Babolat Synthetic Gut 17 String White Customer feedback

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Comments: In my opinion, probably the best tennis string I've used. Excellent power and control. Great price.
From: Anonymous, 4/16

Comments: I used this string for years in a Prestige Tour. True that it is not an endurance string, however, in my opinion, it feels fantastic and it is only $3.75! It breaks when it is time to break. That is why I play with 3-5 of the same racquets. Now I play with it in a Prince Graphite 100 -- it's perfect! Play on people!
From: Stephen, 11/15

Comments: I'd rate this string every bit as good as any other synthetic. It is comfortable, very spin friendly, and offers great feel. It doesn't last as long as Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex, but it feels a whole lot better too and is cheaper.
From: Robert, 10/14

Comments: Too spongy. I hated it.
From: Simon. 5/11

Comments: Offers more comfort compared to other synthetics. Playability, spin, feel, and power are mediocre; durability is not bad on a 18x20 pattern, but I prefer something with more feel such as klip kicker 17.
From: Anon, CA, USA, 08/10

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