with my Bio 100, 200L, 200 (2) and 300. I posted this at the TW forum on receiving my Dunlop Black Widow 18g string. I had it strung yesterday and the final specs are: strung weight : 331g (as compared to the advertised 346g), balance: 9.76pt HL (as compared to the advertised 8pt HL). I posted a question to Chris Edwards on the TW Forum to seek advice on how to lead up to the advertised specs. I started my playtest as usual with serves. Flat and slice serves were nice and crisp, but I had some issues getting my kick serves to bounce higher than shoulder height. I managed to get my kick serve back but had to really get under the ball. BH volleys were very solid, probably due to its high twistweight of 14.16. The FH came with lots of spin and I was able to easily hit with depth. Backhand topspin was also easy to hit with depth, and BH Slices were hit pretty crisp and low. On the flip side, static overheads were not so crisp.
From: Chong, 12/12
String type and tension: Dunlop Black Widow 18g @ 60 lbs

Comments: I absolutely love Volkl raquets. I have been playing with the Organix 8 for past year and my game improved tremedously due its power and spin potential. However, the Organix line has an annoying grip that contributes to occasional erratic long shots. I demo'ed the C10 Pro and overall it's a 10/10! Great power, control, spin, and consistency. My volleys and serve/overheads are improved magically too. All Volkl's are comfortable but this one is very comfortable. I have a 1HBH and it's much improved since I know that solid technique will be consistently rewarded. I ordered 3 with Black Widow Dunlop 17g at 55 lbs. A good poly at mid racquet tension is best for these racquets just like the Organix line. Enjoy it. I also love the cosmetics and the immediate "solid " feel.
From: Joel, 11/12
String type and tension: Dunlop Black Widow 17g @ 55 lbs

Comments: I like it. I'm coming from a POG mid. At first I found the C10 too sluggish and too powerful to use successfully, so I leaded up my POG to match the C10's weight. After playing with the leaded up POG for a couple of weeks the transition to the C10 was smooth as butter. Now I've got a bit more stability, more plowthrough, much more pace, a bigger serve, and it's a little bit easier to control as well. It's good for flat shots but I haven't been able to get as much spin out of it (to be fair, the POG is unmatched in terms of spin). Overall it feels like a bit more solid, more resolved, flexier POG mid. I love the feel and pocketing on this stick. The 2012 paintjob is relatively classy as well. Looks great with a leather grip.
From: Jaroslav, 11/12
String type and tension: MSV Focus Hex mains / Kirschbaum Syn Gut crosses @ 55 lbs

Comments: I posted a question on the TW boards: For a person who loves the Prince Original Graphite Oversize, what would be the perfect racquet with a slightly smaller headsize? This was the most recommended racquet. I love it, maybe even more than the POG OS. Solid and stable like the POG OS but, for me at least, a bit easier to get through the ball on serve and more maneuverable and precise at the net.
From: Dave, 11/12
String type and tension: Prince Original Syn Gut @ mid tension

Comments: I stopped dreaming of a flexible POG Midplus 98 (the horrible EXO3 100 doesn't count) and pulled the trigger on this C10 Pro instead. It is a supremely comfortable and stable player's stick that strikes a satisfactory balance between heft and maneuverability. The enduring C10 Pro nameplate deserves to be spoken in the same breath as the PS85, POG and PC600 but why does Volkl dubiously subject this frame to the indignity of near-annual cosmetic updates that serve only to alienate longtime fans and turn-off potential customers with ugly PJs? Like a botoxed, aging cougar suffering relevance deprivation, the yellow paint on the inner hoop is an unnecessary aberration on an otherwise elegant frame.
From: Herbert, 7/12
String type: Solinco Tour Bite 16

Comments: I think the C10 Pro now compares with Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 and Prince Original Graphite. I don't know exactly when the first edition was but the C10 in on the market for at least 10 years now. I think it will hold for another 10 years. The Bumblebee paintjob is my most favorite and hope they will bring it back.
From: Ton, 5/12

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