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Comments: Racquet: 2011 Head MP Speed 315 16x19, Babolat Tonic+ 15L 62 lbs, elastocross installed in entire hitting area. Normal breakage after 20 to 30 sets of doubles in hitting area. Unusual breakage within first 1 or 2 weeks with 0 to 6 sets of doubles. Unusual breakage on the last one or two main strings before the knot. Have tried tubes and did not happen to have a break. Have a break now with new grommets. Sending strings to Babolat for analysis.
From: Chip, 3/16

Comments: I am a long time user of econo-gut ($15 set gut). Just strung up my first Babolat Tonic + and I have to say that this string is money! Easy to string, can go up to 60 lbs, no breakage, high quality, etc. I am never going back to econo gut again.
From: Fred, 11/14

Comments: I use the Wilson Juice Pro 96 square inch racquet with Luxilon 4G at 42lbs (crosses) and Babolat Tonic 15L at 44lb (mains). Good combination but I was having to swing too hard at the ball, so I decided to go with a full bed of Tonic 15L at 58lb. Good move. I have the same control as the hybrid provided, with a little extra power from the base line and a lot more feel close to the net. I'm very happy.
From: Andreas, 7/13

Comments: Tried this string from good previous reviews below. It is a great string after break in. At first, I couldn't believe how similar it was to wilson nxt tour thus causing me to second guess about paying higher price over the wilson. However, after awhile, this string feels a bit better than the wilson nxt tour. The only problem I am now experiencing is the weight of the racket. I have twin wilson prostaff 6.0 85 classic. This one with the babolat feels heavier than the one with the wilson nxt. I mean the gauge is 15 thus is a little thicker than the nxt 16. But come on, it shouldn't weight much more right? Well, the ps with this babolat is causing me shoulder and elbow pain so now I am using the ps with the nxt. I don't have a digital scale to weigh the two rackets so I had four people weigh the racket in their hands. The verdict is that the one with the babolat is heavier. I don't know if it is the difference in the racket due to manufacturing or not. I got both rackets from tw from different batches. The first was from the demo and the second from the most recent batch (12/2011). Anyway, I love the string but feel like taking it off (ouch - $35) and put the nxt on it to compare. I am really thinking about getting a digital scale and measure if both rackets should weigh to spec 12.6 ounces.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: First time trying a natural gut string. I'm very impressed with the "comfort characteristic" of this string. Good control and power but I haven't been able to generate much spin. Probably my technique. Great choice for the "older player" with arm issues.
From: Mark, 1/12

Comments: A few months ago I went back to gut for the first time in many many years. I'm just stunned by the superior performance. Using a full bed of Tonic+ 15L at 62LBS in a Volkl PB10 Mid, I get good spin, good power, great touch and feel, and NO shock. Tension has held up very well. It is superior in every way to even the best synthetic guts (X-One Biphase, NXT, TNT, etc.) all of which are good strings. The durability of this string makes it a better pure value than the synthetics. I've also tried the 16 gage, which does give a bit more spin and feel, but so far I prefer the consistency I'm getting with the 15L. Both are very good. If you've been playing synthetic gut, and you are not a big string breaker, it's time to come home.
From: Rob. 5/11

Comments: Well what can I say?? I love it!!!;) it's the best. I use it on the mains. And I use lexicon on the crosses. Strung at 62 on a blx pro tour. Love it
From: Emanuel, Portland, OR, USA, 01/11

Comments: Absolutely love this string! I hybrid this with Luxilon Alu Power 16g and the Luxilon breaks first (1 week). I'm going to start hybriding this with RPM for the full effect!
From: Kyle, Siesta Key, FL, USA, 12/10

Comments: First time hitting with gut and agree with what folks usually say about gut. Great power, control, spin, feel, and great tension maintenance. Easy to string and knot because it's so soft. Just pre-stretch it and watch out for kinks while your stringing it. Gut kinks very easily and damages easily from kinks compared to other strings. Also make sure you keep clamps tight so it doesn't slip through the clamps. That will ruin gut also. As for how it played, I have gut in one racket and Yonex 850 16G multifilament in the other and hit them side by side. I felt I got a softer hit from the multi and pretty good control, and it's way cheaper. The gut won on power, control, spin, feel, and tension maintenance. So overall winner is gut!! To bad its so pricey! Can't comment on durability after just one hit. But hope I can get at least 20 hours out of it. If not, I may try dynamite 16 in main and gut in cross as a cheaper alternative. I played Ashaway dynamite before and it plays a lot like gut in terms of control, power, tension maintenance, and spin at a bargain price. Just don't try using dynamite in the cross because the outer wrap wears of within 1 or 2 hours and it starts to fray.
From: nate s, kettering, oh. 4/10

Comments: I have this in a hybrid with Luxilon ALU Power and I love it. Good spin, power, and it is very soft even with the tough Luxilon. The most surprising thing, though, is the durability. I can have this on for months, I play about 3-4 times a week, and usually the Luxilon breaks first. I definitely recommend this string.
From: Rick Brown, California 09/09

Comments: Not enough power but very good control.
From: Jonathan, Harlingen, Texas, USA. 2/08

Comments: String felt great, but broke only after 8 games! I usually do not break strings often. Very disappointed.
From: Matt, Baltimore, MD, USA, 07/07

Comments: Solid string. This was my first experience with 15g gut and I have to say I love the feel, I used it with polylon 17 in the mains and it has lasted me three weeks already when I normally break string in one week (non-polyester) I'm a 5.0 player using ncode tour 90
From: Mike, 12/06

Comments: After many combinations tried, I finally listened to what a great Senior Player once whispered after he grabbed another national title -"tight natural gut." Great, great stuff - handles very high tensions wonderfully, top longevity, and strings easily. Control and spin and power - another great option for those who love the game...TW Head Classic Mid, 66 lbs.
From: Frank, Fairfax, VA, USA, 11/06

Comments: After trying several gut strings as crosses (with Luxilon Alu Rough as mains), the Babolat Tonic+ stands out. It has great feel, power, and in my opinion the best spin potential of the guts I have tried (notable exception: Babolat VS-still saving my money for that one!). Strung in Head Prestige LM Midplus at 62lbs.
From: Peter, Groton, MA, USA 05/06

Comments: This is an awesome string. The feel is amazing and the ball pocketing is superb! Great string that is soft on the shoulder with a great price that is easy on the wallet. I used a full gut job and I cannot say enough good things about the string.
From: Michael, Pensacola, Florida USA 03/06

Comments: Great string. I used it in a hybrid with Luxilon alu power and it felt incredible. I couldn't see any inconsistency in gauge. It is really durable if used in crosses. If you want to try gut this is the string to go with. Best price VS performance gut in my opinion.
From: Morgan
On Canada 12/05

Comments: This is a great string. I am a high-school player who plays 4-5 times a week and this is the second time using this string. I must say that the combination of playability and durability for a natural gut string probably make it the best string for the price. If you are a good player who doesn't mind paying a little extra for quality then do yourself a favor and try this string out.
From: Justin, Maryland, USA 07/05

Comments: Great string, soft feel, lots of power, retains tension well, everything you expect from gut, plus the thicker gauge means fantastic durability.
From: Anthony, Austin, Texas, USA. 03/05

Comments: This string is an incredible value! I play with Wilson's tour 95 Hyper Carbon strung with Babolat's Tonic+ 15L, the L means 1/2 by the way, at 72 lbs. This string gives unsurpassed control and feel, while retaining excellent power potential. Great string!
From: Brandon, Columbia, SC, USA. 08/04

Comments: Yes, yes, ditto. Great performance and value. Plays a little stiffer due to gauge, but great rebound and power. Lasts and lasts in a hybrid. TW, please keep this around.
From: Frank, Fairfax, VA. USA. 3/04

Comments: Great string is all I can say! I thought that it would be a very low-powered string due to its gauge. I could not be more wrong. Tonic + provides great feel, touch, power and is very durable for a natural gut string. Buy it!
From: Piotr, Poland. 11/03

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