Babolat VS Syn Gut Hybrid String Customer feedback

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Comments: I love the feel of this string, it is great for my tennis elbow. It has the power from the gut and has great feel for the ball. They do move but I solved the problem by putting some tennis string saver. I think this is my string but going to try all gut to compare.
From: Carlitos, 8/11

Comments: If you're looking for strings that don't move around, these are not the strings for you. I play one topspin shot and the strings completely separate. Strings are very light, but move around way too much. They play decently when the strings don't move, but when they do move around, they do not forgive at all. Strings are ok.
From: Rohit, Syracuse, NY, USA, 10/10

Comments: I've been experimenting with strings and I liked this hybrid right away. The fresh (yet cushioned) crisp pop that grabbed me the first two sessions is still there after a month with them. I've noticed that this combo allows me a wider variety of choices with my shots. I have more control as to how much I want my forehand (for example) to drop short or long on my opponents court because the strings are very responsive to what technique I'm applying. To me this is SO MUCH MORE FUN and something I've been hoping to have access to, because it kind of opened up a shot making palette that I really didn't have (as available) with other strings. Very low bouncing slices that stop dead on the spot, fast paced/high arched forehand kickers, low flatter backhand and forehand winners are also easier to produce, high kicking serves... In essence these strings improved every aspect of my game noticeably. Do keep in mind that regardless of the strings proper technique is essential to any kind of positive result, and to be honest I'd say that this set was not developed with the beginner or even (3.5) intermediate player in mind. These strings would probably be a great switch for someone at the 4.0 4.5 or more advanced levels.
From: J.C, Los Angeles, CA. 5/10

Comments: WOW, maintain tension, big power, and arm friendly. Excellent price, this one has it all.
From: Moe, mpls, MN, usa. 04/10

Comments: This is a fantastic hybrid they've come up with here. It has great feel, great pop, and really arm friendly. Nothing but praise for it! I strung my Pure Drive Roddick GT at 64 in the mains and 62 in the crosses, and couldn't be happier! As Al said, excellent value if you don't break strings often. Holds tension well after a few hours of play. Definitely worth a demo!
From: Derek, Carmichael, CA, USA. 03/10

Comments: Babolat hit a home run with this combo. It is a perfect match for the new Head Youtek Prestige rackets. Demoing rackets for months looking for a responsive feel-power-control like I had playing in college but easy on the arm-shoulder. This is it. I plan to restring my older rackets with this. Excellent value especially if you don't break strings often.
From: Al, Seattle, WA, USA 02/10

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