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Comments: I checked reviews on other sites and saw the positive feedback. As a user of the Pro Staff 85 for 16 years and the Gamma Cyclone (no longer in production) I decided to give the Bubba a shot. I am a 4.0 player and have had mixed results so far with the Bubba. I had the racquet strung with the recommended factory strings at 54 lbs. i crushed my serves, almost acing at will. But my groundstrokes were hit and miss. It provided crazy pop that I really diddn't need and left me missing the "feel" that my old reliable pro staff gave me. Short balls were an adventure as I usually load up and crush them but I felt this racquet was not capable of providing enough spin to keep the ball in. The bottom line is this -- if you are looking for raw power this is your racquet. The caveat being you will sacrifice control.
From: James, 12/14

Comments: Love the racquet. Power off the charts. I string at 45 lbs, if you were to string at a much lower tension, the ball will just sail. String at 40 lbs or more and you get good control. The racquet feels great. With Volkl V-Torque 17 guage, I get fantastic spin and feel. I've tried many other large racquets and pretty much didn't like them at all. Somehow, this racquet plays like a much smaller racquet, but with the benefits of a large racquet. Only con for me is that it is not quite as maneuverable at the net as a smaller racquet. But only a smidgen off. So it's just a terrific racquet. Dramatically more powerful then anything else. Terrific feel, spin and control. Very easy on the arm. Maybe we should keep it a secret?
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: This is an outstanding racquet. Very powerful but the thin beam also makes control for a decent player very possible. It takes a little while to get used to the longer length, but despite the extra 2 inches (versus standard) it is surprisingly maneuverable. The swingweight is very high so this may not ideal for some but the flex rating of 64 makes its "feel" really nice. Comfort levels on my sensitive elbow also seem fine which I suspect is due to the huge sweetspot. Overall, it's a great racquet for those with good technique who can control the power. If your a senior moving towards larger heads and looking for easy power then this racquet is certainly worth looking at.
From: John, 12/13

Comments: You have to build up your bicep strength to avoid tennis elbow with this racquet. The first few months were tough, but I got through it, love it, but I need to have mine restrung.
From: Paul, 6/13

Comments: Terrific racquet! Control, power and comfort. Do not let the size put you off. Great for older players with good stokes and timing.
From: Bill, 5/13

Comments: I do not write reviews but this racquet is too good not to share. I demoed this racquet along with 3 of the top racquets on the market. I only demoed it because I could not think of a 4th I wanted to demo. After hitting all of the demos this racquet was the clear winner. I have now played with it for a few months and I can say that I keep getting better with it. My serves are easier to get in and more powerful. My two handed backhand is more powerful and I almost never hit frame shots anymore. This racquet is not just for slow swingers. I am a long swinging aggressive net player and it works well. Do not let the size of this racquet scare you off. It is easy to handle and your partners will quit making fun of you as soon as they realize you just went up a half level.
From: Thad, 4/13

Comments: This racquet has all the control of smaller OS rackets with more movement on the ball. I strung the racquet with a good hex poly string and I found the sweet spot covers the bottom of the racquet. The racquet was strung at 50 lbs.
From: George, 4/13

Comments: This racquet is like the city of Los Angeles. It seems defectively big, but it has a heart for those who trust it. This latest version of the Bubba proves that you don't have to sacrifice control when shopping for comfort and power. Thanks for keeping the king alive Gamma.
From: Brian, 11/12
String type: Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 16g

Comments: This racquet is the freakin' bomb! I smack forehands so hard with this, it's like a Roddick racquet on like 10 gallons of steroids. 10/10, and I would use it again.
From: John, 9/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power @ 54 lbs

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