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Comments: I am generally satisfied with my Babolat Team Line 12-Pack bag. If you're like me and frequently use your tennis bag as a weekend bag, or have to tote around a change of clothes and shoes for after-tennis, plus a few water bottles and maybe a couple of balls, it's a good solution. I have three racquets, which all fit into one compartment, leaving two free to fill up with my extras. For clarification -- I feel none of the photos show enough of the features of these bags. The bag has 6 total compartments: Two main racquet compartments (2) sandwich a center compartment that is actually divided into two separate sections (4), separately zippered, though the membrane between them appears generous enough that you could use the central compartment as a third racquet compartment, in the process sacrificing the smaller of the center sections (I think this is how you'd get 12 racquets into the bag - 4 in each side racquet compartment, and 4 more in the topmost center compartment). One of the racquet compartments is "insulated," though I wouldn't confuse this with a cooler. It will probably keep your drinks cold on a hot day for a few hours, though. The divided central compartment is nice, as you can keep shoes or sweaty clothes separate from other gear. I can easily fit my three racquets into one racquet compartment, leaving my other three pockets free for the rest of my gear. On one side of the bag are perched two smaller external pockets (6). The smaller one can hold a 10-roll of overgrips, some loose change, and smaller accessories, and the larger will accommodate a Costanza wallet, phablet, and keys quite comfortably. The zippers appear to be of relative quality, but only time will tell. Some of the folds and seams that give the bag its sleek shape, particularly in the corners where zippers have to go around some angles, are a little bit annoying, as you have to really make sure you pull the zipper just so to get it moving, and this worries me about the long-term prospects of these holding up over time. The straps are a little bit weird. It's not like they're going to break or anything, but they do feel a little flimsy in comparison to the rest of the bag. Just using two little sliding shoulder pads seems odd when they could have opted for a strap fully padded along its entire length, though this design does cut down a bit on weight and bulk. The straps are detachable (and reversible, though I'm not sure why you'd want to wear this thing upside down) by what appear to be standard-sized plastic clips, so you may be able to find an aftermarket strap to bolt on. I do wish this bag (and tennis bags in general) had more internal zippered compartments or accessories. It wouldn't be difficult to include a few elastic straps to hold ball cans secure and in place, or a few places to keep shampoo or deodorant handy. Still, this one has more than my previous bag, and with so much room available, I can fake it by putting a separate toiletry bag in one of the pockets. Lastly, I'll add that this bag is not as massive as it may sound. I don't think it's the size that the pros carry around, and when it's not stuffed to the gills, it has a way of staying relatively compact. It's definitely not small, but I wouldn't worry about it looking like you're going on a Himalayan expedition. Overall, a solid bag for those with a need for a tennis bag that needs to carry your extra clothes, toiletries, and accessories.
From: Douglas, 6/14

Comments: This bag holds a lot of cargo, however, the design is poor at the top and I struggled to keep the bag zipped while sliding the shoulder strap on. It is a nice looking bag but frustrating to wear as a backpack. Fortunately, it has a quick grip handle.
From: Brooke, 6/13

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