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Comments: So far I like it. I generally play with a hybrid of poly mains and multi crosses but that doesn't last me very well at all. I like a full bed of poly but my elbow doesn't. SpriralTek was recommended to me so figured I would give it a try. It is cold out and even the hybrid has been rough on my old elbow. 17ga white version in a Organix V1 Pro frame. 59 lbs mains and 55 lbs crosses. I have about 4 hours on it in doubles and singles and I am a 4.0/4.5 level player. Babolat's claim "The result is a comfortably crisp synthetic gut that offers a nice balance of comfort, power, durability and spin" actually fits the string very well. It moves around of course but not as bad as some non poly strings. The spin is surprisingly persistent and the bed certainly gives off a poly vibe. At least at that tension moderate power. Steady predictable power. Has a nice touch and is playable like most decent syn gut strings. Very comfortable and soft. Nothing jarring about it even on off center hits. Durability will be something I look forward to. It has lasted "well" for a string of its class to date. I will report back after it breaks. As it has broken in, the closest I can come to a comparison is to RPM blast when it is in that narrow window of solid playability. And this string is holding onto these "best of" characteristics over its short life so far. Anyone looking for a low cost synthetic gut that has a nice crisp feel and a pocketing/spin similar to some polys should give this one a try. I think this may end up being a string I stay with for the season. A surprising string so far.
From: Jim, 1/15

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