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Comments: I applied this grip to my racquet today. I'm a one handed backhander. I applied the top grip pad anyway for when I decide to use a two handed backhand. The feel is real nice and you will still feel the bevels just fine, especially where the thumb of your "dominant" hand rests because there's a space between the pads (there's two for the top hand and one for the bottom hand). I always feel out the bevels with my thumb anyway, so having a padded palm area is just fine for me, though, once again, I can still feel the bevels. The pads stick well, but if you mess up and need to remove them to re-position for whatever reason, they are easy to re-position. Just make sure that the handle is very clean as applying and removing will more than likely foul up the adhesive on the pad if the handle is dirty to begin with, and then it will not stick, which would not be good. I will comment in a month or so to say how it held up.
From: Gary, 7/12

Comments: Can I put the kit on my Babolat APDGT, but instead of the grip that comes with the kit to put a Babolat leather grip so it will work the same?
From: Dan, Tel Aviv, Israel, 03/11
(Dan, yes, the kit should be able to accommodate a leather grip.--TW Staff)

Comments: Am I able to use this to make my grip size from a 2 (Babolat) to a 3?
From: KevoT. 10/10
(KevoT, no this kit is not intended to increase grip size. A heat shrink sleeve will increase grip size. We sell sets that will increase a half grip size and a full grip size. -- TW Staff)

Comments: The durability of the grip is excellent. I could not find it listed as just a replacement grip. I contacted the company by phone and email but no response. I purchased the kit in 10/09.
From: Richard, Santa Maria, CA, USA, 08/10

Comments: Interesting concept but not really what I was looking for. It doesn't really help if you have problems finding the bevels on your grip (actually it makes it worse). If you have a one-hand backhand, you won't need to install the second piece that fits at the top of the racquet handle. I did like the replacement grip that came with the kit and I'd like to purchase another but I don't see that particular model listed on the TW website.
From: Joel, Studio City, CA, USA, 08/10

Comments: I've always had problems with keeping a consistent grip for my forehand -- it's always tended to wander back and forth between eastern and semi-western -- mostly because I could never find a consistently comfortable place on the handle to grip. With this kit, my problem seems to have been solved. My hand rests very comfortably over the "knobbish" part, and I can keep my grip on the handle relaxed without having to worry about it flying out of my hand, which has added some power to my forehand. If you have problems with a wandering grip or grip slippage, I recommend trying this out.
From: Ron, Germantown, MD, USA. 06/10

Comments: As soon as I saw this grip, I knew it was one of the solutions to my problems. I have huge hands, so a 4 5/8 grip is still too small. At first, I just wrapped 3 over grips over the handle and that made my tennis elbow go away. But then the grip started spinning in my hand even with new over grips. Then I saw this and decided to try it out. I fell in love instantly. The way my hand conforms to this grip is just fantastic. I still have to wrap 2 over grips over the handle, but now the racket doesn't spin at all. I will be using this grip on all my racquets from now on.
From: Chris Megenney, Redlands, CA, USA. 05/10
NTRP Rating: 5.0
Racquet: Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex, AeroPro Drive GT

Comments: This is the first impression. After testing the grip on a Weed 125, I found that I was hitting a firmer shot. Apparently, I was able to have a tighter grip at impact even though I was not trying to do this. I believe that the palm of the hand fits better with this grip. I use a semi-western grip for the forehand and a two handed grip for the backhand. The service grip is continental. The quality of the grip appears to be very good. After a month I will report on durability.
From: Richard, Santa Maria, CA, USA, 10/09

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