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Comments: I have been using the combination of this string and ALU Power 16g, which is excellent, but I have been experiencing breakage of VS Touch for a last year or two, not at the hitting zone, but on the grommet where the string is bent sharply. This happens sometimes a few weeks after restrung, or a few months, and it just snaps in my tennis bag, not when I'm hitting the ball. This never happened before Babolat changed the construction of the string (to fewer strips of gut). Of course, I have no means to prove that it is the cause, but cannot help suspecting it is, as nothing else have been changed (same professional stringer, same stringing machine, same racquets, about the same stringing tensions). It does not seem to take a bent as good as the old one. I earnestly hope Babolat would investigate and study this issue (I wouldn't be surprised they are already doing so), and come up with a solution. If anybody else is having same experience, I would like to hear it here, too.
From: Izuru, 7/16

Comments: The best! Simply no argument, VS Gut + ALU Power 16g is the best! Don't waste your time looking for "better value". Use this combo once and you will never ever use anything else. I only wish I discovered it earlier, and I could have played better tennis so much longer. Try it once, and I promise you you'll love it!!!
From: Ron, 2/13

Comments: The gold standard in string setup is VS Touch mains + AluPower 16 for crosses. No ifs, buts, or maybes. Period. Or, you don't have to take my word for it, just look at what the pros who're not worried about how much a string costs are using - VS Touch + ALU Power!
From: Anon, 11/12

Comments: Use this in the main strings at 57 lbs, with Luxilon ALU Rough at 54 in the crosses. By far and away the very finest string setup I've ever had. Precise placement and ball-crushing power are completely under control at all times. Every stroke is improved. I have more confidence than ever before. I am using with Head IG YOUTEK Prestige S.
From: Richard, 6/12

Comments: This string is simply outstanding. There is nothing bad about it except for the price. I have tried tons of string and this is the best. I guess you could even say Iím addicted to it. If you can afford this stuff. BUY IT! Everything I've heard about it is totally and completely true. Except it doesnít just break like people think it does. It unravels. Bottom line is buy this string. It is great.
From: Anonymous. 11/06

Comments: The first Babolat strings I had ever played with were the original Pro Hurricane and VS Touch. These strings lasted me about 4 days. At the time I hadnít been playing competitive tennis so I needed a longer lasting string, I went to the local tennis shop and one of the stringers told me to have Hurricane on the mains and X-Cel on the crosses. It played really nice and it lasted me about 2 months before I had to cut them, though it did not play as well as the VS Touch did, it still had a pretty nice feel. Finally I entered a tournament and got all the way to the final match, and I decided to go with the VS over the X-Cel. I won it in three sets and the next time I went out to play for fun, the strings broke. After my experiments with Babolat strings I would recommend Hurricane and X-Cel if you are just playing for fun, but if your playing competitively then there is no better combination then Hurricane and VS Touch.
From: Ciaran, Drogheda, Ireland. 12/04

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