Babolat Xcel French Open Black 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm looking for a multi to make a hybrid kinder on my elbow. I've tried this one in the crosses with Kirschbaum Max Power Rough in the mains, both at 54 pounds in a Wilson Blade 98 (16x19). I loved the feeling and touch, a bit overpowered compared to a full poly, but ok. My only concern was duration, it lasted only 2 matches and I'm not a frequent string breaker (at least with polys). I'll keep looking for the perfect multi, I want it to last at least twice as long!
From: Marco, 8/16

Comments: Really heard mixed reviews for the Babolat Xcel French Open 16g strings. I really enjoyed the soft feel of the string in a full bed at 55 lbs on my Babolat Pure Aero team racquet. I had good control and could place great spin on the racquet. Now the bad news! I only received about 4 hours of playing time before they broke. I was holding the racquet and the strings broke! Can't afford to pay the price for such limited play.
From: Joe, 8/16

Comments: I've been told by TW personnel (who I'm sure are relying on Babolat product description) that the French Open black version of the 16g Excel is the same as the original blue one. It is not! I've been playing with the same string setup on all three of my racquets, VS gut in mains and Excel blue in crosses. Decided to try the French Open black version just for looks and strung it identical to my other racquets (I string myself). From the first stroke the steingbed felt mushy and lacking in some power. Played with it for one hour then changed to another racquet. That night I just cut out the black excel crosses and replaced them with the original blue excel at same tension, even double checked my machine to insure It hadn't lost the calibration, it didn't. Next day I played with the racquet and from the first stroke the crispness was back. Bottom line, even though TW uses the same description and reviews for both version of excel, my personal experience says they are not.
From: Eric, 7/16
Note from TW: Thanks for the feedback Eric! Sometimes, discrepancies in color can actually make a string feel slightly different, which might be causing a bit of a different feel despite it being similar in construction!

Comments: Very smooth with natural gut-like feel. String this in your mains and pair it with a poly (like Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour) for exceptional power, feel and spin.
From: Daniel, 11/12

Comments: This is a really great string. Loved the feel at about 57 pounds on an AeroPro Drive. Well worth the $18!
From: Davis, 2/12

Comments: I picked up a set for laughs thinking a twenty dollar multi most be a joke. No joke at all. String it into a Prince Exo3 rebel at 55lbs and it felt like the tennis world is anew. I could hit insane angles, tight/heavy topspin drives and I could slam the ball cross court like no other. The coating though is a bit ridiculous as it starts to flake after 5 minutes of WARM UP. If you don't mind the color wear and tear, get these to try.
From: Nico, 1/12

Comments: Great hitting string. I like the comfort, feel and control this string offers. I strung my racquet about 3 lbs tighter than usual (63 lbs) to compensate for any quick tension loss. This string plays equal to or better than other top multifilaments that I've played with to include the NXT's, X-ONE Biphase and Micronite. I did notice a little wear (roughness) on the coating after two hours of play. I highly recommend this string. However, the durability (as with most multifilaments) could be an issue for string breakers.
From: James, 12/11

Comments: I played with this string for the first time at 65 lbs main and 63 lbs cross on my ProKennex Ionic 15 PSE. I became a "new" player. I hit heavier and with greater control. My coach just keep on praising my practice session with him. This string is very soft on my arm (of course, the racquet helps a lot too!). I really encourage anyone playing tennis to really give it a try.
From: MD, 12/11

Comments: This string has really played well for me. I have used it for the last month @ 42 in the mains with Prince syn gut in the crosses. It is quite soft.
From: Darryl R. 07/11

Comments: Tried this string for the first time last night. I was tired of a polyester string that are too hard but this string is very soft with a great touch. It comes in black and after playing for a few hours I noticed part of the black coating is starting to come off in little places. Not sure what that means but I really like this string. It has a nice pop to it. Only time will tell how long it lasts though.
From: Bill, 7/11

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